11 BFF Workshop Mar 08


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11 BFF Workshop Mar 08

  1. 1. BlackboardFeatureFridayMarch 8,2013 1
  2. 2. 2 Workshop Topics How to use the Blackboard Test Canvas  How to build a question pool in your Blackboard course  How to import questions from a Question Pool  How to build a test in your Blackboard course 1. Creating Question Sets 2. Creating Random Blocks 3. How to deploy a test in a Learning Module
  3. 3. Blackboard’s Test Canvas How to Create A Question Pool 3
  4. 4. 4 Management Functions All course management functions are accessed through links in the Control Panel. The Control Panel is located under the Course Menu and is only available to users with one of the following defined Course Roles: Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Grader, Course Builder, or Administrator.
  5. 5. 5Access your Course Control PanelExpand the Course ToolsClick on Test, Surveys, and Pools
  6. 6. 6The Test, Survey, Pools Page
  7. 7. 7Build Question Pool Selection
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. 9The Pool Canvas
  10. 10. 10The Create Question Menu
  11. 11. 11Import Question from a Pool
  12. 12. 12The Upload Question Page
  13. 13. How to build a test in your Blackboard course  Creating Question Sets  Creating Random Blocks 13
  14. 14. Creating a Question Set 14For Tests and Quizzes in Blackboard 9.1
  15. 15. Steps to Create an Question Set 15The Reuse Question Tab
  16. 16. Set Point Value for Questions 16 Determine the Number of Questions
  17. 17. The Test Question Set Created 1710 question out of 25: 10 points each, the test is now ready to be deployed
  18. 18. 18Creating Random Blocks
  19. 19. 19Setting the Point Value for the Random Block Determine the Number of Questions
  20. 20. 20The Test Random Block is Created 10 question out of 37: 10 points each, the test is now ready to be deployed
  21. 21. How to Deploy a Test in a Learning Module 211. From your the Table of Content of the Learning Module open the Assignments folder2. Click on the Assessment down arrow and select Test Click Here to Play Video
  22. 22. 22 Create or Add TestAdded and Submit the selected Test
  23. 23. 23Test Option Page 7 Sections1. Test Information2. Test Availability3. Due Date4. Self-assessment Options5. Test Feedback6. Test Presentation7. Submit
  24. 24. 24Your Test is now Created in the Assignments Folder