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Open Location Data and Linked Open Data


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Timo Westkämper
Mysema Oy

Published in: Technology, Education
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Open Location Data and Linked Open Data

  1. 1. Open Location Data and Linked Open Data Timo Westkämper Mysema OyEmail :
  2. 2. Capital region data● Faceted search interface● SPARQL form and interface● Map visualization (GoogleMaps based)
  3. 3. Material● Aluesarjat data in RDF● Town part borders as KML-files● DBpedia town part descriptions
  4. 4. Semantic Web challenges Scaling● too generic model, difficult to index● optimization of RDF storage difficult, no standards● SPARQL is a generic interface, difficult to optimize
  5. 5. Linked Open Data challenges● Poor quality of data foundation, e.g. GeoNames● Heterogenic ontologies and resource identification● Crowd-sourcing material as foundation
  6. 6. Linking in practice● Geonames material has lots of duplicates● DBpedia has mostly description, not much semantics● Linking easiest via owl:sameAs predicate
  7. 7. Areastats demo Material● material● Java service uses KML files for point-in-polygon check●
  8. 8. HTML5 GeoLocation APIgeo-location-javascript wrapper API for various GEO APIimplementationsif (geo_position_js.init()) { geo_position_js.getCurrentPosition( geo_success, geo_error);}function geo_success(p) { alert("Found you at latitude " + p.coords.latitude + ", longitude " + p.coords.longitude);}
  9. 9. Questions?