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Unit Numerical Reasoning


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Unit Numerical Reasoning

  1. 1. UNIT ORGANIZER Name ________________________ Date _________________________ Big Ideas (Macro/Micro): Real Numbers Unit Schedule: Conversion of fraction, Previous Unit: Current Unit Title: Next Unit: decimals and percents Coordinate Plane Numerical Reasoning Rational # Operations 1 Day Comparing rational numbers 3 Days Comparing rational is about… numbers using a number line 1 Day Building a foundation Square roots 3 Days of basic understanding Scientific notation of numbers 2 Days Review: Sept 21 (Monday) 8.1a by including Test: 8.1d Sept 22 (Tuesday) through Comparing and ordering rational Expressing numbers numbers in scientific notation Approximating the value of irrational 8.1c Unit Questions 1. How do you order rational numbers with the use of benchmark fractions? Relationships 2. What is the difference between a rational number and an irrational number? Enumeration 3. How do you change from standard from to scientific notation and vice versa? Compare and Contrast Cycle