7 ways to make money on iPhone Apps


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If you ever wondered how to make money on an iPhone app, we've laid out the most popular ways of making money.

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  • This app is quite interesting, it let the user count fake money on the retina display, but the developer makes the REAL money from it.

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  • Hi!your article is great!I use snappii.com to create apps with no programming skills and in some minutes.That is difficult to believe in but it's true.
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7 ways to make money on iPhone Apps

  1. 1. 7 ways to make money on iPhone apps Brian Cauble - CEO, Appsolute Genius Mobile software development was really ramped up two years ago with the introduction of the App Store by Apple. Since that time, we’ve seen massive successes like Tap Tap Revenge with well over a million dollars per month in revenue. We’ve also seen reports claiming many developers make very little on their apps. When I talk with customers, they often struggle to understand what options they even have for making money on apps. So, to answer the question “How do I make money on my app?” 1 Charge: You can charge between $.99 and $999.99 for per click) or PPM (pay per impression). With PPC, you are paid each time a your app and you must charge in $1 user clicks on the ad. With PPM, you increments. So, $2.99 is an acceptable are paid for each 1000 views of an ad. price, but $3.00 is not. Apple takes Apple does not get a share of this type 30% of every purchase, while you of ad revenue. Keep in mind, however, receive 70%. You should strongly that Apple will be releasing its own consider your marketing strategy in (interactive) ad network this summer order to maximize your ROI (return on called iAd. investment). Apps are like any other product, in that you must market them to have success. 3 Sell your own ads: The upside of this approach is that you get all the revenue without sharing 2 Use Ads: Put ads from AdMob or another ad provider in your it with anyone. The downside is that you must create a way to serve ads app in order to increase revenue. and find your own advertisers. All of There is no rule against selling an app that takes time away from the rest of which includes ads, but users generally your business. This makes most sense expect the app to be free if it includes if you are experienced with selling ads advertising. Most ad providers have two already. Magazines, newspapers, and options for making money: PPC (pay television, for example, have been doing this for years. © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 1
  2. 2. 4 Lite & Paid version: You can create two versions of your 6 aSell your web app: If you have web app like Weight Watchers, application: free/lite or paid. The free which charges a subscription, you can version is often limited in features and restrict your mobile app to subscribers used to convince customers to buy only. This exposure will bring new the paid version. Often, games are customers to an existing product. Some released first as a lite version with only people may never consider using a a few levels available. Then, a paid web app unless there is a mobile app version may be released with many available as well. more levels included. This approach works best if your lite app gives the user a simplified version of the full app and keeps them wanting more. 7 Give it away: What? Why on Earth would I pay to create an Customers that have a good experience app, then just give it away? The answer with the free version will be much more is that your app serves as marketing and likely to buy the paid version. Keep branding for your company or products. in mind, however, that Apple requires Sherwin-Williams offers an app which the lite version to be a fully functioning allows you to match paint colors to any app. It must do what you promise and selected color from a photo, then gives it must have a useful functionality. For you all of the details of that particular example, a lite alarm clock that doesn’t paint color. Obviously, they hope you actually go off unless you purchase the run to the store with that information paid version is not acceptable. in hand to buy their paint! When you compare the cost of a good app to a 5 In-App purchase: Your app can offer additional content television commercial, you’ll realize that apps can have a great marketing ROI. or features with an in-app purchase. For example, you could sell new ringtones fon an alarm or 10 new levels for a game from right inside the application. The same $.99 price tiers apply, as well as Apple getting a 30% share. © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 2
  3. 3. About Appsolute Genius Mobile “Apps” have very quickly become a driving force in technology, advertising, and marketing. Appsolute Genius was founded to help you create the mobile apps you need, while giving you sound advice about the rapidly changing mobile space. Appsolute Genius services include consulting with clients to understand the right mobile options for them. This may include choosing the correct mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, mobile web site, etc.), exploring possible business models, and learning about the mobile software development process. We focus on delivering the best design possible while working within your budget and timeline. About Brian Cauble A true entrepreneur at heart, Brian co-founded Appsolute Genius to help companies create great mobile products and continually push the boundaries of this new technology. Having been involved in software development for over 10 years, Brian has seen exactly how to deliver great software. He knows how to guide clients so that their projects are successful and avoid the common mistakes so many companies make with software. Brian earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering by attending the Information and Engineering Management program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He also earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at UAB. © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 3