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If you’re a hotel owner or manager you know that the #1 rule for success is this; keep your customers happy.

It’s a simple fact that Happy Customers use more of your services, spend more money in your hotel and come back more often to stay again.

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is to offer them a convenient, quick and easy way to do everything they want while they stay with you. Make things easy and you’ll keep them happy.

Today there’s a service that is so easy and so stress free that your customers will be smiling from ear to ear.

It’s called FourLeaf and it’s a revolutionary new way to handle customer service.

With FourLeaf your customer will have an iPad Tablet that is connected to every facet of the Hotel, from dining to luxury items to room service.

With a few simple touches on the iPad screen they can make dinner reservations, check out the menu, book a Spa appointment, find out about local amenities and much, much more.

The layout is elegant, intuitive and, most importantly, easy to use. Plus it cuts down on staff mistakes because EVERYTHING is noted on the iPad, cutting out human error almost entirely.
For you, the business owner, it means less mistakes, less cost and a much easier way to make changes to, well, anything!

You can easily change the dinner menu, offer discount services, notify customers of changes or messages and so much more. You can save a tremendous amount on paper and printing costs also because everything will be on the iPad.

The fact is, there is so much that FourLeaf can do to keep your customer happy and help you and your staff that you must see it in person to appreciate the power that this new service offers to increase your revenue and decrease your operating costs.

Give us a call today and we’ll show you the entire FourLeaf package. If your #1 goal is keeping your customers happy you definitely will want to implement the FourLeaf service in your hotel as soon as possible!

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Fourleaf profile

  1. 1. What is “FOURLEAF”is a tablet based hospitality solution for hotels, Guests are able to utilize allhotel services and amenities from a hotel provided tablet that is available intheir room. An app for this is already installed on the provided tablet.Orders can be place directly by browsing through all the available features onoffer and by using the app guests can place their requests directly to theappropriate area. The entire content submitted by the Guest from their tabletis managed by the hotel’s web based Content Management System (CMS).By offering services available directly from tablet guests will have a far betterexperience and hotel revenues are increased.
  2. 2. Guests BenefitsGreater Guest EnjoymentYour guests can make their own direct requests for  day tours and hotel spafrom their in room supplied device. As the request goes directly to theappropriate area and the request is delivered instantly.Easy to useIn the digital age customers main priority is convenience and ease of use toall services. Hotels want happy customers and an edge over their rivals in thecompetitive world of hotel service. FOURLEAF provides all your guests withtouch screen technology that is both appealing and has ease of use.
  3. 3. Smart LayoutGuests are able to navigate through the hotel’s services, and much more.With the touch technology design each interface is evaluated and tested toensure it has the best usability.Order ServicesOrdering has never been such a pleasure with real time offering andpersonalized menus. FOURLEAF provides what customers want.. Ease ofpurchase.
  4. 4. Instant messagingFOURLEAF’s revolutionary technology closes the communication gapbetween hotel and guest in real time.Messages are received by the guests from hotel staff using the Messagefacility.On Screen advertisingis aimed at each guest specifically and is based on their rate code. Guestsare able to take advantage of real time offers be it Dining, Shopping or SpaTreatments.
  5. 5. Hotel BenefitsOn CLOUDAs all data is cloud based there is no requirement for local servers thussaving costs on security and maintenance.REAL TIME REPORTS AND STATISTICSFollow short and long term trends based on up to the minute data. Track staffproductivity and view guest requests and preferences.
  6. 6. OPTIMIZE WORKFORCEHuman error is reduced by the direct service requests by the guests, and thereliance upon phone operators is significantly reducedINCREASE REVPARHotel revenue is increased due to the availability of interactive andpersonalized advertising.
  7. 7. ADVERTISINGWith smart advertising guest can be specifically targeted for time sensitiveand pre-defined adverts.Reduce CostAs all guest room magazines and information packs are now availabledigitally huge savings are made as no hard copy printing is required.
  8. 8. Provides Content ControlAs one central source takes care of all guest facing technologies everything,including menus and promotions can be carried out in real time.
  9. 9. Hardware Service FOURLEAF provide iPad devices as a service, so you don’t have to think aboutpurchasing, maintenance or technical level support. We do it all for you, range from iPaddevices to iPad insurance with expert technician on-site service. No initial cost pricing is base on service monthly cost, so you don’t have to pay anything in advance. Let’s say you can split budget to 3 year instead of pay it all in one year. On site service with our expert engineer, whatever hardware problem, software problem, lost your iPad or any accident happen to your iPad, just calling us and give us to do the rest for you. Warranty & Insurance in case of physical damage, we have our spare iPads that ready to replace, It turn out that your services are always ready to go. Internet connection built in we ship our iPads with built in 3G network connect, to ensure that incase of hotel internet problem your guest still can order without interrupting. Zero configuration with ready to go, FOURLEAF iPad are self-controlled devices that you don’t have to manage anything directly. Instead of manage a hundred iPads you just simple manage in one place with FOURLEAF CLOUD.
  10. 10. Software ServiceCloud Base ApplicationFOURLEAF CLOUD enable you to manage your data everywhere and everytime, thanks to Cloud technology. Guest Staff / Admin Manager / Supervisor
  11. 11. Sync based approachCan use FOURLEAF iPad without internet connection[1] , your guests don’twait their time to browse your hotel informations, It’s just ready to go. Standard bank security We protect your information and guests data with high priority security. Our engineers focus on security-level in every transaction even encrypted stored-data in guests iPad.
  12. 12. Maintenance & Support Transfer data from legacy system We will help you to easily transfer your datas from PMS, PSMS and POS to FOURLEAF CLOUD to leverage performance of Cloud technology. On-site service with our expert engineer, whatever hardware problem, software problem, lost your iPad or any accident happen to your iPad, just calling us and give us to do the rest for you. Warranty & Insurance in case of physical damage, we have our spare iPads that ready to replace, It turn out that your services are always ready to go. 24 x 7 Customer Support With any inquiry our supporter can help you via telephone. Spare part In case of hardware damage or accident. We provide ready-to-go spare part that can replace on your site in short period of time.
  13. 13. Guest Use CaseIn this section will give you the way your guest interact with FOURLEAF Applications andthe way they use it.On the go ordering Step 1 - Ordering Guest made an order by selecting served time and where to eat. Your guest can easily adjust their quantity of each order and see summary before confirm order.Step 2 - NotifyGuest will be notified when the order’sfinished directly to Guest iPad with soundand message (Apple Push Notification).
  14. 14. Step 3Guest will be served intheir place on theirselected time.Special offerGuest can browse all hotel promotions in one place, filter by category forDining, Activity, Spa and other hotel special offer. Including product percentoff, buy one get one promotion and more choosing by you.
  15. 15. Travel InterestIndicate guest current location and display all travel interest place near theirlocation. Including shopping, travel interest, pump, restaurant, airport andmore choosing by you.
  16. 16. Hotel InformationNew way to communicate with your guest with elegant design. Hotel historicalinformation, hotel facility, hotel amenities and more choosing by you. And more...
  17. 17. Hotelier Use Case With FOURLEAF CLOUD you can easily manage all hotel informationin one place via PC, Mac and Linux or even smart devices like iPhone, iPadand Android phone/tablet.Permission ManagementWith controllable user permission, you can give the suit permission toindividual or multiple staffs. Based on “Add”, “Change” and “Delete” Role Permission Super User Control all users Content Update Team Update dining menu, activity, spa and etc Marketing Team See day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year reports Reception Team Assign FOURLEAF, send messages, board-cast message, checkout,
  18. 18. Content UpdatingHotel staffs can easily update dining price, add new menu or delete non-usemenu via FOURLEAF CLOUD, and other content in similar ways.MarketingEase to create promotion on each menu items. 5, 10 or 50 percent off fromcurrent price and all promotion will appear in special offer automatically.
  19. 19. Order NotificationNotify to appropriate staff when new order available. It displays directly tostaff with sound and message. Based on configuration in FOURLEAFCLOUD notification service. r No rde tif y O Guest Order Receiver
  20. 20. About usFOURLEAF aims to transform the way the Hospitality Industry interacts with itscustomers.In the same revolutionary way that the telephone altered the way that businessesconnected with their clients, our mobile and touch software aims to totally transform theway your company and its clientele interact with each other.All hotels aim for their guests to have a enjoyable and relaxing stay. With our innovativesoftware and tablet technology we aim to give your hotel a significant edge over yourrivals. Presented on smart easy to use to screen devices all your services are delivered toyour guests at the touch of a finger.How we work?The team Nattapon Nimakul Nopphadon Natthasorn Nattapat -Project Manager Jantranapaporn Luangphetngam Kittayapison & Software Architect -Art Director - Sales Executive -Project Co-ordinator
  21. 21. Contact UsAppsolute Soft Co., Ltd.1017 Nawamin 14 (Yaek 5) Khlong Chan, Bangkapi, Bangkok Thailand.Phone: +66(0)2 374 1641 , +66(0)87 718 6776Email : info@appsolutesoft.comReference[1] ordering method is still required internet connection.