iPhone App Store submission process


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If you want to know exactly what you need to do to submit an iPhone app

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  • The following link provides visually very clear steps for submitting a first iOS app to app store.
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iPhone App Store submission process

  1. 1. Submitting to the App Store by Appsolute Genius Date May 10th, 2010 1
  2. 2. Q &A Q: Do I need a developer account from Apple? A: Yes, especially if you will charge for your application. Q: What are my options for submission? A: You can do one of the following: ✓ Hire an Apple developer to submit for you ✓ Standard developer account, $99/year, submits under your name ✓ Business developer account, $99/year, submits under business name, must provide business proof such as business license ✓ Enterprise account, $299/year, open for companies w/ 500+ employees 2
  3. 3. Q &A Q: When can I change details about my app? A: Almost all details can only be changed when you resubmit a new version of your app. However, you can change the price at any time. Q: Do I have to wait until the app is finished to submit? A: Not exactly. You can only do your final submission to Apple once the app is complete. However, you can choose the option “Upload binary later” so that you can upload all of your marketing assets immediately. Q: Are app rejections a real problem? A: Apps do get rejected by Apple for a variety of reasons, but an experienced developer will help minimize your chances for dealing with rejections. 3
  4. 4. Q &A Q: Have you ever had an app not eventually make it into the App Store? A: No. We’ve never had an app that didn’t get in the store. That will only be a concern if you are doing something that Apple considers off limits. Q: How long does it take to get an app approved by Apple? A: The average time to get an app into the store is typically about a week once we submit. 4
  5. 5. App submission checklist ✓ You will need to prepare all of these assets for submission. We recommend handling this submission immediately while choosing “Upload binary later”. ✓ Application name ✓ 255 characters ✓ must be unique ✓ be careful using off limit terms: aka Google Mail program could cause a rejection. 5
  6. 6. App submission checklist Application description ✓ 4000 character limit ✓ 700 characters is recommend ✓ Plain text only ✓ section headers and bullet lists make it easy to read ✓ don’t include a list of keywords here 6
  7. 7. App submission checklist Good headers for sections in app description ✓ Who uses this app? ✓ “What new?” for updates ✓ Features ✓ Reviews ✓ User quotes 7
  8. 8. App submission checklist Category: where your app is found ✓ Finance ✓ Games Don’t get too cute. This can cause you to lose downloads and sales. ✓ Healthcare & Fitness Category Choices: ✓ Lifestyle ✓ Book ✓ Medical ✓ Business ✓ Music ✓ Education ✓ Navigation ✓ Entertainment ✓ News 8
  9. 9. App submission checklist Application URL ✓ URL to webpage with more details about application ✓ Tip: a good one pager will suffice ✓ Good example website: http://taptaptap.com/ #parablox Support URL ✓ URL to webpage with contact details for support 9
  10. 10. App submission checklist EULA - End User Licensing Agreement This is optional. Apple will use a default EULA if you don’t include one. You may have an attorney draft a custom EULA here to include for you company. 10
  11. 11. App submission checklist Copyright Keywords ✓ Year ✓ 100 character, comma-separated list ✓ Company name ✓ Be specific ✓ Rights reserved ✓ No offensive words SKU Number ✓ Don’t use other app names ✓ Made up number ✓ UTF-8 sequence 11
  12. 12. App submission checklist Artwork Small icon Large icon ✓ 57 pixel square ✓ 512 pixel square ✓ 72 pixel per inch ✓ 72 pixel per inch ✓ RGB ✓ RGB ✓ Flattened ✓ Flattened ✓ No transparency ✓ No transparency ✓ 24 bit PNG File ✓ High quality JPEG or TIFF 12
  13. 13. App submission checklist Screenshots ✓ 1 screenshot required - 320 pixel x 480 pixel ✓ 4 additional screenshots optional Screenshots can be taken by holding home key and power button on the device ✓ Make screenshots legible 13
  14. 14. Contact Us Twitter: @briancauble or @appsolutegenius LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/briancauble www.appsolutegenius.com Email: brian@appsolutegenius.com More information - iTunes Connect Developer Guide at http://developer.apple.com/iPhone 14