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Non-traditional use of Tumblr


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Non-traditional use of Tumblr in marketing. 14 best case studies from various industries.

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Non-traditional use of Tumblr

  1. 1. NON-TRADITIONAL USE OF TUMBLR 15 unusual marketing case 
 studies from various industries Photo: Flickr: Romain Photographer
  2. 2. FACTS ABOUT TUMBLR Photo: Flickr: Scott Beale Main users: 18-29 [Marketing Magazine] 184 million blogs 
 80+ million posts generated every day [Tumblr] 120 000 daily signups
 900 posts per second
 24bn minutes spent on site each month [Econsultancy]
  3. 3. INTERESTING INSIGHTS Photo: Flickr: sightmybyblinded The main rival of Twitter (not Facebook!) in the U.S. battle for user involvement while watching TV (the so-called second screen) More than half of users use Tumblr mobile app with an average 
 of 7 sessions per day [Econsultancy] Only 31% of the top 100 brands have adopted a Tumblr account.  (Marketing Land)
  4. 4. Photo: Flickr Golden Owl EXAMPLES WORTH NOTICE
  5. 5. #1 APPLE Photo: Apple TECHNOLOGY Apple, which usually avoids communication by social media, used Tumblr during the campaign "Every color has a story". The choice of this specific promotion channel and way of communicating allowed to promote the colorful model of iPhone5C among a large crowd of its potential young buyers
  6. 6. #2 THE ANCHORMAN 2 Photo: Paramount CINEMA A close cooperation of Tumblr and Paramount resulted in a unique channel with unique content, promoting the film at express pace. Numerous posts centered around the trials and tribulations as well as quotes of Ron Burgundy (the film's main protagonist) found acclaim among the site's users and were highly shared and commented. Effects achieved by the campaign on Tumblr proved to be better than those obtained through Facebook (according to its creators), and experts claim that the web campaign of the film as a whole was unprecedented.
  7. 7. #3 IMPRESSIONS & FASHION CULTURE The Art Institute of Chicago showed how to use new media in the sophisticated world of art, while at the same time reaching new, young audiences. " " The idea of a time-traveling fashion blogger, Jean-Paul Brunier, serving as a guide to the world of nineteenth-century as well as contemporary fashion, points to a comprehensive and strategic plan behind the campaign.
 Tumblr: Photo: The Art Institute of Chicago
  8. 8. #4 JOHNSON & JOHNSON ENVIROMENT The J & J Campaign touched a social problem - it was a reminder for all customers to recycle the empty packaging of bathroom cosmetics. The action's website on Tumblr provides readers with tips on how to best dispose of unwanted containers, and also contains a number of interesting suggestions concerning the efficient use of purchased cosmetics. 
 Tumblr: Photo: Johnson & Johnson
  9. 9. #5 YAHOO SPORT A very well prepared campaign. Both in terms of time (it underscored the purchase of Tumblr by Yahoo) and the whole idea and execution. The global brand ambassador, the charismatic football coach Jose "The Special One" Mourinho is looking for his successor through new media. 10 second videos showing the football skills of the candidates may decide the final victory. The chosen champion wins an individual training with the iconic coach. Biggest Yahoo campaign in social media. 
 Tumblr: Photo: The Drum
  10. 10. #6 THE ORIGINAL COOL COUNTRY BRANDING An exceptionally interesting campaign promoting the charms of the Netherlands. Excellent execution: great sense of humor combined with high-quality implementation of the campaign, whose Tumblr elements are only part of the marketing activity. Photo: Holland. The Original Cool Combination of science and entertainment, with valuable content mixed in, presented in an accessible way. The campaign can be an example for other countries and cities wishing to tell their story to a young audience in a way which will make them want to hear it.
  11. 11. #7 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN2 CINEMA Photo: The Guardian The main axis of the campaign is the Tumblr-based "local newspaper" The Daily Bugle, publishing information that overlaps with the true story of Spiderman. The fun fact is that it is precisely in this newspaper that Peter Parker - Spider-Man with no disguise - actually works. The campaign does great at showing how to subtly build tension before
 a film's release and how to engage the audience in learning about the history of its main character. 
  12. 12. #8 DIESEL LAFAYETTE ONLINE-OFFLINE Photo: 4.bp A really surprising campaign. Very non-standard and with a great idea behind it, which ensured its immense popularity and media attention. As part of a new Diesel action, Nicola Formichetti (aka the meat costume's designer for Lady Gaga) invited artists to submit their work and participate in the initiative under the slogan "Show me your artwork". Artists from around the world sent their applications to the brand's Tumblr. Diesel 's creative director chose one thousand works. They were then placed on the facade of the Lafayette Gallery along with links to the individual artists' Tumblrs. In a way, the entire action could be actually described as creating a digital art gallery in the real world. 
  13. 13. #9 FAIRFIELD INN&SUITES RECRUITMENT Photo: Fairfield Educational campaign Every Day Connect authored by the owner of, among others, the Marriot hotel chain, providing a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs. Four people from the "Forbes 30 Under 30" list share their wisdom and advice with young Internet users and give clues on how they can discover the entrepreneur in themselves too. The campaign was at the same time designed to help the company from the hospitality industry to understand how the Millenials perceive their services, what they expect and how they imagine a hotel which would be suited to their expectations. 
  14. 14. #10 VERIZON CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Photo: Techcrunch The American tycoon needed to present his company as one that changes the world, because many people did not remember about its innovative solutions in many areas. This was achieved by adapting the campaign which was already functioning e.g. on TV to the needs of Tumblr and by emphasizing socially important problems. Another considerable success was also the fact that influential commentators from the technology industry showed interest in the campaign, as well as the fact that the brand has been presented as one that is modern and that adapts to the realities of a changing world despite its size. 
  15. 15. #11 LG #MOMCONFESSIONS WOMEN A great campaign dedicated to mothers. It was designed to help the brand position itself as a business which is friendly and helpful to women bringing up children. Presenting the everyday life of mothers in a humorous manner, it invited them to share their trials and tribulations, advice and insights from the period of maternity. It combined entertainment with valuable content, potentially useful to young mothers but not only them. One of the slogans of the campaign is: "Turns out, you're not the only one skipping pages in storybooks." It not only enjoyed high popularity among women, but also grabbed the attention of men wanting to try out the best parenting "tricks". 
 Tumblr: Photo: LG.
  16. 16. #12 LEXUS AUTOMOTIVE " " Starting a page on Tumblr, Lexus chose to communicate through beauty, style and minimalism. It pointed its message at the 45+ group in a new and yet unused way by breaking off from stereotypical communication focusing on showing off the car's power or listing its advantages. The car as a whole has been treated as a work of art. 
 Tumblr: Photo: An unusual gambit of a well known car brand. During the promotion of Lexus IS for 2014 its profile on Tumblr (together with the entire communication) looked more like a place for lovers of high art and uncompromising, sophisticated fashion than an advertising page of exclusive cars.
  17. 17. #13 SIEMENS HUMAN RESOURCES Photo: " " " " " The German brand has found a great way of showing that it can reach out to youngsters with technical flair, who might become part of the company in the future. The global recruitment campaign on Tumblr encouraging young people to talk about the future, work, career and personal development was meant to support the search for promising candidates to work at Siemens. An interesting attempt to rejuvenate the brand in the eyes of Generation Y. 
  18. 18. #14 WE ARE COMICS SOCIETY Photo: " " " " A spontaneous campaign presenting a huge community which deliberately chooses to remain outside the mainstream. Initiated from the bottom up by Rachel Edidin, it mainly aims to show the multitude and cultural diversity of the group of comics lovers. The plan is simple. Comic fans post their photos on a dedicated page with the hashtag #iamcomics, adding a brief bio and a few words explaining why comics are fun for everyone. 
  19. 19. WHY TUMBLR? Photo: Flickr: Paul Nolan " " " A great platform to showcase a brand to young audience. Tumblr is the 6th most popular social networking site in the U.S., and yet it is still considered niche. " The use of visual content allows to engage users for longer. Conversations related to important current events peak an hour after its occurrence. During this hour the number of Twitter mentions usually reaches its highest point. [Econsultancy][Longtail conversations] " It is still "working its way up'' when set against Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (5 most popular social networking sites in the U.S.) [eBizMBA Rank May 2014] " Tumblr is a valuable proposition for brands whose main target are customers from the so-called Generation Y, who are exceptionally attached to their mobile phones " It gives plenty of room to maneuver to companies wanting to stand out in a place which has a large, young audience, and yet still isn't so dominated by advertising communication
  20. 20. * *NOT MINE ;) Photo: Flickr: Scott Beale