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This double page spread is a feature of an NME magazine. It’s an overall attractive layout and although there isn’t much  ...
This double page spread is taken from a magazine called ’Clash’. The      The colour palette used in this double pageKaise...
This contents page is spread over a double    page. This has worked well because the    text and the images do not appear ...
By looking at this particular double page           The mise en scene of this DPS aiming       This spread has been divide...
The main image is most definitely the focal point of the page, because the       The direct eye contact could suggestbalan...
This particular contents page seems to be directed more           Each of the other supporting images are all quite    to ...
There is no ‘selling line’ presented on the magazine   cover. However, there is a short list of well-known   artists names...
The masthead is also a very attractive and recognizable colour-                                             The font of th...
The large ‘Q’-the Main image has no emotion              masthead is very showing. This connotes that he is      recogniza...
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Double Page Spread/ Contents/ Front Cover deconstructions:


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Double Page Spread/ Contents/ Front Cover deconstructions:

  1. 1. This double page spread is a feature of an NME magazine. It’s an overall attractive layout and although there isn’t much This main image of the artist is portrayed to look uninterested and rather balance between the two pages, I still think dejected; this is because of his facial expressions. The fact this is such a that this is appealing and looks quite easy close up shot means that his facial expressions are the main focus and are to follow and read. There is one page looked at with great detail. This lack of light and the overall gloominess of which is for the textual side of this spread the image exaggerates the suspected glumness of this artists personality. and the visual side also. However, the main The fact that there is no artificial lighting used throughout this entire focus is definitely the ‘extreme close up spread creates the feeling that he is not being photographed, but is just shot’ of the artist, Graham Coxon. stood there looking at the audience, making this image more powerful.The colour palette used This use of alteringis rather soft and dull; word colourationwhich remains creates an ‘arty’throughout the entire twist on the articlespread with this same and could link intheme on both pages. with this particularThis is quite relevant to artists’ music style.this theme of article, as This also could bethe large quote gives us seen as having a linkthe sense that this in with the text, asparticular article could it has a subtle vomitbe quite like the ‘drug, inducing shade ofsex, and rock and roll’ green. Also, this istheme of the 60’s- an effective way oftherefore, this glazed, breaking up the text‘blurred’ effect is quite and contrasts The artist is addressing the audience This overly large quotewell suited as it almost greatly with theconnotes ‘recklessness’. directly through eye contact, pulling the taken from the interview cleanliness andAlthough this could also readers towards reading the article, and below it, adds to the purity of this white the blankness of this man’s expression overall quirkiness andbeen seen in a totally background.opposing way, and that almost makes us feel sympathy towards unique look of this him; before even reading the article. layout. It has alteringit’s a nice change to the Supported by the use of white space, this font sizes for each lettertypical ‘punk’ style, loud overall simplicity of this double page and this draws thebrightly coloured spread creates that individual and reader into reading thisphotographs and busy modern effect. particular text extract.layouts.
  2. 2. This double page spread is taken from a magazine called ’Clash’. The The colour palette used in this double pageKaiser Chiefs is the main subject of this particular magazine and spread is black, yellows and white. This use oftherefore this is their double page feature. yellows creates a sense of positivity as it isThis is a fantastic example of a good double page magazine spread particularly ‘happy’ colour, therefore connotingwith a balanced layout. It is far more unique than any other happiness.magazines and overall looks very appealing. The background/main image that spansThe strong background image is so strong and relevant to the subject through both pages of this double page spreadthat this layout simply couldn’t go wrong! Is of the band walking down through a busyThere is almost a perfect balance between text amounts on either street. This gives a sense that the bandside of the pages, both with an even extract of bold text. This sense members are not very glamorized and we getof ‘symmetry’ with both the image, heading and text makes this the feeling that they are more genuine anddouble page spread much easier and simple to read. ‘real’, that we can relate to them more easily.Band members Band members allappear to be well appear to be smilingdressed and and happy. Thissuave. This could creates the sense thatconnote a target they are lightheartedaudience of men and carefree; the typewho take an of people that youinterest as to look up to, and makewhat they wear good role models,and, like this connoting that this isband in representation of aparticular, have ‘fun’ ethic in thean individual band.sense of style.The masthead is quite transparent, this simple outline of the The large bold quote shown in the centre of the articletext allows the reader to see the background image, and looks is a perfect way to break up the text and make it appeareffective. But still it’s noticeable from quite a distance. This more ‘readable’. This is a quote is probably seen as thetitle is also positioned just below the heads of the band, most humorous and interesting thing that the bandtherefore nothing form the main image is lost. This masthead member said during this interview, which seems toalso sticks with the colour palette of white, black and yellows. have been taken from the bulk of the article. This isThe font style is also rather vintage and unique, much like the most likely going to be the first thing that the viewersmusic genre and the overall individuality of the band members will read, therefore it is important that this quoteshown in this feature. intrigues and encourages them to read on.
  3. 3. This contents page is spread over a double page. This has worked well because the text and the images do not appear too crowded and confusing. These supporting images are conventional and located next to the Everything has been spaced out evenly text column. and it is nicely balanced and easy to look All of the images relating to the magazine contents and therefore at. sticking to the main subject and purpose of the magazine. I think that this magazine could be aimed There seems to be a main contents page image, this is a self at both females and males, because the portrait image of a musician. However, only people familiar with colours and images used are not biased in this particular music genre, shown in this magazine would be any way or directly appealing towards just familiar with who this man would be. His direct eye contact the one gender. I also think that this appears to be a ‘soft gaze’ and he appears to be happy and holding particular magazine would have the target a relaxed pose. This instantly makes the audience want to read this audience of both females and males of predominant article he is supporting. 15+.There is definitely The text columns area sense of balance laid out vertically,and symmetry next to the colouredwith both of these design on the edgespages. The two of the page thisgraphics, coloured means that the textpatterns on either is a lot easier to read.side of the pagesare quite unusual The main headlinesand different, of this contents pagethese bright happy would be the subjectcolours connote headings which arethat the magazine shown above theis unique and page numbers. Thisbright. makes it a lot easier for the audience toThese other supporting images are much smaller and less The colour palette is quite simple clearly distinguisheye catching. Simply because they are at the bottom of the with a slash of colour from the what the sorts ofpage and all bunched up together, side by side. coloured graphics well suited to aspects of theAlso, I think that the page numbers shown by each image the music genre. magazine there are.are all different sizes and this highlights there importance.
  4. 4. By looking at this particular double page The mise en scene of this DPS aiming This spread has been divided upspread, taken from the music magazine to present the artist as a very strong into a textual page and a visualMojo, i get the impression that the target and almost vicious character. His page. This, to me, is not a veryaudience would be, males and possibly facial expressions and stance over conventional way offemales that are fans of this particular artist, his guitar are both key gestures that presentation as there is nothingNeil Young. The type of people who would show he is very passionate about his that breaks up the text in anyenjoy this music genre, generally ages 35+ music. The light is highlighting the way. However, i do like that thisbecause Neil Young is a musician from artists face which also shows that creates the article to be moreabout 40 years ago. Therefore, people from this ‘musical passion’ he is ‘straight to the point’ and easythat era would be most familiar with his expressing is a focal point of this to read and double page spread.This particular colour palette used is made up of white, gold, On the right page of this spread, the image of the guitargrey and black. Making it appear quite formal if compared to is very slightly overlapping onto the left page. This is another music magazine articles, which are quite commonly used indication that this particular article is a double pagewith lots of loud and vibrant colours. This is quite well suited spread and is an important feature of this layout as itto the particular target audience, as they are all quite classical gives the impression that the two pages are just one andcolours that show importance and class. both relate to the same thing, Neil young’s work.The main title, “BE The use of a black andTHERE, BE HERE NOW, BE white image is alsoIN IT” is quite effective relevant to the targetbecause it stands out audience as it showsamongst the rest of the that this photographtext and the capital could have beenletters also show they are taken ‘in the moment’particularly import and when black and whitewords. The bold white images were all thecontrasts greatly with the rage. This is a greatblack background. The way to helpgolden colour also adds a emphasize it’s agecertain level of and also the style ofimportance as gold Is a the photograph. Thisvery powerful colour that also presents theis known for its value. artist in a powerful and energized way.The use of a single text Directly underneath the main heading, there is the ‘lead’. Whichcolumn creates a unique has purposefully been placed just under the masthead to driplayout because a typical feed information about this article and describe clearly to thedouble page spreadwould commonly be 3 or audience what the contents shall include and try to attract themore columns. readers into reading the rest of the article!
  5. 5. The main image is most definitely the focal point of the page, because the The direct eye contact could suggestbalance between text and image is nonproportional. The majority of the page that this artist wants the viewers tois made up of this one image. However, I think this is an unconventional grid read on and this makes him alsouse, because the layout of this page isn’t balanced. Therefore, the eyes are appear like his music is meaningfulnaturally drawn straight to the image and the text is not acknowledged until and emotional perhaps.last. This, taking the viewers off the aim and main purpose of this contents This single image would purposefullypage and are distracted by this image. Although, this could also be seen as a draw the viewers in to reading thatgood thing because viewers could then question what this image is showing, predominant article.therefore they are encouraged to read on.The text columns are laid out The main page headlinevertically down the left hand would be the masthead,side of the page, providing a ‘Contents’ and thesimple layout. magazine title restated in the top left corner. This could be to remind theThe contents section features viewers of the magazinethe articles in bold text along name and signify thiswith a ‘tagline’ from those importance; making itparticular articles. This could be more memorable. Also,to give the viewers a quick this title is the largest textinsight into what these articles on the page and thewill include. And the type of letters are all in capitalcontent included with this letters, connoting theparticular magazine. importance of this masthead, so that viewersEach of the page numbers are recognize this as being thehighlighted in red. This use of contents page.colour amongst the other blacktext and white background could This contents page issignify their importance and minimalistic and lessencourage the readers to notice complex which makes thisthese first. This suggests that particular magazinethis page has been well-thought- The colour palette is of a simple and appear more modern andout and has stuck to its main minimalistic red white and black. This is quite ‘to the point’ because itpurpose, which is to guide the traditional and makes the red text stand out the does not include too muchreaders to the articles that this most and so the text can be broken up text or imagery.contents page has highlighted. effectively into levels of importance.Making the magazine easy toread and follow.
  6. 6. This particular contents page seems to be directed more Each of the other supporting images are all quite to the male audience. The images show only males and similar in size. This could suggest that each of these the colour palette used all support this. The target are of equal importance and the purpose of this audience seems to be men ages 17+. Simply because the contents page was not to draw the viewers bands shown in the images are not very modern and the attention towards just one or two main articles, but use of a black and white image also suggests that this for all to be acknowledged evenly. All of these magazine would only appeal to a more mature audience. images are also conventional and relate to the music genre being supported. I think that the red text signifies heat, anger and violence. This, to me, is quite like the heavy sort of rock and roll music. The ‘grid’ appears to be dominated mainly by images This is again well suited as it all links to and the text is not the most important aspect/focus of the subject of the magazine. the page because it is the last thing that the eyes are naturally drawn to on the page setup. All of the four supportingThe main contents images each have the sameimage includes band font and font size. This alsomembers standing side shows that they are all ofby side. The four men equal importance and alsoare each holding the that this page has a ‘set’stance and expression theme. This use of just oneas if they seem to think font and an appropriatehighly of themselves colour palette also gives theand this could possibly sense or an organized andreflect their well though-out magazine.personalities and themusic that they The main headlines of thisproduce. Therefore, this contents page would be theparticular image could subject headings which arepredominately draw the shown above the pageaudience towards that numbers. This makes it a lotarticle in which this easier for the audience toimage is supporting. The colour palette used is relevant to the clearly distinguish what the ‘Rock’ genre as there is a lot of colour sorts of aspects of the included and the red, black and white all magazine there are. seem quite ‘old school’ and attractive and There are also taglines for easy to look at. each image which makes it easier for the reader toThere is a sense of balance shown in this contents page as I distinguish what each articlethink that the images have been laid out quite neatly and is going to be about.the one overlapping image works well and makes the pageappear more ‘laidback’ and as if the images have been quitecarelessly places. But this could connote the personalities ofthe target audience.
  7. 7. There is no ‘selling line’ presented on the magazine cover. However, there is a short list of well-known artists names headlined up the very top of the page; The main figure of this magazine cover is presented neatly and clearly, so that they are not holding a very strong stance and missed or lost amongst other text. This is almost expression. This could connote that he is a acting as a selling line because we recognize these powerful and important man who seems to are music related articles, so we then know what the be focused and well-off (by his smart 3- purpose of the magazine is. piece tuxedo).The masthead is very bold They have combined the word ‘terror’ with the rap artist ’50and powerful. The solid white Cent’. This has also been shown through the main image. Thereis well contrasted with the is ‘terror’ being shown in the background and the artist is beingbackground colour and the shown strong-faced stood in the foreground.colour of the main figuresskin. This rather abrupt ‘mode of language’ used- ‘best damn’His strong, forceful gaze is is almost pushing the readersprojected directly towards the into buying and reading thisaudience/viewers almost particular magazine. Thismaking us feel quite ‘slang’ could well of beenintimidated and small. used for their intended- Also makes me wonder what audience.has angered him. Whether, itwas the action happening Although the background isbehind him? very busy and eye-catching, the main focal point is still theThere is quite a lot of use of rap artist. Therefore keepingsymbols throughout this front in with the magazine’scover. These are a great way purpose and not puttingto capture the attention of the forward the wrong messagereaders and to break up the and attracting the wrong sorttext as well. of audience.The brief case also seems to be well suited with his The red and yellow text alsosuit and his ‘business class look’. But also makes me brings out the strong colourswonder what is inside it… Money, important files, a of the flames, shown in thebomb? Creating a sense of mystery. background.
  8. 8. The masthead is also a very attractive and recognizable colour- The font of the masthead is ‘red’ and ‘white’. These work powerful, strong and eye really well together and stand out The large whit text of the lure/hook matches well with the catching. The outline of the amoungst all of the other text. white and the black shadowed man’s clothing and almost ‘brings out’ the smaller white effect contrast each other andRed text signifies violence, text. This also proves that there make it appear as though it isaggression, death and unsettlement, is a colour palette used, jumping out from the pageso is very well suited and including white and red. and towards the audience.thoughtout to the magazine cover. It is also well suited to the main image and the type of magazine- powerful and The main fugure has no direct rather abrupt. eye contact, this to me isnt very captivating and effective because it doesn’t grasp the Text is well balanced out on attention of the target either sides of the image and audience. page. - However, this to me is also a really effective way to display the mans real emotion and All of the text is red and pain. Almost making us, as white. Which, as stated viewers almost feel his pain before, symbolizes hurt and and affliction. anger and therefore, this is keeping to a theme and ‘Suicide’- links I well structure. with the strong, disturbing main image which connotes self The man has tattoos and is harm and ‘suicide’. shown wearing a wife beater vest on. These could be seen as stereotypical ‘bad man’ This is a very eye-opening main image with a strong gesture that seems features. Which, to me the to have some sort of meaning behind why it’s being used as the cover of gun just proves this, as he a magazine. Creating a sense of curiosity as to what the magazine content appears to be a violent sort of would be about. person.
  9. 9. The large ‘Q’-the Main image has no emotion masthead is very showing. This connotes that he is recognizable and distinct quite a powerful and strong as it’s clearly placed on a character. The men shown also in solid colour; almost the reflection are holding no separated from the rest of expression either. This could the magazine cover. mean that this band in particular may want to be taken quite seriously. The cover is really well balanced out. For example, the large circular ‘Q’ of the masthead and the opposite side of it is some smaller text inside a circular outline. This gives The main figure is a sense of balance and is also an effective way to ‘bring quite clean cut. This out’ this smaller text by giving it a border. makes the cover appear more tidy and smart. All of the text is runningThe text is all in red, horizontally. This is proofwhite, black and a that it has been designedgold-brown colour. not to become confusingShowing that a colour and appear unattractivepalette has been and untidy.included and there is asense of structure andbalance.- The gold-brown textmatches with parts ofthe main image. His The cover lines are aclothing and skin tone. mixture of quotations,- The red, being a very band/artist names andstrong and powerful also article features.colour also shows This is quite a nice waythrough with the main to show variation, andfigures lip colour. that the content of this particular magazine will be varied and not all just the same. ‘Liam’s’- it is only his first name, which could prove that he is very well known in the The main cover line includes a personal There is no background. It band and that the is quite bland and bare, with target audience of this pronoun, ‘Liam’s’ which could connote no distractions. This makes particular magazine our eyes automatically focus would clearly know that the main image of the single figure could in on the main image, and who he is, simply by what we make of it. reading his first name. be the most important of the group. The leader.