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Appucino - Turbo Cricket Case Study


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Appucino is the hottest thing that ever happened to Apps, Games and everything else on the Mobile and Internet!

Appucino is a friendly and exciting entertainment package that you can add to your apps to let your consumers have more fun with your app than ever before!

Appucino used Turbo Cricket game to prove how it can help boost engagement in apps and web games.

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Appucino - Turbo Cricket Case Study

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONProduct background• Turbo Cricket is an action packed sports game developed by Games2win. The game was launched on the Android platform on June 2nd 2011
  3. 3. GAME PERFORMANCE Performance Analysis • The product reached its peak of 15k active downloads by early October, after which active installs started to plateau • The time spent in Turbo Cricket marginally underperformed the category benchmark* for Android games – Time spent in Turbo Cricket was below the sports benchmark • Turbo Cricket – 2.0 mins • Benchmark – 2.4 mins* Data on session length and category benchmark provided by Flurry reports
  4. 4. ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENTHigher Targets Games2win thought there was more to be extracted from Turbo Cricket in terms of engagement and time spent Resulting in a longer product life cycle and increased ad revenues
  5. 5. WELCOMEMagic for your Apps
  6. 6. WHAT IS THE APPUCINO MAGIC? Appucino reinvents traditional leaderboardsTraditional Leaderboards Appucino Leaderboards engage 2% of the users engage 10% of the users
  7. 7. WHAT IS THE APPUCINO MAGIC? Appucino takes challenges to the next level The Appucino inbox alerts users if they have lost a challenge Appucino allows users to find people nearby and challenge them
  8. 8. THE “APPUCINO” SOLUTIONConvinced, Games2win added Appucino to their game Turbo Cricket and the App was updated on the Android Market +
  9. 9. THE RESULTS After monitoring engagement stats for a month: – Time spent in the application had risen from 2.0 mins to 2.9 mins, an increase of 45%* Appucino started outperforming the benchmark for sports games – • Turbo Cricket – 2.9 mins • Benchmark – 2.4 mins* Data on session length and category benchmark provided by Flurry reports
  10. 10. ENGAGEMENT = HIGHER REVENUES Higher engagement translated to an increase of 25% in monthly revenues• A higher eCPM was obtained due to – Repeated usage and returning visits of app users – An increased amount of time spent within the app• A sharp increase in the CTR rate is a result of – More relevant ads served due to repeat usage – Relevant ads provide a higher click through rate for app users
  11. 11. THE RESULTSTurbo Cricket iscurrently the No 7game on the AndroidMarket when yousearch for „cricketgames‟As an „indie‟ gamethat is not based onan official Cricket“license” (like T-20etc), Turbo CricketPro is no 4!
  12. 12. THE RESULTSThe game page on theAndroid Market showsa nice upswing indownloads, withdecent ratings.
  13. 13. CONVINCED?To see how Appucino can transform your App :• Download the FREE to use Android SDK to give your users a unique location-based gaming experience from• Get in touch with us at for queries and support• See Appucino in action on Turbo Cricket at