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The World's 20 Best Commercials of 2014


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The World's 20 Best Commercials of 2014

  1. Schwartz: The Sound of Taste1 Photo: Exceptionally unique approach to advertising goods from this category. No traditional family picture nor faces of well-knows personalities. Quintessence of taste. Stand back and enjoy this magnificent display of The Sound of Taste, syncing MJ Cole's track with explosions of herbs and spices. [Four Magazine] My opinion: The depiction of this idea has been beautifully filmed with hessian sacks of exotically-coloured spices blasting in sequence, with the classiness underlined by a well-judged piano score. [The Drum] 
This Is What An Actual Flavor Explosion Looks Like. We say bravo - and delicious. [Huffington Post]
  2. Guinness: Sapeurs2 A clash of two worlds in one exceptionally interesting and sometimes difficult story. A creation which I have shown to lots of friends from outside of the media and advertising industry. Each time their reactions were equally surprised and positive. The ad itself succeeds on many levels, perhaps most of all by capturing the Sapeurs' commitment to personal style and expression. [Adweek] My opinion: 
 As ‚Sapeurs’ unfolds, viewers are taken on an emotional journey. [Fastcocreate] Photo:
  3. Sunday Times: Icons3 Filmed in one take, it has shown what broadly defined media and culture have been and still are concerned with. It is exquisite and so is its “Making of”. This commercial for The Sunday Times is done in one single shot without any video editing whatsoever. The result is an impressive hommage to several icons in modern and ancient culture. [Creative Criminals] My opinion: 
Newspaper Brilliantly Reenacts Scenes From Art, Music and Film in One Take. [Adweek] Photo:
  4. Nike: Winners Stays4 A huge production based on real memories of all men. Because everyone in his youth wanted to be as great as his idol. My opinion: Photo: Nike always makes a mega-ad for the World Cup. And at four minutes, this is theirs for 2014. [Business Insider] An advert for sports kit that feels more like a Hollywood blockbuster with its globe-trotting all-star cast, epic special effects and tale of underdog redemption ft. Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimovic and Iniesta. [The Telegraph]
  5. Evian: The Amazing Baby & me 25 A continuation of the story of success. Usually sequels aren't as good as their predecessors. This time it did. In my opinion the Spider-Man commercial was better than “Baby&Me”. Welcome to your most-watched YouTube ad of 2014. [Adweek] My opinion: Photo: Spider-Man Has a Spider-Baby, Thanks to Evian. [Mashable] If you thought the dancing babies couldn’t get any cuter, you were horribly wrong. [Elite Daily]
  6. Lurpak: Adventure Awaits6 A typical kitchen in a cosmic edition. Another great commercial for - one would like to say - an unattractive product. Kitchens contain lots of magic which Lurpak consequently proves in its commercials. Lurpak Cook’s Range, uses striking imagery evoking space exploration, and Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, to champion a pioneering spirit in home cooking. [Brand Republic] My opinion: 
 Lurpak Butter Ad Is Probably The Most Visually Stunning Food Commercial Ever. [Digital Synopsis] Photo: A celebratory ode to the adventures that lie in every kitchen and every meal. [Blink Productions]
  7. Budweiser: Puppy Love7 One of the most appreciated commercials after Superbowl 2014. Goes straight to the heart of the viewer by drawing on real friendship, unmoved by any difficulties. This Was the Most Successful Commercial of the Super Bowl. [Time] My opinion: 
 Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ commercial for Super Bowl wins America’s heart. [The Washington Post] Photo: Irresistibly Heartwarming. [Business Insider]
  8. Powerade: Nico’s Story8 An inspiring story of human steadfastness and self-confidence. A true tearjerker because the story itself is true and unique. My opinion: 
 Photo: Nico's documentary portrays the raw and inspiring willpower of a young man who refuses to let any challenge stand in his way. [Campaign Brief] The film doubles as a branded Powerade spot, but it's inspiring stuff nonetheless, and an amazing window into Calabria's story. [Mashable] Prepare to Be Incredibly Inspired by This Commercial. [Popsugar]
  9. Audi: The all new Audi A3 is here9 Audi has really acted without compromise. By introducing the new model of A3 they've reached for their cult piece, automatically proclaiming their car the leader in its category. A strategy worth of a heavyweight player which the German brand certainly is. The spot becomes a rallying cry for the "uncompromised" nature of these trailblazers who refuse to cut corners and never settle -the inspiration behind the Audi A3. [Yahoo Finance] My opinion: Photo:
  10. Tramontina: The Bible of BBQ10 Beautiful in every aspect, made with an accuracy of one millimetre. When I fist saw it, I watched it a few times in a row. An example of a commercial that's also a type of art. My opinion: Photo: 
 The BBQ Bible is an incredibly creative promotional piece. [ifitshipitshere] Marketing or not, it's undeniable that the book is a thing of beauty. [CNET]
  11. Dove: Calls For Dads11 Finally, a commercial that treats and presents the feelings fathers have towards their children the same way it does for women. This commercial will stay in your mind for a long time and you will want to revisit it after some time. My opinion: Photo: If brands are publishers, now, then perhaps Dove is printing a sociology journal. [Digiday] Tearjerking Ad Reminds Everyone What Fatherhood Is Really All About. [Huffington Post] Dove reminds you of all those times you needed your dad. [Time]
  12. Turkish Airlines: Dream12 A commercial that stands out and is simply different from all the aviation industry commercials created this last year. The power of children dreams knows no bounds :) My opinion: Photo: 
 Turkish Airlines Lands One of the Year's Loveliest Commercials For these kids, dreams do come true. [Adweek] Heart-tugging ad. [Marketing Online] Beautifully shot spot. [Creativity Online]
  13. Motorola: Meet Moto E13 Clever, unconventional and eye-catching. It presents the possibilities of the device in a way that hasn't been done before. They managed to stretch 2 seconds to one minute. My opinion: Photo: An imaginative and inventive 60- second spot. [Mediabistro] We don't often post commercials, but it's neat to see a team of people physically putting together a massive diorama of sorts to demonstrate just what a phone can do. No CGI here! [Gizmodo]
  14. Ikea: Beds14 Fairytale, beautifully realized commercial. It has a great, surreal climate that will literally blow you away. The art of falling according to IKEA. My opinion: Photo: 
 The beautiful and surreal imagery of the ad is enhanced by the elegant quotation of a soliloquy from Act IV of Shakespeare's play "The Tempest. [Techtimes] This Ikea commercial is sure to win a ton of awards. [The Guardian] 
 This commercial for IKEA is simply stunning. [Creative Criminals]
  15. BNP Paribas Fortis: Live moves forward15 A story of an accidental duo, presented in a non-standard way at an accelerated pace. My punchline? Life does not stand still but you also don't have to rush all the time. 
 My opinion: Photo: Some stunts are all about the execution – this, by Publicis Brussels, is one of those. [The Stable]
  16. GoPRO: The adventure of life16 I felt and heard the strength of this commercial when I was watching it. My PC started to overheat to then utter the sound of additional cooling. My display felt as if it was the first time it was allowed to display real colours. An absolutely beautiful experience. My opinion: Photo: Very Pretty. [Gizmodo] Jaw-Dropping 4K Video. [twistedsifter] The Best GoPro Advert So Far. [The Play Studio]
  17. Honda: The OtheR Side17 A masterpiece created around one button. I regretted that this story ended so quickly. It achieved something that any brand craves - it made the viewer watch the commercial to the very end. Many times. My opinion: Photo: This is interactive advertising/filmmaking at its best. [Digital Synopsis] Good + Bad = Great. [Forbes] Honda's Double-Sided Story on YouTube Is Mind-Bendingly Brilliant. [Adweek] Check the full digital story here:
  18. GE: The boy who beeps18 A bit weird. Very funny at times. Definitely family oriented. Exceptionally non-technical. Unlike most GE commercials. My opinion: Photo: Maybe it’s the great soundtrack by Beck, but the strange story is oddly touching somehow. [Mediabistro] General Electric spot takes us on the epic adventure of boy with a special gift. [Little Black Book] Beeping Boy Talks to Machines and Will Steal Your Heart in Charming GE Ad. [Adweek]
  19. Samsung: Holiday Dream19 Placing the product in the centre has allowed for great exposition of the story. The biggest success of this commercial is the fact that it's hard to call it intrusive despite the fact that Samsung devices are in front of our eyes throughout its whole duration. My opinion: Photo: Artful animation, innovative camera rigging, and a high tech installation came together in perfect harmony to bring this charming holiday tale to life across more than 70 Samsung screens. [Creative Criminals]
  20. Sainsbury: Christmas20 Some accuse the authors of using important historical events for commercial purposes. While there's a lot of truth in that, the final effect is really impressive. It is worth remembering that commercials have been drawing from contemporary as well as past event since time immemorial. My opinion: Photo: Sainsbury’s has upped the stakes in the battle for the best Christmas ad by releasing a heart-warming account of a First World War Christmas truce. [The Telegraph]„ The ad is extremely powerful. A number of things really struck me, one is the attention to detail that's gone into the historical research. [Charles Byrne, Director of Fundraising at the Royal British Legion] A dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece. [The Guardian]
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