Appsbee Welcomes Semantic web or Web 3.0


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The Future of Web rests in the hand of intelligent solutions offering brand like Appsbee who focuses mainly on semantic web and web 3.0 along with the power of information engineering.

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Appsbee Welcomes Semantic web or Web 3.0

  1. 1. I. Information Architecture of a site:Information architecture is a science which enables the knowledge ofputting right data on right place on your web pages. This is very importantto show right data (it may be a piece of content, infographics, video) toright people. Sometime you will find sites full of data, but very hard to findthe data you are looking for. You get lost there. Here comes informationarchitecture. Few things you need to fulfill while designing the site andputting contents into it. They are..
  2. 2.  People should understand about the goal of the site at a glance. Once the idea about the site is established, finding next set of data should be easy. So you need to read the mind of the audience and need to understand what they will find next. Again, you should not be totally driven or influenced about what people finds next rather you need to drive traffic to the page where you want them to go. May be that page is most important for you, since you will make money from there! The target page varies from site to site. When you are trying to sell something, the product detail page may be very important while for a video subscription site will drive traffic to some interesting video to right audience. So you need to plan very diligently.
  3. 3.  Now the question is how you will decide what people will like to look in what position of your site? Here you need to understand your product/service very well and that will help you to take the decision. That will give you the power to understand who is your target audience. In Appsbee we help you to take those complex decisions. Sometime, if we think alone, you will find we are missing lot of things, rather an expert team can come up with many ideas who figures out the same for many sites for many decision makers. Lets work together to strategies your next site.
  4. 4. II. User behavior tracking for behavioral retargeting:Behavioral retargeting is becoming a buzz word in internet marketingworld. Lets find how it helps in up selling and force users to complete thepurchase cycle. Report says 51-66% users on ecommerce sites startsbrowsing products but does not complete the purchase process. Behavioralre-targeting helps to bring back those diverted customers who actuallystarted the cycle but not finished it for some reason.
  5. 5. Brand Recognition
  6. 6.  Everything must be identified at the very beginning of building any website. Informations must be useful for users, as that makes smart web. Innovation is required with a farsightedness. Responsive design. The web is of the people, by the people and for the people. We at Appsbee Give value to all these above.
  7. 7.  US Address: 8324 Etude Drive, West Jordan, UT, 84047 United States Call: +1 801-550-1865 +91 9830 358 053 Email : Skype : jay_appsbee| samuel_appsbee Visit Us at:
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