12 Benefits Of A Mobile Website For Your Business


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  • Mobile Websites are VERY IMPORTANT.

    Reasons For Mobile Websites Are:
    - 30% of Potential Customers ABANDON Your Site if the experience is NOT Mobile Optimized
    - All Age Groups are using Smartphones
    - 57% of Mobile Customers will ABANDON Your Site if Loading Time is > 3 seconds
    - For every 100 milliseconds in load time, sales DECREASEby 1%

    Get a FREE Preview of Your Mobile (responsive) Website: http://www.optimize-mobile.com

    I hope it helps, and hey, see the difference between your current site and your potential mobile site FOR FREE... Visit the Link above.


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12 Benefits Of A Mobile Website For Your Business

  1. 1. 12 Business Benefits of Mobile Websites www.apptapmobile.com
  2. 2. Mobile websites are designed to fit on smaller screens, such as those on mobile devices.These mobile optimized websites makes it easier for your visitors to navigate through it and find the information they need. No more pinching, dragging, rotating, or sliding around to find the information needed.
  3. 3. These sites makes it easier for you to reach your customers where they are, on their mobile devices. Advertize your products and services, provide coupons, map geo- location, and much more instantly.Let your customers and prospective customers get the information they need immediately, right where they are.
  4. 4. The 12 Benefits1. An additional avenue to market your business and your brand2. Grow your customer’s emaling list quickly by providing coupons, specials, and much more3. Reach customers ‘on the move’, be quickly and easily found4. Achieve findability within all search engines5. Create a professional and reputable image to your market
  5. 5. The 12 Benefits6. Change your mobile website content quickly and easily7. Market directly to your prospect’s, customer’s, and visitor’s mobile devices8. Reach customers ‘on the move’, be quickly and easily found9. Use call-to-action content to improve your brand visibility, purchases, and clear interaction10. Add new products, create special offers, and much more… quickly, instantly
  6. 6. The 12 Benefits11. Be easily contacted by providing functionality such as tap to email, tap to call, tap to text.12. Visitors stay on your site longer, browsing, searching, and learning more about your business while they wait in doctor’s offices, airports, or just are killing time.
  7. 7. Amazing Facts! Mobile devices sell 4 times more than PCs do demonstrating the proliferation of these devices People around the world access the internet in growing numbers… 1.7 billion of them!!! Close to 90 million mobile phone users in the United States subscribe to internet services Less than 1% of all .com, .net, .org, and .info are optimized for mobile devices
  8. 8. These graphs tell the story…
  9. 9. These graphs tell the story…
  10. 10. We hope you found this information informativeContact us today for a free consultation to see how a mobile strategy can benefit your business. Email us at: info@apptapmobile.com Call us: 843-323-8047 Visit us at: www.apptapmobile.com