6 lessons we’ve learned
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easier to identify the proper place to advertise. Finally, your app will often be easier
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6 things you should know before making an iPhone app!


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Doing mobile (iPhone) apps for for a while will teach you many things. From the power of great design to the difference effective marketing makes, we're sharing 6 things we've learned along the way.

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6 things you should know before making an iPhone app!

  1. 1. 6 lessons we’ve learned while creating Apps Brian Cauble - CEO, Appsolute Genius Some people would say mobile applications have been around for many years and you could buy applications for your Palm and Blackberry years ago. While that is true, the introduction of the iPhone 3G and the App Store created a whole new world of mobile application development. Almost overnight, apps became extremely popular and tons of developers tried to strike it rich by creating them. Appsolute Genius made its entry into mobile development in early 2009, when the industry was barely 6 months old. We’ve seen this industry grow, mature and change quite a bit, and we’ve learned a lot about creating the apps that drive it. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the most important lessons we’ve learned. 1 Hire Great Designers Users do not see the heart of your your app is $9.99, it should be truly useful. People are more likely to use app (your code). They see and use and keep an app that they need or the screens of it and often make their find useful than novelty apps based on decision to buy or download your gimmicks. This may sound obvious, app based solely on looks. Consider but try to develop ideas that will the apps that are featured by Apple in be really used by your customers. their commercials and in the App Store, Location, address book, phone, email, which all have excellent designs. We’ve photo library, camera and many more worked with many talented graphic features can be integrated in your designers and the best designers apps that will add value, but that we’ve used have mobile experience, doesn’t mean you should add them specifically with the iPhone OS. just because they are available. Make We’ve learned to hire the best mobile good feature decisions based on what designers we can possibly afford, and you believe your users will actually we’ve never regretted that decision. want or need. Retaining users over the long term ultimately leads to repeat customers and increased 2 Make Useful Apps Whether your App is free and revenue. being used for marketing/advertising or © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 1
  2. 2. ads, public relations, etc) and new 3 Follow The Plan There is temptation to think techniques (Facebook, blogging, mobile apps are different from other etc), but don’t make the mistake of software, so none of the old rules of forgetting about marketing. development apply. However, one rule definitely still applies. You have to decide what you want in your product, 5 Consider Your Platform We often hear someone say they often referred to as your minimum need an iPhone or iPad app, and feel viable product, and then go with it. compelled to ask our potential client Constantly changing your project their reason. Do they feel it will expand plan will give you bad results! If you their audience? If they have an existing need to change or add things after the product that is related to the mobile project has begun, it’s often best to app, do they know what device their consider putting the new features into users have? If they are all using a a future version of the product. With Blackberry, it might not make sense to that said, don’t become so rigid and create an iPhone or Android application. focused on the plan that you can’t If you’re considering having a mobile change it when you really need to. You app created, is it using some of the must know when things are important capabilities of the mobile device such as enough to warrant a change to the plan GPS or address book? If it doesn’t use and when they can wait. the mobile capabilities and it’s extremely similar to your website, you might be Marketing Still Matters better off creating a mobile-optimized 4 In the early days of the App version of your website. In other words, Store, many people made a lot of don’t create an app just to say you money by creating a single app – any have an app! app. Without doubt, you’ve heard stories of developers quitting their job after striking it rich. Like many new 6 Niches Are Good Companies are afraid to alienate technologies, there was a gold rush any potential customers. However, when the App Store was opened. The many of the most successful apps early tactic of “build it and they will are targeted toward potential niches come” simply doesn’t work anymore. such as college students or even factory How you market your app will have a workers. When creating a niche app, lot to do with how many users you get you will often have less competition, and how much revenue you ultimately which will allow you to charge a higher have. Your marketing can be a mix of amount. Marketing can also be simpler traditional techniques (print/digital and more effective, since it will be © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 2
  3. 3. easier to identify the proper place to advertise. Finally, your app will often be easier to use because it doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. About Appsolute Genius Mobile “Apps” have very quickly become a driving force in technology, advertising, and marketing. Appsolute Genius was founded to help you create the mobile apps you need, while giving you sound advice about the rapidly changing mobile space. Appsolute Genius services include consulting with clients to understand the right mobile options for them. This may include choosing the correct mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, mobile web site, etc.), exploring possible business models, and learning about the mobile software development process. We focus on delivering the best design possible while working within your budget and timeline. About Brian Cauble A true entrepreneur at heart, Brian co-founded Appsolute Genius to help companies create great mobile products and continually push the boundaries of this new technology. Having been involved in software development for over 10 years, Brian has seen exactly how to deliver great software. He knows how to guide clients so that their projects are successful and avoid the common mistakes so many companies make with software. Brian earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering by attending the Information and Engineering Management program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He also earned his BS in Electrical Engineering at UAB. © 2010, Appsolute Genius | All Rights Reserved | www.appsolutegenius.com Page 3