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A Collection of works ranging from studio projects, study abroad, internship work, and Cartographic studies.

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Design Portfolio | Addison Pritchard

  1. 1. Addison Pritchard | Portfolio
  2. 2. Portfolio | Table of Contents Addison W. Pritchard Associate Landscape Architect BLA Fay Jones School of Architecture 254.744.3531 Studio Work Memorial Design | 1 Urban Park | 3 New Urbanism | 5 Environmental Planning | 7 Construction Documentation | 9 Sketchbook Excerpts | 11 Internship Design Build | 13 Cartography Choropleth Mapping | 15 Multistatisitcal Mapping | 17
  3. 3. Studio Work | Memorial DesignA public space project for the University of Arkansas, commemoratingprofessor Paul Kuroda’s work on spontaneous fission and his greathobby, astronomy. The site location was to incorporate an underutilized yet highly trafficked area of the university campus by students. Memorial Entry PerspectiveBrief Site Analysis Peripheral focal point with a seating wallConcept Drawings1 |
  4. 4. Studio Work | Memorial DesignConcentric circles radiating from a center focal point with similar focal points throughout the memorialgive an abstract yet easy to grasp concept of the atom and planetary organization of our universe. Addison Pritchard | 2
  5. 5. Studio Work | Urban ParkWalton Park would serve as a passive green space for the cityof Fayetteville. Reflecting the natural elements of Arkansasthroughout the park while also serving as an outdoor entertainmentspace for local events such as summer movies in the park, BikesBlues and Barbecue, and the fall festival.3 |
  6. 6. Studio Work | Urban ParkA | Vegetation separate pedestrian and vehicular circulation and give screened views into Walton park. B | A public outdoor art gallery with pieces created for children to play on. C | A fountain plaza serves as a transition point into the Park Addison Pritchard | 4
  7. 7. Studio Work | New UrbanismA high density, mixed use, city neighborhood planned for south Development DemographicsFayetteville Arkansas which seeks to adhere to new urbanism Land Area: 69 acresstandards. The goal of the project was to explore the aspects Total Units: 604of high density, mixed use development in a predominately Density: 12 units/acrerural town.Mission: to create an inclusive city neighborhood that Single Units: 198embraces the heart and activity of Fayetteville and bringstogether a mix of residents. Town Houses: 115 Apartments: 198 Mixed/Flex Use: 80 +/- Commercial: 13 +/-Site location and neighboring context area5 |
  8. 8. Studio Work | New UrbanismDetailed plan displaying a strong integration of multiple unit types within Morningside development,circulation, and space hierarchy. Placing pedestrian and alternative transportation at the top. Town houses fronting one of the large green spaces. Commercial core located near concentrated pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas Addison Pritchard | 6
  9. 9. Studio Work | Environmental PlanningDevelopment Impact on the Illinois River Watershed prescribes potential newhabitat to raise environmental quality within the three sub-watersheds of theIllinois River Watershed located within Northwest Arkansas. New habitat came tofruition through investigating the conflicting relationships between development,stewardship, and land use on the regional scale.The project was a collaboration of efforts looking at similar watershed studies,case studies, academic research and using the information collected along withgeospatial data from the USDA and Arkansas Geostore. Study Area Illinois River Watershed Arkansas Counties7 |
  10. 10. Studio Work | Environmental Planning Intrinsic SuitabilityHabitats Population DensityHabitat Quality Urban Infrastructure Addison Pritchard | 8
  11. 11. Studio Work | Construction DocumentationBrice Davis fishing pier was a call for design by the localparks and recreation department. A studio design projectto include completion of construction details and a modelto gain a foundational understanding of the constructionprocess and challenges. Ramp Footing Detail Handrail, Pier Detail9 | Structural Model
  12. 12. Studio Work | Construction Documentation Structural Model AreaStructure Elevation Addison Pritchard | 10
  13. 13. Studio Work | Sketchbook ExcerptsSix week investigation into the historic and cultural landscapes of Italy, France, andEngland. The goal was to analyze and assess sites through sketches, diagrams,sections, and textual notes.11 |
  14. 14. Studio Work | Sketchbook Excerpts Addison Pritchard | 12
  15. 15. Internship | Design BuildA design build project headed by three city interns in collaboration with the city of Johnstown, PA,Kernville residents, and support by local area residents and businesses. The project served as alaunching point for implementation of the new city master plan, displaying the transformation of avacant lot into an active community space. Existing site was unused and overgrown with weeds Project Completed with all garden plots adopted Aug. 2009Master Plan13 |
  16. 16. Internship | Design Build Franklin Street section showing sidewalk experience of community garden Alley cross section showing transition from community space edges to adoptable garden plots in the centerPost installation and plot owner planting day Addison Pritchard | 14
  17. 17. Cartography | Choropleth MappingThe goal of this project was to create achoropleth map which would primarilybe viewed electronically, workingwith a dark background and lighter The Wild Westcolored objects and text. The desertcolor gradient represents violent crime Violent Crimes in the Western United Statesincidents per one hundred thousandpopulation within the western UnitedStates. Washington Per 100,000 Population Montana City and State Crime Data 2005 227 - 287 Oregon 346 - 397 Idaho 513 - 607 Wyoming 702 Nevada Utah Colorado California Arizona New Mexico15 |
  18. 18. Cartography | Choropleth Mapping Let My People Grow A minimalist choropleth map using grey scale to represent population density of African countries. Population density is based on people Tunisia Population Density of African Countries in 2008 per square kilometer. According to the statistics, Morocco African populations tend to be concentrated in some coastal and one central area of the continent. Algeria Libya Egypt**Western Sahara Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Eritrea Senegal *SudanGambiaGuinea Djibouti Burkina FasoBissau Guinea Benin Somalia Nigeria Ghana Ethiopia Sierra Leone Cote dIvoire Liberia Central African Republic Togo Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Democratic Republic Uganda Republic of the Congo Kenya of the Gabon Congo Rwanda Burundi Population Tanzania Population Density Per Square Kilometer Malawi 2 - 25 Angola Mozambique Zambia 29 - 50 Madagascar Zimbabwe 55 - 96 Namibia Botswana 104 - 179 271 - 284 Swaziland Lesotho Western Sahara - data not available *Sudan = South Sudan and Sudan populations combined Countries Not Visible and their Population Densities: South Africa Cape Verde - 104, Sao Tome and Principe - 163, Seychelles - 179, Comoros - 357, Mauritius - 598 Source: The World Factbook, 2008 Addison Pritchard | 16
  19. 19. Cartography | Multistatisitcal MappingWestern Brutality is a statistical map of violent crimetotals and types as defined by US census data in thewestern US using choropleth, graduated cylinder,and pie charts. One major city from each statebased on attractiveness, tourism, and activity wasused to compare and contrast the crime data. Western Brutality Seattle, WA Violent Crimes in the Western United States, 2005 Crime Types Portland, OR Aggravated Assault Boise, ID Robbery Forcible Rape Murder, Non-negligent Manslaughter Number of Incidence 748 3,858 - 4,109 9,530 - 10,691 Las Vegas, NV 31,767 Los Angeles, CA Phoenix, AZ City and State Crime Data 200517 |
  20. 20. Cartography | Multistatisitcal Mapping Sustainable Building, a multistatisitcal map of LEED building projects in the Midwest using choropleth, graduated cylinders, and pie charts. The need for more development of sustainable projects within predominately rural states such as the Dakota’s with only 68 to 166 LEED Platinum projects is evident compared to Illinois or Minnesota with 446 to 461. Sustainable BuildingNorth Dakota Minnesota LEED Platinum Projects in the Midwest, 2012 Certification Ranking Silver Wisconsin CertifiedSouth Dakota Gold Michigan Platinum Total Projects Iowa 13 - 35 Indiana 68 - 166 Nebraska Ohio 280 - 300 446 - 461 Illinois Missouri Kansas Source: USGBC LEED Projects and Case Studies Directory Addison Pritchard | 18