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Learn to Build Mobile Web Apps for Businesses. This slide Presentation will show what services small businesses need to mobilize and engage customers on mobile devices.

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  • Get Mobilized Today at
  • This is Bob, and Bob has his Restaurant and he has a decent website. Bob knows his customers and realizes that more and more of them are using smartphones and mobile devices. He also knows a large percentage of his customers are on social media sites such as facebook and twitter.
  • Just read the stats here
  • Did you know? Read the stats
  • Watch our FREE Recorded Webinar at -
  • 84% of local searches originate from phones. Traditional websites just don’t work on modern mobile devices. If you visit your website on a smart phone and it looks something like the picture on the left, it is a good bet your potential customers are not having a good mobile experience and are likely to move on to something they can easily read and navigate on their phone. Google will rank you above your competitors if your site is mobile ready. If your competitors site is not visible when searchers are searching on mobile devices then you have the competitive edge.
  • If only there were a way for Bob to Mobilize his Website, Create a Mobile Web App (click)& Market to his customers where he could engage them on their mobile devices (click)to promote his business and take advantage of social media all at the same time.Well now there is!
  • Introducing Your Company Name.
  • What does our platform Do?? Well, its actually 2 things. On one hand, It is an easy to use Mobile website and smartphone app generator that uses your existing content to create stunning Mobile Web Apps your customers can download on their smart phones and mobile devices.Our Platform converts your current websites content to be easily viewed without changing the look and feel of your current website.It allows your customers to get your most basic information such as business hours, coupons, specials, door to door directions,display a menu, showcase your products and services and much more.It is also an easy to use Complete Marketing platform allowing you to Engage your customers in a whole new way driving More business to your door, generating more revenue for your business with little time, effort and expense on your part.
  • Once your App is created, we upload a simple line of code to your website and then a user searches for your website, products or services and clicks on your website. Our code automatically detects that the user is on a Smart Phone Device and Redirects them to your mobile web App.It even asks them if they would like to install it to their phone. If they choose not to, they can simply continue to navigate your mobile Web app without doing so.
  • Once installed, your companies icon or shortcut is created on the customers mobile device, and you are now in his or her pocket so to speak.
  • So why do I need a mobile web app you may ask?Simply put, its all about engagement with your customers.
  • Your Customers can signup for V.I.P offers, Coupons & Specials. When your customers visit your mobile website or install your mobile web app, the first thing they see is your VIP offers. Most users do not hesitate to become a VIP to receive the discounts and or offers you provide. This is called your Warm Market! People who want what you have and eagerly look forward to receiving your offers.You can send them from time to time by email or text Promoting a coupon, special announcement, using our Integrated marketing Platform which we will cover in just a minute.
  • Other Features include:Your customers can contact you with our Fast and Easy Tap to Call feature.
  • Customers can get your info at a glance.
  • Watch one of your TV Commercials.
  • Make a reservation.
  • Look over your menu or browse through your products and service offerings.
  • Get Instant Directions from wherever they are.
  • Your customers can share your app via text, or email with their friends, family and colleagues.
  • Connect with your Facebook.
  • Follow your Twitter feed.
  • Pass the word on with yelp.
  • Connect to your YouTube channel.
  • And if you haven't heard of four square you will soon! It is an engaging social service where members note their locations with a mobile phone and can find out where friends are, and check in with local businesses for rewards and perks.
  • We know what your thinking, what if I don’t have all my social media accounts set up quite yet?No Problem. With our easy to use instant APP wizard you can add, remove or edit your app anytime and your update goes live immediately.It’s fast, simple and easy.
  • Now that we know the functionality of your mobile web app, lets do a quick overview of your included Marketing Platform.This is what sets us apart from anything like it on the market today.It’s our Integrated Marketing Platform!Each Mobile Web App Account comes complete with an Integrated Marketing Platform that will allow you to maximize your marketing efforts with little effort spent by you or your management team. Leaving you time to focus on what you do best, running your business.
  • Our Integrated Marketing Platform automatically generates print ready signs, table tents and QR Codes customized to your business providing you with the tools you need to get the maximum number of signups to your VIP and offers through both Email & Text.
  • When you are ready to do your promotion, send out a coupon, or announce a special event or sale, you simply login, Type once and send to your VIP list via text direct to their Phone, Email, Facebook and Twitter all simultaneously!And you are done. You just promoted to all your fans, customers, and V.I.P. members. All in about 3 minutes! Integrated Mass Marketing has never been more simple!
  • 1 in 5 will be going Mobile in 2012Will it be your business or your competitors?
  • Get Mobilized Today at ask your sales representative how we can have you up and running in as little as 48 Hours.Isn't it time you got with the Times?
  • Watch our FREE Recorded Webinar at -
  • Create Mobile Apps for Small Businesses Presentation

    1. 1. Get Yours
    2. 2. Bob Knows he has to Mobilize! Yellow Pages are all but Dead
    3. 3. Bad Customer Experience Is Not Good!
    4. 4. Watch our FREE Recorded Webinar on how to Build Apps In 15 Minutes at..
    5. 5. Traditional Websites on Phones
    6. 6. IF Only!
    7. 7. Introducing,.. (Your Company Name)
    8. 8. What Does our Platform Do?? Actually 2 Things MOBILE WEB APP SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL MARKETING PLATFORM
    9. 9. When They Search
    10. 10. You just got prime Real Estate
    11. 11. So why do I need a Mobile Web App? Engagement!
    12. 12. VIP Offers, Coupons & Specials
    13. 13. Quick Call
    14. 14. Quick Overview
    15. 15. Watch Your TV Commercial
    16. 16. Make a Reservation
    17. 17. Check your Menu, Products or Services
    18. 18. Get Quick Door to Door Directions
    19. 19. Share App with others
    20. 20. Connect with you on Facebook
    21. 21. Twitter
    22. 22. And Yelp
    23. 23. You Tube
    24. 24. Foursquare
    25. 25. We Know what your Thinking! What if I don’t have All my Social Accounts Set up yet?
    26. 26. The Marketing Platform Simple, Fast and Powerful!
    27. 27. Print Ready Marketing Materials Included!
    28. 28. Type once send to all!
    29. 29. 1 in 5 Small Business will be going Mobile in 2012 Will it be your Business, or your Competitors?
    30. 30. Get Mobilized!
    31. 31. Watch our FREE Recorded Webinar on how to Build Apps In 15 Minutes at..