How to Implement A Compliant Corporate Social Media Strategy


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How to Implement A Compliant Corporate Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. Flintstones to the Jetsons:How to Implement aCompliant Corporate SocialMedia Strategy And Live ToTell Others!April Rudin, The RudinGroup
  2. 2. April Rudin is the founder of The Rudin Group, a wealth marketing firm.Her firm specializes in creating customized marketing solutions for familyoffices, wealth managers, private banks and other financial service firms.She works alongside clients to strategize and implement solutions forattracting and retaining UHNW/HNW clients. Corporate Experience plus private banking background Skilled in structuring strategic alliances/social media marketing producing successful campaigns for winning new business Seasoned professional in wealth marketing and frequently speaks in front of groups such as IPI, Family Office Exchange (FOX) and other wealth management industry conferences. Frequent contributor/blogger on social media/marketing for Huffington Post, Registered Rep, Fundfire, Family Wealth Report, etc.
  3. 3. Orchestrated Message Financial Services is: Slow moving and late to adopt change Populated by left-brained thinkers Highly regulated Risk Adverse Followers not leaders in innovation Experiencing a commoditization of servicesUndergoing a seismic shift in client experience and expectation
  4. 4. One Orchestrated Message Disruptive Technology + Economic Climate = Opportunities
  5. 5. Flintstones to JetsonsTechnology boosts messaging and visibility
  6. 6. One Orchestrated Message Make it the right one.
  7. 7. Where Are We Now?• Wealth management firms have not felt serious pressure until now due to best clients being oldest clients and thus, perceived as the least likely to use new technology including mobile internet and social networks• Wealth Management is a ―person to person‖ industry—Fiduciary Trust• Older FA’s are typically the ones with the biggest book of business• Babyboomers (ages 55 +) are the largest group of wealth holders• Wealth is being created at a younger age and Babyboomer succession planning is contributing to this phenomenon .
  8. 8. Branding In Financial Services • Financial services’ brands create the security, consistency and trust with the target market and are developed at the corporate level but must be executable at the local level or the brand loses value • Strong corporate brands (especially in financial services) lead future clients away from making decisions based on price when other more meaningful differences between brands are communicated
  9. 9. Extending the Brand andOther Strategies• Branding can be extended from one or more core products to others. For example: one might offer wealth management services and partner with other service providers in insurance products, etc.• Partnerships and strategic alliances are ways of extending your brand and gaining access to “warm leads” and pre-vetted future clients• White-labeling is another brand extension strategy where additional products or services are offered from the outside but under the same brand.• Naturally, brand extensions must be logical and fit with the given brand and business model but can provide additional revenue streams
  10. 10. How Can You Use PersonalBranding to Strengthen theCorporate Brand?
  11. 11. Converting Chaos to Calm
  12. 12. Social Media Jargon
  13. 13. Discover the DifferentiatorsUnique Value Proposition
  14. 14. Social Media PlatformsPlatform Unique Factors Number of Users Strategies and Best PracticesLinkedIn Business networking and 115 Million Structuring your profile relationship building, and joining groups introductionsFacebook Small Business/Personal 750 Million B to C, Business pages branding/Consumer brandsTwitter Opportunistic, newswire, 200 Million Aggregating and short burst in real-time curating content to attractYouTube Most Authentic 440 Million In five years, all Teach and Learn websites will be video Look + ListenGoogle+ Feasting on SEO and 18 Million Struggling to be all Adword content thingsBlogging Thought-Leadership + 156 Million Content + opinion POV, Complex ideas Commenting and engaging with others
  15. 15. LinkedInProfileBuilding
  16. 16. TwitterProfileBuilding
  17. 17. Facebook vs Twitter in Financial Services Year Facebook Twitter 2008 32% 15% 2011 59% 67% Why the explosion? • Facebook is relationship-driven • Twitter is content-driven Source: Corporate Insight 2008 and 2011
  18. 18. ROI for Social Media Media
  19. 19. “The Well-Placed Whisper”
  20. 20. Creating a Prospect Pipeline Real Estate Attorneys M and A T&E Attorneys Attorneys Wealth Manager Non-profits CPA Firms Investment Bankers
  21. 21. 2011 Social Media Habits of the Wealthy 6% of 6% of UHNW 50 % of UHNW 3% of HNW of HNW 3% UHNW 75% of HNW 20% of 33% of UHNW UHNW 20% of HNW 19% of HNWUHNW = Net worth of between $5 million and $25 million HNW = Net worth of between $1million and $5 millionSource: Social Media and the Affluent Household 2011 Report—Spectrum Group
  22. 22. HNW Social Media Miscueso Abandoned attempts at social mediao No plan in messaging – not nicheyo Inconsistent posting or bloggingo Too much original content and not enough curated content
  23. 23. Q & A Discussion
  24. 24. Thank You! April Rudin The Rudin 201-482-8369 Visit us at: www.therudingroup.comtwitter: @TheRudinGroup
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