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App Social: A How-To Guide


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Create your profile, curate your lists, and become part of the largest social app store in the world! App Social - Never Take Apps From Strangers.

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App Social: A How-To Guide

  1. 1. App Social The How-To Guide
  2. 2. Before Using App Social Get started with these videos: Please connect Facebook and Twitter by opening Settings and tapping on email+accounts.
  3. 3. Downloading App Social Web Scan the QR code (how-to: NFC sticker If you received an NFC sticker on your phone box, open Settings and go to tap+send. Flip the switch to “On” and hold your phone to the NFC sticker provided. Tap Install. Congratulations, you‟ve just downloaded App Social!
  4. 4. Firing Up App Social Once you start the app, slide to the right until you reach the Profile screen. Here you will be instructed to connect with a Nokia account.
  5. 5. Connecting a Nokia Account Your Nokia account can be created with any email address and can be created ahead of time at You can also use Facebook or a Microsoft account to create your Nokia account.
  6. 6. Creating a Profile Select a unique username (which cannot be changed) and add your email address and chosen display name. We won‟t share your email – but users will be able to find you by username or display name.
  7. 7. You have a profile! created your Voilà! You have profile. You will automatically have cover and profile photos and a few default lists, but it‟s best to customize with your own images. Tap on the pencil icon at the bottom to edit your profile.
  8. 8. Editing Your Profile name, like your Your display username, will help others find you in App Social search. Your can always change your display name. Feel free to add a detailed description and tell us where you‟re from, what you do, or even link to your blog!
  9. 9. Editing Your Profileto add a great Don‟t forget cover photo! Once you have added all of these elements to your profile, hit Save changes and you will be ready to start creating and sharing lists.
  10. 10. Creating an App List You can create a new app list from your profile page. Click on the icon on the bottom left to create a new custom list.
  11. 11. Creating an App List Lists are searchable within App Social and will appear in the web version of your list, which you can share directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Choose a name that will stand out!
  12. 12. Creating an App List choose the cover photo You can for your app list. App Social comes populated with images you can use, but you can choose photos from your Camera Roll or take a photo. Tip: Search Bing for images and save them to your phone for easy selection.
  13. 13. Adding to Your App List Populate your list with apps that fit your theme or recommendations. You can select any app available in App Social whether you have downloaded it or not. Tap on the + icon to start adding apps.
  14. 14. Adding to Your App List You can start with apps you have downloaded. Tap on + to add an app to the new app list.
  15. 15. Adding to Your App List Comments are optional, but we recommend telling others why you like the app or why it belongs on your list. Tap Save to see the app in your app list.
  16. 16. Adding to Your App List Your app list will display the overall ratings and comments you write about the apps. Want to edit the items on your app list? Tap on the three dots to edit or delete your list item.
  17. 17. Sharing Your App List The three little dots at the bottom right corner will bring up additional options. You can then share the list with your social networks, on email, or in a text message.
  18. 18. Sharing Your App List Feel free to edit your message before hitting „send‟ – however, use @appsocial or #appsocial and you will increase your visibility and get more shares on Facebook and Twitter!
  19. 19. Searching App Social You can search App Social from the Spotlight, Apps Feed, Leaderboard, Featured, and Profile pages within the App Social App. Just look for the looking glass logo.
  20. 20. Searching App Social App Social will search app lists, apps, and users relevant to your search term. If you want to follow an app list, tap on the +. Swipe to the right for more search results.
  21. 21. Searching App Social You can search for specific apps in App Social. Tap on the name of the app to see which lists the app appears on, see screenshots, relist the app on your app list, share it on social media, or download the app.
  22. 22. Searching App Social You can also tap on the download icon to go straight to the download page and see more details about the developer, size of the app, reviews by users, and more screenshots.
  23. 23. Searching App Social You can also find users through search. Usernames and display names matching your search term will appear under the “Users” search results.
  24. 24. Spotlight Spotlight is our way of showing users the newest and hottest apps in App Social. Spotlight greets you every time you launch App Social and it changes frequently so you will get new recommendations all the time. You won‟t see apps that you have already
  25. 25. Apps Feed The Apps Feed shows you activity from users you follow, including new app lists and additions to app lists.
  26. 26. Leaderboard The Leaderboard tracks: • Most Loved app lists • Most Followed users • Most Listed apps • Most Lists created • Most Apps downloaded Leaderboards refresh daily, weekly, and monthly, so you always have a chance to rise to the top of a leaderboard!
  27. 27. Featured Our Featured section chronicles the hottest lists and apps from all over App Social! The Featured section will always be full of new discoveries, from App List Challenges for a chance to win a prize to lists created by experts especially for App Social.
  28. 28. Give Us Feedback! Bring up the additional options to find a few ways to contact us. We would be happy to get your feedback or answer your questions through support, so don‟t hesitate to get in touch!
  29. 29. Stay in touch! Web | Email | Twitter | @appsocial Facebook | Instagram | @appsocial Tumblr | Hashtag | #appsocial