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presentation by Alex Manolache, 5th grade

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  1. 1. Romania Romania Manolache Marius-Alexandru, 5 class Ioan Slavici Hight-School Panciu,Vrancea
  2. 2. Romania Bucharest the Capital of Romania Capital of the Romania was founds in century 14 from a shepherd on name Bucur. Shepherd Bucur
  3. 3. Romania Important buildings in Bucharest Home of the Nation Hotel Intercontinental Bow of Triumph Grigore Antipa Museum Romanian Athenaeum
  4. 4. Romania Natures’s Miracles The Sphinx Old Women Danube’s Delt
  5. 5. Romania Bear’s Cave Horse’s Waterfall Red Lake Muddy Volcanos
  6. 6. Romania Writers, Painters and Sculptors in Romania Writer Mihai Eminescu Writer Ion Luca Caragiale Writer Ion Creanga
  7. 7. Romania Painter Nicolae Grigorescu Painter Stefan Luchian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi
  8. 8. Romania Former Rulers The Old Mircea Vlad Tepes (Dracula) The Great Stefan The Brave Mihai
  9. 9. Romania Romanian Clothes