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'App discovery services' - How to get quality users for a free app - Emmanuel Carraud - #APS2013


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Emmanuel Carraud is CEO of MagicSolver, the user acquisition specialists for mobile applications.

MagicSolver helps over 1 million users to save money every day by downloading free apps with their mobile phones, and helps developers and publishers gain visibility for their apps in the App Store.

Emmanuel has over 15 years of experience in consumer marketing and mobile advertising across Europe. Fluent in French, Spanish and English, he has a Masters degree from Sciences Po Paris and an MBA from Judge Business School, Cambridge University.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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'App discovery services' - How to get quality users for a free app - Emmanuel Carraud - #APS2013

  1. 1. How do you get quality users for a free app?   Emmanuel  Carraud   CEO  MagicSolver  
  2. 2. MagicSolver     App  Discovery  and  App  Promo9on  Experts     Spin  out  of  Cambridge  University     iOS  &  Android  apps  developers,   publishers  and  curators     We  just  celebrated  our  4th  birthday     Team  of  30  with  12  na9onali9es     #1  App  Store  in  50  countries     500  developers  partners     30  million  downloads  for  our  apps!     50  million  downloads  for  our  partners!    
  3. 3. Apps  are  great  …  but  are  there  too  many  apps?   iOS:  800,000  apps  …  1000+  new  apps/  day!   Android  Market:  800,000  apps  …  1000+  new  apps  /  day!  
  4. 4. Problem  for  users:     How  to  find  good  apps?     -­‐ Apps  relevant  for  me     -­‐ Apps  easy  to  use   -­‐   Apps  which  deliver  
  5. 5. Problem  for  developers:   How  to  be  visible?     -­‐   Visible  on  the  App  Store     -­‐   Reach  my  target  audience   -­‐   Get  quality  users  to   download  my  apps     -­‐  Make  money  
  6. 6.  SOLUTION:   MagicSolver  daily  selec=on:  Free  App  Magic     6 1/  We  select  and   test  the  best  apps   every  day     2/  We  make  paid   apps  free  for  24h   period   3/  Free  apps  and   freemium  apps   come  usually  with  a   special  offer  or  a   free  iAP     Developers   Get  visibility  to   million  users      
  7. 7. Free  App  Magic:  to  discover  apps  every  day   Free  App  Magic,  over  7  million   downloads     Our  users:    Receive  a  daily  push  no=fica=on    Can  download  up  to  3  paid  apps   for  free  every  day    Have  already  saved  $50  million    hNp://      
  8. 8. A  rigorous  process  to  guarantee  quality  apps  for  our   users   Content Team Editorial selection every day Test the apps Adapt content to different countries Reviews in 7 languages 8 Sales Team Negotiation with app developers and first filter of quality
  9. 9. Case  study  Paid  app  gone  free:  Christmas  Booth   9 Early December app: paid app $1.99 Category: Photo Booth/ Entertainment 8 Dec 2012: selected in Advent Calendar -  248,000 downloads in the first 24h -  1,291,000 downloads in December with the snowball effect Source: iTunes Connect/ AppFigures
  10. 10. Case  study  Paid  app  gone  free:  Christmas  booth   10 8 Dec 2012: selected in Advent Calendar -  Daily revenues 20x during the promotion with iAP -  Daily revenues 7x bigger during the 2 weeks after the promotion 20x more daily revenues 7x more daily revenues for 2 weeks Source: iTunes Connect/ AppFigures
  11. 11. Case  study  free  app:  Quote  of  the  Day   11 Selected in Free App Magic 30th June/ Category: reference/lifestyle -  During promotion: 20,000 downloads -  Daily downloads +20% after the promotion daily downloads +20% Source: iTunes Connect/ AppFigures Snowball effect +5000
  12. 12. Case  study  free  app:  Quote  of  the  Day   12 Free App Magic users more loyal than organic users! -  77% used the app again on day 2 vs 71% for organic users -  61% used the app every day until day 7 vs 54% on average 54% 71% 77% 61% Average Daily retention rate Quote of the Day Daily retention rate Free App Magic users Free App Magic users: 13% more loyal than average users Source: Flurry
  13. 13. Apps  discovery  service,  a  key  tool  in  a  user  acquisi9on   campaign   13 If selection is :   Quality driven, editorial driven   Without external user incentivisation to downloads   With the right target audience and targeted at the right market Then App discovery service is essential in a user acquisition campaign:   Numbers of quality users are significant: Between 10,000 and 20,000 new users in 24h (much more during seasons)   Additional snowball effect could be massive: x5 campaign downloads if the app become viral   There is a significant halo effect: minimum +20% in the week after the campaign   LTV of users can be much higher than organic users or other UA tools
  14. 14. The  future  of  Apps  discovery  service            Quality,  Cura9on,  Analy9cs,  Targe9ng   14 1.  Quality: editorial driven with a local touch = quality users 2.  Curation: be an App Expert to be credible 3.  Analytics: reliable CPI tracking, consumer behaviour and the best LTV for the apps we select 4.  Targeting: based on geography, device, socio-demographic profile and on consumer behaviour. Thank  you!     Emmanuel  Carraud   CEO  MagicSolver