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Appota Mobile Market Report Feb 2013 (in English)


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Appota Mobile Market Monthly Report on digital content market for mobile in Vietnam researched by APPOTA Corp.
Information in this report is quoted and complied from various sources.
Comments are from editors’ assessment.
We welcome feedbacks and comments from you.

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Appota Mobile Market Report Feb 2013 (in English)

  1. 1. APPOTA MOBILE MARKET Report February 2013Appota Mobile Market Monthly Report ondigital content market for mobile inVietnam researched by APPOTAo Information in this report is quoted and complied from various sources.o Comments are from editors’ assessment.o We welcome feedbacks and comments from you.Many thanks and Best Regards Please view in fullscreen mode for better exprerience
  2. 2. Market Info 3% 4%Smartphone market share 8% Android Android’s market share grow up to 70% of smartphone sold worldwide in 2012. iOS 14% 1,3 Billion Symbian Smartphones 54% BlackBerry OS Android continues to become the number Windows Phone 7 All others one operating system in many countries 18% including Vietnam Source: App Annie 278% 266%Growth rate of newly activated 247% 237% Android & iOS devices 211% 209% 209% 189% 182% 177% 176% 171% Vietnam is among the top countries with high growth rate of newly activated iOS & Android devices. Source: Flury Jan 2012 – Jan 2013
  3. 3. Market Info 900000Number of application in 800000 Google caught up with Apple in September Google Play & Apple 700000 600000 2012 with 700,000 applications and 500000 App Store 400000 GooglePlay surpassed in January 2013 with 800,000 300000 200000 applications 100000 0 Source: App Annie Sept 09 Sept 10 Sept 11 Sept 12 Jan 13 IDC report on the exponential growth of 100% smartphone in comparison with featured Worldwide Mobile Phone 90% Forecast by Device Type 80% 70% phone in early 2013 is the basic for Garner’s 60% 50% Smartphone prediction: the global application market 40% 30% FeaturePhone revenue will reach 25 billion USD by the 20% 10% end of 2013, up 62% compared to last year. 0% 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 (Actual) (Forecast) (Forecast) (Forecast) (Forecast) (Forecast) Source: CNN
  4. 4. Market Info iOS 6 is officially jailbroken in 5/2, which make the sale of iPhone 5 increase dramaticly. Many blockbuster Android phone are expected to land on the market in 2013 such as Optimus G Pro, HTC One, Xperia Z. It is a good signal. Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially announced in 14/3. The next big thing from Korean Giant will be Apple iPhone’s biggest competitor. Source: techinasia
  5. 5. Market Info The war between chat application in Vietnam LINE & Kakao Talk with massive investment in communications quickly get 1 million user after only a few months. Zalo also reached 700,000 users but Viber and Whatapps are still the giant with 3.5 million users of Viber. Source: techinasia Keywords: line, kakao, zalo
  6. 6. Store Stats Apple StoreRank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - Zalo - Nhắn tin kiểu mới Social Networking VNG Corporation 2 - Plants vs. Zombies Games PopCap 3 - Instashare - Transfer files the easy way Productivity Lukas Foldyna 4 +1 Egg Shoot Deluxe Free Games KD Soft Ltd. 5 +5 Doodle Ducks Games HotGen Ltd. 6 -2 Cut Me In - Easy Photoshop Background Editor! Photo and Video Applause Pty Ltd 7 (new) Real Racing 3 Games Electronic Arts NAVER Japan 8 -1 LINE Social Networking Corporation 9 +3 Tình Kiếm Games Nguyen Quang 10 -2 Monsters, Inc. Run Games Disney Top free applications in February in Vietnam Source: App Annie
  7. 7. Store Stats Apple Store Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 +2 Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone Photo and Video Adobe 2 - Wood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor Photo and Video Bright Mango 3 -2 WhatsApp Messenger Social Networking WhatsApp Inc. 4 +2 Asphalt 7: Heat Game Gameloft 5 +27 Fruit Ninja Game Halfbrick Studios 6 +1 Bejeweled Game PopCap Maps+ for Google Maps: Directions, Street View and 7 -3 Navigation Toni Peggs Places Search 8 -3 FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS Games Electronic Arts 9 +4 Wheres My Water? Game Disney +19 10 Find the differences Sweet Shop Games MagicPocket Top paid applications in February in Vietnam Source: App Annie
  8. 8. Store Stats Google PlayRank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - 52 tư thế Kama Sutra Lifestyle Skyapp 2 - Bắn vịt cổ điển !Cực hay! Sports_games 3 - Ola Social MicroGame Corp. 4 - Castle Defense Arcade Elite Games 5 +1 AppStoreVn 2013 Productivity GSMVN 6 -1 Định vị điện thoại Productivity Tran Huy 7 - Speed Night 2 Racing ICLOUDZONE INC. 8 +1 Giết Kiến Arcade 9 -1 Truyện tranh người lớn (16+) Comics GSMVN 10 - Bà già đánh cướp Casual qstore-vn Top new free applictions in February in Vietnam Source: App Annie
  9. 9. Store Stats Google Play Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - Clear Vision 2 Arcade DPFLASHES STUDIOS 2 - Carbon (Premium) Tools ClockworkMod 3 +3 Slingshot Racing Racing Crescent Moon Games 4 -1 Pocket Stables Arcade Kairosoft Co.,Ltd 5 -1 合戦!!にんじゃ村 Arcade Kairosoft Co.,Ltd 6 -1 Bridge Constructor Playground Brain Headup Games 7 - Device Info Ex Live Wallpaper Personalization kurousa 8 +4 Sidebar Pro Tools Mohammad Adib 9 -1 Block Warfare Arcade Ammonite Design Studios Ltd 10 +1 Android Tweaker (PRO) Tools iGio90 Top new paid applications in February in Vietnam Source: App Annie
  10. 10. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 LINE Social Networking NHN Vietnam 2 Kakao Talk Social Networking kakao 3 Phim Online Apps Việt Công Văn 4 Tử vi Trọn Đời2013 Books GSC Mobile Team 5 Starbiz – Trò chơi âm nhạc Apps Việt RubyCell Entertainment 6 Báo Mới 4 News Felix, JSC 7 Tử Vi 2013 Chúc Mừng Năm Mới Moapsoft 8 Photo Sticker Photo&Video Amazing Me 9 Gióng Games Zendios 10 Tra cứu PHONG THỦY Apps Việt Zendios Top free iOS applications in February distributed by Appota
  11. 11. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 Việt SmartTV - Truyền Hình Số Việt Nam Entertainment The BlueApp Studio 2 Tập Thể Hình Apps Việt THE LIGHT soft 3 X2 Camera - Chụp ảnh bay, phân thân Photo & Video Tinilab 4 Tom & Jerry (20 tập) Entertainment Colrist 5 Sexy Videos Entertainment HV Mobile 6 Sổ thu chi MoneyCare Finance cmc0212iphone 7 Karaoke List Entertainment JOY Entertainment 8 mIDM - Tăng tốc Download Utilities The BlueApp Studio 9 Cẩm nang "Cậu nhỏ" (full, bản đủ nhất) Apps Việt 10 321 Kar Apps Việt Luke Soft Top paid iOS applications in February distributed by Appota
  12. 12. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 LINE Communication NHN Vietnam 2 Tử vi 2013 Games Moapsoft 3 Contra Games B-GATE 4 Kakao Talk Communication Kakao 5 Lịch Việt Android Tools Zendios 6 Home Cinema Entertainment VuNguyen 7 MV Music Music & Audio MV DIGITAL 8 Gióng Android Arcade & Action Zendios 9 Báo Việt – Đọc báo nhanh nhất Viêt Nam Vietnamese BUUM ONLINE 10 Đào Vàng Games B-GATE Top free Android applications in February distributed by Appota
  13. 13. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 Hình Nền Động - Tết Việt 2013 Chúc mừng năm mới VinaCoders Corp. 2 Quốc Kỳ Social Trần Thanh Trung 3 TIẾNG ANH THÔNG DỤNG Vietnamese Phạm Văn Trường 4 Học tiếng Nhật Vietnamese Phạm Văn Trường 5 TubeBox Pro – Youtube Downloader Media & Video Mobinet 6 NHỮNG CÂU TRUYỆN TIẾU LÂM FULL Comics NDT 7 Giúp bé học Bảng chữ cái Tiếng Việt Vietnamese tamkhong 8 Aiki 18+ Vietnamese peafone 9 Bé Tập Đánh Vần Vietnamese tamkhong 10 Mật Ngữ 12 Chòm Sao Vietnamese SuriSoft Top paid Android applications in February distributed by Appota
  14. 14. Store Stats 12% 12% 13% iOS 25% 6.336.208 27% 6.813.398 7.563.773 58% Android 63% 30% 60% Java Dec-2012 Jan-2013 Feb-2013 AppStoreVn users’ statistics
  15. 15. Store Stats 19% Games Apps Việt 6% 45% iOS Social Networking 7% Entertainment Dec-2012 9% Photo & Video 14% Other Games 19% Jan -2013 Vietnamese 5% 45% Tools Android 5% Personalization Communication 9% Other Feb -2013 17% Total downloads in Download by Category in AppStoreVn AppStoreVn
  16. 16. Appota Inside APPOTA is the fastest & most effective mobile content platform distribution via top distribution channel in Vietnam such as, toiyeumobile,,… Corporated communities Developer Application Appota distribuition channel Impressions Clicks Appota advertisement channel Update : 2/2012
  17. 17. Appota Inside Rank Application Developer 1 Phim Online ping203 2 SMS Chúc Tết 2013 nthienphuong 3 Home Cinema VuNguyen 4 Tử Vi 2013 moapsoft 5 Phân tích Kết quả Xổ Số nthienphuong 6 Tử Vi Trọn Đời 2013 moapsoft 7 SMS Valentine nthienphuong 8 Rút quẻ đầu năm 2013 moapsoft 9 Chém Gió Đầu Xuân ironmask285 10 Truyện Audio taluan86 Top iOS applications by revenue distributed by Appota 2/2013
  18. 18. Appota Inside Rank Application Developer 1 Chém Cá gamevui 2 Tử vi 2013 moapsoft 3 Tử Vi Trọn Đời 2013 moapsoft 4 Contra bgate 5 Bắn bóng nước gamevui 6 Home Cinema VuNguyen 7 Mario (Phiên bản Mới) bgate 8 SMS Chúc Tết 2013 nthienphuong 9 Ai là triệu phú (Câu hỏi chuẩn) bgate 10 Học Cùng Bé imedia Top Android applications by revenue distributed by Appota 2/2013
  19. 19. Appota Inside Applications for Tet Holiday 2013 Total number of Tet application is 150, but none of them is remarkable. Horoscope applications account for nearly 1/3. On 52 Tet application published by Appota, the average downloads is 6,000 (= ½ last year), the average revenue is not as good as last year. Only few app has revenue more than 100 million. Developers need to invest more time to make more creative products.
  20. 20. Suggestion Log search 200 top keywords in AppStoreVn - iOS
  21. 21. Suggestion Log search 200 top keywords in AppStoreVn - Android
  22. 22. Suggestion Great ideas for developer  E-card creating application.  Tourist, travel application.  Application for pregnant and children.  Online movie application.
  23. 23. Mobile application disbution Fastest & Most effectiveFor more information, please contact us at:Contact: biz@appota.comLike us on Facebook: