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Stop map


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Stop map

  1. 1. Stop Map Helsinki Janne Käki 31.8.2010
  2. 2. Domain : Pu Transpor blic tation Here we are A obile Platform: M Aware and Location- Visual V iewpoint: aces nterf In formation I y and Usabilit
  3. 3. A Quixotic. Attempt to Challenge the Obvious Paradigm. “ Is it thinkable to do better than these? At anything? E ver? Perhaps.” Reitt iopas ReittiGPS Reittiopas for iPhone
  4. 4. What is it? (For the iPhone.) Well, it is a stop map. bus stops Shows all the stops and stations in the tram stops visible map area. a metro station even some places for service lines to stop It also gives a nice, long list of them (ordered as you which lines stop there wish) for you to scroll. how far is it from where I am now (going as the crow flies)
  5. 5. Tap a stop on the map or on the list, and you get this. Tap to mark the stop as a favorite. Yikes, that one is probably leaving Tap gently right now! on the left edge here to quickly These will be the next return to vehicles to go from here. where you were on (According to the schedule. that stop Alas, we don’t have real-time list. locations to show.Yet.) Scroll down (or up) to see even more.
  6. 6. A simple view with just the stops… …or a more intricate one with directions. These are the average directions to the next stop for all traffic that goes from here. And here, a rough average direction for the three next stops, to high-light clear trends.
  7. 7. Choose which stops to show by line type. (Get magnificent views over the city, too!)
  8. 8. Filter which stops to show, by line… …or by stop name.
  9. 9. Your favorites (or bookmarks) will be the first thing you see at startup. Put your important stops here, and you’ll never have to look for them again. You can access your bookmarks at any time by clicking on this button: . . (It kind of looks like a book, see?)
  10. 10. Thank you for your interest! Like us on Facebook, See you on will ya? App Store soon! We will not rest until we are the greatest public transit mobile app this world has seen!