Rizal’s in united states and london


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All about the Travels of rizal in US and London.

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Rizal’s in united states and london

  1. 1. Rizal’s Arrival in United States
  2. 2. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States San Francisco O 28th day of April 1888 − Rizal arrived for the first time in San Francisco on a Saturday morning − The ship Rizal on board, Belgic, docked at San Francisco Port but because of a strict quarantine, he and the other first-class passengers were not allowed to disembark until May 4, 1888.
  3. 3. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States O The ship was carrying 643 Chinese coolies – unskilled labourers. O After a few days of quarantine, all first-class passengers, including Rizal, were allowed to land. O In San Francisco, Rizal stayed at Palace Hotel, a first class hotel in the city, until May 6.
  4. 4. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Palace Hotel
  5. 5. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States O In his diary, he wrote: “I saw the Golden Gate Bridge - a marvel of engineering and one of the most beautiful structures of its kind. No stores are on Sunday. The best street in San Francisco
  6. 6. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States O Leland Stanford − the millionaire senator in California and the founder of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California
  7. 7. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Across the American Continent O After staying in San Francisco for two days he left for Oakland on May 6, 1888, Sunday O In Oakland, he took an overland train – a railroad sleeping car (Pullman) and passed along the entire breadth of the United States. O Rizal got a glimpsed of the American continent.
  8. 8. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Travels on the American Continent Sacramento Reno, Nevada Ogden Omaha City, Nebraska Colorado Missouri River Chicago Albany
  9. 9. Niagara Falls Rizal’s Arrival in the United States
  10. 10. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Rizal in New York O May 13, 1888, Sunday morning − Rizal’s arrival in New York − He stayed in the Fifth Avenue Hotel while he was in New York.
  11. 11. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States O He was able to see and visit the following scenic and historical places:  The monument of George Washington
  12. 12. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States  The majestic Brooklyn Bridge
  13. 13. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States  Statue of Liberty
  14. 14. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States O May 16, 1888 − he left New York for Liverpool, England − Rizal board on “City of Rome” going to London.
  15. 15. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Rizal wrote a letter to his parents and brother dated May 24, 1888, he described the ship and his voyage as follows: “So that you may have an idea of the size of this monster, I’ll tell you that it has three chimneys, consumes three tons of coal daily. It is more than 200 varas long and 18 varas wide, and has 12,000 horse power for which it has 63 boilers. The promenade deck alone is 140 varas long. A newspaper is published is board once during the voyage for the benefit of the passengers. The officers and crewmen are 276; we, the passengers, are 604. We have had a bad trip, very rough sea, excessive wind, much sea- sickness, for which reasons we spent eight days and hours on the trip.”
  16. 16. Rizal’s Arrival in the United States Rizal’s Bad Impression of America O “America is undoubtedly a great country, but it still has many defects”, Rizal wrote to Mariano Ponce O He had a bad impression of America because of the prevalent racial discrimination in the country. O One day Alejandro asked Rizal: “What impressions do you have of America?” “America”, answered Rizal, “is a land par excellence of freedom but only for the whites.”
  17. 17. Rizal in London
  18. 18. Rizal in London O May 24, 1888 − Rizal, aboard the “City of Rome”, reached Queenstown in Ireland O From there, he embarked on a ferry boat going to Liverpool and stayed at Adelphi Hotel. Then, he travelled by train to London. O May 25, 1888 − Rizal arrived in London
  19. 19. Rizal in London Reasons Why Rizal Decided To Go To London 1. To develop his knowledge of the English language 2. To annotate the famous work of Antonio de Morga on the history of the Philippines, the “Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas”
  20. 20. Rizal in London O Upon his arrival in the afternoon of May 25 in London, he first stopped at the Grand Hotel Midland.
  21. 21. Rizal in London O Rizal again wrote a letter for his parents dated June 12, 1888. In this letter he mentioned that he have lived first for a week at a house in Beresford Road and eventually transferred to a private home in No. 37 Chalcot Crescent, Primerose Hill. O The house is owned by the Becket Family.
  22. 22. Rizal in London He described the family in his letter as follows: “The family consists of the husband and wife, four daughters and two sons. The daughters are called Gertrude (Tottie), Balnche (Sissie), Flory and Grace: the first two, who are already young women, have sweethearts. Tottie sings very well and Sissie accompanies her (They pronounce Toti, Sisi). One son is employed and the other sings in the church.”
  23. 23. Rizal in London Gertrude (Tottie) Becket
  24. 24. Rizal in London O Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor - An exile of 1872 who was a law practitioner - Rizal’s had developed a strong relationship with Persons Met By Rizal In London
  25. 25. Rizal in London O Dr. Reinhold Rost - Introduced to him through a letter from Dr. Ferdinand Blumentritt - Director of the library of the India Office and the best authority of Malayan customs and languages
  26. 26. Rizal in London Christmas in London O Rizal spent his Christmas in London and New Year’s Eve, for the first time in this city and was extremely delighted to experience the holiday season. O Rizal spent his Christmas with the Beckett family Primerose Hill.
  27. 27. Rizal in London In his diary, he wrote: It is the holiday, “I like the best to celebrate. It reminds me of the memorable days not only my early childhood, but also of history.” On this day, a great Genius and prophet was born to preach truth, love, beauty and goodness. He suffered on His messianic zeal to save the world. “How it shocks me to see some people misuse His name to commit many crimes.”
  28. 28. Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work O Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas - book written by Dr Antonio de Morga - one of the most important works on the early history of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines - published in 1609
  29. 29. Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work O Dr Antonio de Morga - a Spanish lawyer and a high-ranking colonial official in the Philippines, New Spain and Peru. - He was also a historian.
  30. 30. Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work O In a letter to Blumentritt, dated September17, 1888, Rizal said : “Morga’s work is an excellent book; it can be said that Morga is a modern scholarly explorer. He does not have the superficiality and exaggeration which are found among Spaniards today; he writes ver simply, but one has to read between the lines…”
  31. 31. Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work O Rizal devoted much of his time in annotating the work of Dr. Morga O It was considered as Rizal’s greatest achievement in London O He frequented the British Museum where he patiently copied the text by hand and made his annotations.
  32. 32. Annotation of Dr. Morga’s Work O This laborious task made was prompted by his desire to rectify some of the points written by Dr. Morga, so that the Filipinos would have a clear understanding of the history of their country. O The annotation of Rizal on Dr. Morga’s book was later published in Paris in 1890.