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How To Embed Video In Share Point


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How To Embed Video In Share Point

  1. 1. How to embed video in SharePoint 1. Make your movie. 2. Go to your private website 3. Select CONFIGURE on the top gray tool bar 4. Select WEBSITE GRAPHICS 5. You can now upload your movie by selecting UPLOAD PICTURE.
  2. 2. 6. Browse to find your movie that you created and saved. Double click on the movie. 7. Select SAVE AND CLOSE. It may take several minutes to save the movie based on how large the file is. Be patient. 8. You still be in the WEBSITE GRAPHICS folder. Locate the video you uploaded and double click to play it. 9. Windows Media Player will open and begin to show your movie. Look on the right hand side for the title of your movie. Right click the title of the movie and select PROPERTIES. 10. Highlight the location of your movie 11. Right click on the highlighted movie location and select COPY. You can now close Windows Media Player. 12. Go back to your private teacher website. 13. Select MODIFY SHARED PAGE. 14. Select ADD WEB PART and BROWSE. 15. Select CONTENT EDITOR WEB PART. 16. Choose the location you want to add it to – nav, left, or right and select ADD 17. In the Content Editor Web Part, select OPEN TOOL PANE
  3. 3. 18. Select SOURCE EDITOR on the right tool pane. 19. Right click and select PASTE to insert the location of your movie. 20. Copy the following code and paste it into the source editor also. <EMBED SRC=quot;peanuts.midquot; AUTOSTART=FALSE LOOP=FALSE WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=200 ALIGN=quot;CENTERquot;> </EMBED> 21. Take out the example peanuts.mid and replace it with the location of your movie. 22. Select SAVE at the bottom. 23. You can change the title of your content editor web part by selecting APPEARANCE and adding your title where it says TITLE. 24. Select OK at the bottom of the tool pane. Your movie is now embedded into your website. I suggest you add directions to the content editor web part to clear up any questions the audience may have. They have to select the movie once to activate the Active X Control and then press PLAY. If the movie plays a little bit and then stops they need to wait a few minutes for the movie to finish buffering before they select PLAY again. Please e-mail me if you have any questions –