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Dec. 2012 newsletter final


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Dec. 2012 newsletter final

  1. 1. Grade 4 DECEMBERclass newsletter RIS 2012-2013
  2. 2. Important dates 5 December—King’s birthday holiday 21 December—1/2 day school 22-31 December—Winter Break; return to school 14 Jan. 16 January: Early Dismissal at 1:00pm 25 January: No Uniform Day and Parent Coffee
  3. 3. HOMEWORK All students should be reading 30 minutes or more each night, recording their book and time on their reading log Math, Science, and/or Social Studies may also be sent home each night for homework. All students are expected to complete homework on time and submit it to their homeroom teacher DAILY.
  4. 4. Literacy Students have been busy writing their realistic/historical fiction pieces. We will be working to increase their writing stamina and engagement, as well as rehearsing their writing, collecting ideas, drafting, revising and learning the overall structure of writing a realistic fiction and historical fiction piece in Writer’s Workshop. In Reader’s Workshop, students will focus on tackling complicated literature with practice and instruction in Historical Fiction. They’ll learn how to build interpretations and how to listen closely to each other as they read, carrying ideas across book club discussions and across more than one text.
  5. 5. Science The kids have finished up Earth Materials and have begun a unit on the structures of life. In this, they will study different living organisms and compare and contrast what makes them “living”.  Plants and Seeds  Crayfish  Snails  All of these will be on display at the Science Showcase on 22 February in Godbout Hall, 930- 11 am.
  6. 6. Grade 4 Learning ProjectStudents will have the excitingopportunity to apply theirunderstandings of Immigration Social Studiesconcepts by creating a FamilyTree using Thinglink or a Prezi, aTime line by usingDipity,Capsule, or Time Glider andtheir Cultural Posters usingGlogster. RIS is all about 21stCentury Learning! Students will need to address the Big Ideas: What causes people to move? What effect does migration (or moving) have on my own life and others? What connections can I make to my own family?
  7. 7. Ms. Katie’s class
  8. 8. Ms. April’s class Becoming better readers, wri ters, and scientists!
  9. 9. Mr. Joe’s classAuthor’s Chair: Students sharing their stories with their peers.