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Csi quiz at NRSMC

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CSI quiz

  1. 1. • The genre of crime movies and literature featuring cynical characters and bleak settings is known as :- A) Macabre B) Noire C) Satanism
  2. 2. Known as…. Noire
  3. 3. What was Zacarias Moussaoui convicted of-A. London Bombings 7/7B. 9/11 WTCC. Madrid Train BombingsD. Virginia Tech Campus Shootout
  4. 4. • 9/11 World Trade Centre
  5. 5. • Serial killer operated in Northern California in late 1960s and early 1970s. The killer originated his in a series of taunting letters sent to the local Bay Area press. These letters included four cryptograms (or ciphers). Of the four cryptograms sent, only one has been definitively solved which reads “I love killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forest because man is the most dangerous animal.”• Victims – 5 murders, 2 injured, claimed to have killed 37• He signed his correspondences by this symbol.• Identify this unknown serial killer by the name he is used to refer to.
  6. 6. The Zodiac Killer
  7. 7. How did the killer earn the name "Jack the Ripper?A. Nickname given by the mediaB. Nickname given by policeC. Letters written to the media by someone claiming to be the killer.D. Words cut into the bodied of victims.
  8. 8. C.) Letters written to the media bysomeone claiming to be the killer.
  9. 9. • Born in Saigon, Vietnam to an Indian father and a Vietnamese mother, this man spread his crimes over Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia. With a genotype of XYY, identify this killer whose name starts with Hotchand Bhaonani Gurumukh
  10. 10. Charles Sobhraj – The bikini killer
  11. 11. The 1960 Hitchcock film “Psycho” was based on which serial killer?A. Ed GeinB. The Boston StrangerC. Charles MansonD. Jack, the Ripper
  12. 12. A.) Ed Gein
  13. 13. Crime buddies. Identify
  14. 14. Bonnie and Clyde
  15. 15. • On the night of July 2, 1995, Delhi police constables saw smoke emanating from the open-air Bagiya Restaurant in Ashok Yatri Nivas (now called Indraprastha Hotel). The accused were Sushil Sharma and Keshav Kumar. Sharma was sentenced in 1997.• Identify the victim/case
  16. 16. The Tandoor CaseVictim – Naina Sahni
  17. 17. • Dr. C. Henry Kempe in 1962, published a paper titled ____________________. It is accredited with bringing the social problem of violence toward children to the attention of the public. What is the name of the paper/’syndrome’?
  18. 18. Dr. C. Henry Kempe in 1962, publisheda paper titled“The Battered Baby Syndrome”
  19. 19. Modern ballistics came into its own after the Bureau ofForensic Ballistics at the Northwestern University was founded. What famous crime was pivotal in the establishment of that lab?A. Kennedy AssasinationB. St. Valentine’s Day MassacreC. Bank robberies committed by the notorious Bonnie and ClydeD. Son of Sam Shootings.
  20. 20. B.) St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
  21. 21. X Y
  22. 22. X YShot named Y.
  23. 23. A jacket belonging to the victim of a hit-and-run accident has been brought to a forensic scientist. Examination in which light is likely to be most helpful? A. Ultraviolet light B. Infrared light C. Fluorescent light D. Tungsten light
  24. 24. A. Ultraviolet Light
  25. 25. What is the term to describe a personwho swallows a drug to conceal it in his/her GI tract called?A. Goods gobblerB. Body packerC. Cookie MonsterD. Body Stuffer
  26. 26. B.) Body Packer
  27. 27. • It consists of a tall upright frame from which an angled blade is suspended. This blade is raised with a rope, and the condemneds neck is positioned beneath it.• Although it failed to achieve all of its goals and at times degenerated into a chaotic bloodbath, this played a critical role in shaping modern nations by showing the world the power inherent in the will of the people.• What are we talking about here and who do we credit it to ?
  28. 28. It’s the Guillotine!!
  29. 29. The study of correction and control ofknown criminal offenders is referred to asA. CriminologyB. TypologyC. PenalologyD. Penology
  30. 30. D.) Penology
  31. 31. • Simple code—can you break it?? CNTT ORHN MUIE EBST
  33. 33. The First time this was used, it was for 17secs,which caused just unconciousness. Nexttime,it was used for 8 minutes and causedcapillary rupture and bleeding. Witnesses claimed that it was an awfulspectacle. Mr.George Wastinghousecommented, “they would have done better touse an axe.What are we talking about??
  34. 34. The Electric Chair
  35. 35. This is knows as Assault ______________
  36. 36. Assault Carbine
  37. 37. 1) Mr.X,a Chennai resident was found dead in his apartment on 12thsept,with time of death around 5pm.On questioning,some of hisneighbours remember him having a heated argument with Mr.R,wholives in the apartment just underneath Mr.X. Mr.R is also know as ahothead.He was brought in for questioning, and his statement is givenbelow—“Yes,I did have an argument with him yesterday.He’s just such anarrogant $#@%..making a hell lot of noise everyday,’practising his stupiddance—as if others don’t exist.and he didn’t even talk to me when Iconfronted him.Just made me mad..What?No,who said anything about killing him!?I wasn’t even here!!don’tput words into my mouth…Well,on 12th sept,I went to office as usual…Ileft at 4pm,to meet an old friend on the Marina beach.It was a lovelyevening…the fresh air…sound of the neverending waves…an oldfriend..we waited until 5.30..watched the sun set into the sea,had somestreet food..and returned home around 6.30.”Later,his friend,when questioned gave the exact same story.But thepolice ARRESTED Mr.R later. WHY??
  38. 38. 2)A very famous but eccentric Neuro and spinal surgeon passed away atthe age of 84,leaving behind his son as the sole heir to a huge fortune,including a mansion and assets worth more than 5crores.But there wasa single problem.He often regarded his son as ‘stupid’ and ‘spineless’,asthe latter had opted to become a writer,rather than following his adviceto join the Medical Profession.In anote to his son,he mentions that hemade 2 wills..One of them is with the lawyer,and the other in a safe inhis room.The one in the safe,making his son the benefactor will onlysupercede the other will if he is able to crack the safe and produceit.Otherwise,the property will go to a charitable Org.The confused son,after many failed attempts to open the safe,asks foryour help.At his house,on the safe,you find a writing—“only those with a Spine can crack this– C4 T1 C3 L5”Can you crack the numerical code and help the son?
  39. 39. The police brings in J.D. Dalal…who’s been previously charged for assaultand attempt to rape. He is at this time arrested in connection to themysterious suicides of six women. All women were found dead in hotelrooms, and all victims apparently committed suicide. However theywere not reported to be depressed or in suicidal state. All of them hadrented the rooms for themselves, all cases occurred over weekends. Theroom service heard overheard argument between a victim and a personmatching the description of Mr.Dalal. The man was heard saying, “Youneed it,we need to be safe after last night...”Mr.Dalal,It was found,had a rough childhood,being brought up by asingle mother…and didn’t know his father.
  40. 40. A scientist working in a research facility in an undisclosedlocation(somewhere in Antarctica) was found lying in a pool of his ownblood inside the facility.A deep piercing wound was found on the rightlateral part of the neck…which punctured both the vein and the arteryin the region..death was caused due to the huge blood loss from thewound.A blood trail is found from the exit/entrance of the facility to thebody…but no weapon was found.Can you state the most likely modus operandi in this scenario??
  41. 41. Adam was at a party.He didn’t want to be there,though.He was sick-had arunny nose and a head cold.Anyway,he was only there because he neededto.The girl he liked would be turning up any moment…aand he’ll askher…umm…maybe for a dance?The night progressed,but no sign of Julia.Damn…I’ll just have some soft drinksand leave.burgers,Iced beer,iced soft drinks..everyone around seemed to bechugging them down…tempting..naah.he can’t afford to get sick for his spanishlanguage exam next week. ‘Just the coca-cola…and a burger,and I’m done’.He leaves,almost as early as 7.30pm…as more food,iced drinks,and morepeople came in…. ‘such a waste of my evening’The next day…he gets a surprise—the news reports a shocking incident—poisoning at a party—same party that he left from yesterday..almost everyoneat the party was taken ill..and 7died while undergoing treatment…HOW…whatthe…he thought..how am I not sick???Can you explain??