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Appota Mobile Market Report March 2013 in English


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After the time of collecting, evaluating and synthetizing information from reliable resources, Appota has finished the Appota Mobile Market report March 2013. The purpose of this report is giving an overview of the domestic and foreign markets as well as sharing the business activities of Appota to readers interested in mobile market.
Content of the report mentions the Vietnamese mobile market, the “Freemium” trend all over the world and the movement of the messaging apps in response to the participation of WhatsApp, MessageMe into the market.
Besides, the innovations in Appota Business in recent times, the useful information about “App Store Optimization (ASO)”-method of optimizing available tools in storage to increase application downloads for the developers are also introduced

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  • Thanks for sharing a very useful slide, both in term of the market and ASO. By the way, I found a very interesting blog all about ASO that I want to share. You might find it useful.
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Appota Mobile Market Report March 2013 in English

  2. 2. APPOTA MOBILE MARKET REPORT March 2013Appota Mobile Market Monthly Report ondigital content market for mobile in Vietnamresearched by APPOTAo Information in this report is quoted and complied from various sources.o Comments are from editors’ assessment.o We are welcome feedbacks and comments from you. Contact us: biz@appota.comMany thanks and Best Regards Please view in fullscreen mode for better exprerience 1
  3. 3. Highlight The success of Freemium model Multimedia Chat Applications have become the trend worldwide with enterer of Whatsapp, MessageMe Appota officially become partner of Metaps – an Android monetization platform Appota upgraded the developer site with many new features : Appota SDK, Appota iCloud ASO can improve your downloads 2
  4. 4. Market Info Vietnam: iOS by pageviews Mobile OS in Vietnam increased sharply in Feb - 2013% by page views Q1/2013 because of iOS6 jailbroken event70 on Feb 5th. • Currently iOS market share60 iOS tends to go down, which50 Series 40 counting for nearly 47%. Android • In contrast, Android market40 SymbianOS share tends to increase slightly. Unknown Windows Phone30 Samsung Worldwide: Sony Ericsson • Android still leads mobile20 Other market by pageviews, which account for 37.76% market10 share (late March 2013). 0 • iOS market share goes down to Jan Feb Mar 27.2%. Source: StatCounter 3
  5. 5. Market Info USA: Revenue comes from in-app purchases 24% (IAP) in iPhone App Store • January 2012: this rate was nearly 53% Paid revenue • February: this rate was nearly 76% Asia: 90% of all revenue comes from in-app 71% 5% IAP Revenue purchases. From Paid IAP Revenue From Free Apps Apps Vietnam: For applications distributed by Appota, the rate of IAP is about 95-97%. Most of all mobile applications in the worldRevenue breakdown per source have followed the successful Freemium iPhone, Feb 2013, U.S. model. Source: Distimo 4
  6. 6. Market Info According to app analytics firm Flurry, consumer* spends an average of 158 minutes each and every day on their smartphones and tablets. • 80% is spent in apps: games, news, productivity, utility, and social networking apps. • 20% of consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent on the web. Source: FlurryTime spend on iOS & Android conected devices (*) based on US consumers 5
  7. 7. Market Info OTT applications have become the trend worldwide:  MessageMe quickly reached 1 million users within 10 days after launch.  Whatsapp is contacting to many developers to become a multimedia application.  Facebook Messenger is now applying free VOIP in some Asian countries. Appota officially become partner of Metaps – an Android monetization platform to adopt the Metaps SDK as its official monetization engine. This partnership is a part of global expansion strategy of these 2 potential startups. 6
  8. 8. Store Stats Apple Store Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - Frontline Commando: D-Day Games Glu Games Inc. 2 +8 Sonic Dash Games SEGA 3 -1 Zalo - Nhắn tin kiểu mới Social Networking VNG Corporation InstaText Free - add text captions to photos or 4 - Photo and Video App Channel pictures for Instagram NAVER Japan 5 +4 LINE Social Networking Corporation 6 +2 Bingo Bash Games BitRhymes Inc. 7 +4 iGà Games Bui Minh 8 -2 Candy Crush Saga ® Games Limited 9 (new) Use Your Handwriting GOLD Business Gee Whiz Stuff 10 -3 Rivals at War Games Hothead Games Inc. Top free applications in March in Vietnam Source: App Annie 7
  9. 9. Store Stats Apple Store Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 +1 WhatsApp Messenger Social Networking WhatsApp Inc. 2 -1 Temple Run: Oz Photo and Video Bright Mango 3 +7 Plants vs. Zombies Games PopCap 4 -1 FIFA 13 by EA SPORTS Games Electronic Arts 5 +4 Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops Games Chillingo Ltd 6 -2 Fruit Ninja Games Halfbrick Studios 7 (new) Contacts Sync For Google Gmail Utilities Playa Apps 8 +27 The Sims 3 Games Electronic Arts 9 +12 Wood Camera - Vintage Photo Editor Photo and Video Bright Mango +12 Sketch & Cartoon HD-Pencil Avatar Images 10 Reference ZHANG LIMING Effect For Drawing&Paint Photo Pro Top paid applications in March in Vietnam Source: App Annie 8
  10. 10. Store Stats Google Play Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - Contra 4 Arcade RiverJump 2 - Sắp Xếp Kim Cương - Cực Hay Brain 3 - Gun & Strike 3D Arcade iDoing 4 - Contra 2013 Arcade Game Hot 5 - Phim Hay Nhất Entertainment 6 - Xèng Hoa quả Cards Archer Mobile Group 7 - Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper Arcade Kiwi 8 - Hẹn giờ tắt nhạc Productivity Tran Huy 9 +3 Kiểm tra IQ Brain ST Game 10 -1 Chinese Chess Master Brain PPCLINK Mobile Software Top new free applications in March in Vietnam Source: App Annie 9
  11. 11. Store Stats Google Play Rank Change Name Category Publisher 1 - Temple Run: Oz Arcade Disney 2 - Earn to Die Racing Not Doppler 3 - Toy Story: Smash It! Brain Disney 4 +1 God of Blades Arcade White Whale Games 5 +2 Ninja Village Arcade Kairosoft Co.,Ltd 6 - 10000000 Brain EightyEight Games 7 +1 Ravensword: Shadowlands Arcade Crescent Moon Games 8 +1 METAL SLUG X Arcade SNK PLAYMORE 9 +2 Tactical Assassin Arcade Simon Hason Design 10 +3 Forest HD Personalization DualBoot Games Top new paid applications in March in Vietnam Source: App Annie 10
  12. 12. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 Kakao Talk Social Networking kakao 2 LINE Social Networking NHN Vietnam 3 Xem Phim HD Apps Việt Xem Phim HD 4 Phim Online Apps Việt Công Văn 5 Mario Games Play Store VN 6 Photo Sticker Photo & Video Amazing Me 7 Karaoke5 Apps Việt GSC Mobile Team 8 Tivi Việt HD Apps Việt Truong531.developer Inc 9 VTVPlus Apps Việt Medianet Corporation 10 Tử Vi 2013 Apps Việt Moapsoft Top free iOS applications in March distributed by Appota 11
  13. 13. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 X2 Camera - Chụp ảnh bay, phân thân Photo & Video Tinilab 2 Việt SmartTV - Truyền Hình Số Việt Nam Entertainment The BlueApp Studio 3 Karaoke List Entertainment JOY Entertainment 4 Mẹo iPhone Apps Việt KKS 5 Tâm lý bạn gái Books Neosoft 6 Tập Thể Hình Apps Việt THE LIGHT soft Tối ưu RAM và Kiểm tra thông số 7 Utilities Nguyen Tran Duy iPhone/iPad của bạn 8 Sexy Videos Entertainment HV Mobile 9 Bảo vệ iPhone Apps Việt peafone 10 mIDM - Tăng tốc Download Utilities The BlueApp Studio Top paid iOS applications in March distributed by Appota 12
  14. 14. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 LINE Communication NHN Vietnam 2 Home Cinema Entertainment VuNguyen 3 VTV Plus - Hơn cả TV! Vietnamese Medianet Corporation 4 UC Browser Tiếng Việt Vietnamese UcWeb 5 Contra Games B-GATE 6 Kakao Talk Communication Kakao 7 Ai là triệu phú Âm Thanh 2013 Vietnamese Goldsoft, LTD 8 Bí Mật Phòng The Books & Reference iMedia Corp. 9 Truyện tranh GO Vietnamese DFT Mobile 10 3000 từ tiếng anh thông dụng Books & Reference LMS Co., Ltd Top free Android applications in March distributed by Appota 13
  15. 15. Store Stats Rank Name Category Publisher 1 CardGame Games ThuanHoa Studio 2 TIẾNG ANH THÔNG DỤNG Vietnamese Phạm Văn Trường 3 TubeBox Pro – Youtube Downloader Media & Video Mobinet 4 Học tiếng Nhật Vietnamese Phạm Văn Trường 5 Mật Ngữ 12 Chòm Sao Vietnamese SuriSoft 6 HD Player Paid Version Media & Video Truong531.developer Inc 7 600 từ vựng TOEIC Education TRANGIA Group 8 Bé Tập Vẽ Vietnamese tamkhong 9 3000 từ vựng tiếng anh Giáo dục TRANGIA Group 10 Giúp bé học Bảng chữ cái Tiếng Việt Tiếng Việt tamkhong Top paid Android applications in March distributed by Appota 14
  16. 16. Store Stats 11.5% 12.1 % 12.6 % 31.8% 56.7% 29.8 58.127.3 % % % 60.1 % Mar -2013 iOS Android Java Jan-2013 Feb-2013 Mar-2013 AppStoreVn Total downloads in users’ statistics AppStoreVn 15
  17. 17. Appota Inside APPOTA is the fastest & most effective mobile content platform distributior via top distribution channel in Vietnam such as, toiyeumobile,,… Corporated communities Developers Appota distribution channel Impressions Clicks Appota advertisement channel Update: 3/2013 16
  18. 18. Appota Inside No. Application Developer 1 Phim Online ping203 2 Home Cinema VuNguyen 3 BigOne onesoft 4 Truyện Audio taluan86 5 Tử Vi 2013 moapsoft 6 XO88 cutykhungdien 7 Phân tích Kết quả Xổ Số nthienphuong 8 SMS Kute 8/3 nthienphuong 9 Xem Phim Lẻ taluan86 10 Tử Vi Trọn Đời 2013 moapsoft Top iOS applications by revenue distributed by Appota March 2013 17
  19. 19. Appota Inside No. Application Developer 1 Chém Cá gamevui 2 Home Cinema VuNguyen 3 Tử vi 2013 moapsoft 4 Contra bgate 5 Tử Vi Trọn Đời 2013 moapsoft 6 Tân Tây Du Ký bgate 7 Mario (Phiên bản Mới) bgate 8 Bảy viên ngọc rồng (DragonBall - Đại hội võ lâm) bgate 9 Ai là triệu phú (Câu hỏi chuẩn) bgate 10 Chặn Tin nhắn và Cuộc gọi nthienphuong Top Android applications by revenue distributed by Appota March 2013 18
  20. 20. Appota Inside Upgraded site In March 2013, Appota upgraded the developer site with many new features:  User friendly interface  Appota SDK for iOS and Android  Appota Cloud: Allow storing actions from user in system  Improving card payment checkout process  Adding API tool: use Appota test system 19
  21. 21. SuggestionJanuary 2013 Apple Store Applications Google Play Applications About 1000 new applications per day"How to get more prominent in nearly 1.6 million applications?" 20
  22. 22. Suggestion App Store OptimizationApp Store Optimization (ASO) is the first step to succeed in mobile app marketing.ASO helps your app to be found within the app stores and generate extra downloadsor sales.ASO is considered the mobile SEO for applications. App Store Optimization App App App App App App Icon Name Keywords Screenshots Description Ratings 21
  23. 23. Suggestion Why ASO? 63% 61% Android Market App StoreHow users discover new apps 53% 21% 21% 17% 17% 17% 15% 13% 13% 9% 9% 10% 8% 6% 6% 5% 5% 3% 3% Search App Family or 3rd Party App Media Sync TV Ad In-App Ad Device Carier Email Tip Other Store Friend Site Promoting Software Homepage Homepage Other Apps (iTunes) Source Nielsen, Q3/2011 63% of app users use search to discover new apps 22
  24. 24. Suggestion App IconCustomers make their decision in about 2 seconds. 1 second to sweep the price, appicon and name. Another second to scan the screenshots, then tap buy or skip.With the millions of apps competing for sales in each app store, an app’s icon actslike a mini banner ad, so choosing the right one means the difference betweensuccess and failure.  Do not use words in icon  High Resolution Icon  Keep it Simple and Clean  Consistent with app 23
  25. 25. Suggestion App NameFor non-games apps, it means that your app name needs to be as explicit aspossible from the very beginning: you don’t want people to see a non-relevant namewhen they are looking for something.  Choose a descriptive app name, with most relevant keywords  They will only see the first 11 – 29 – 21 characters of your app name when use App Store, CH Play and AppStoreVn app native. These numbers will be different in search results or web browsing. Use of the dash and ampersand in long name E.g., Aupeo! similarly stuff their app name with keywords, ‘personal radio’, ‘free music’ and ‘internet streams’ are all there. But it still reads elegantly. 24
  26. 26. Suggestion App Keywords Have 4 types of search queries 5% 5% 4. Brand 10% Queries : Is there any new Angry Birds game? Keywords: “angry birds”, “fifa”, “office” 3. Funtion Brand Queries : I need to crop an image Funtion Keywords : “crop photo”, “block call”, “view movie” 80% Inspiration 2. Inspiration 23 Interest Queries : Which are the best game? Keywords : “best game”, “fun app”, “free app” 1. Interest Queries : Are there music apps? Keywords : “Music”, “film”, “shopping” Types of Search QueriesResearch the right keywords by research competitor and target users demand! 25
  27. 27. Suggestion App ScreenshotIn app detail, it is time application screenshots to tempt users. It is almost moreimportant than app icon or app name Use all available screenshots, most relevant screenshot first Show and tell what your app is about Add explanations Put some screenshots into one 26
  28. 28. Suggestion App DescriptionApp Description is the most effective review methods!Convince users and call-to-action right there! An app description will include: • Marketing message • User reviews • Worldwide rankings • List app features, newest features Get the first 3 lines very right Be attractive in 150 – 250 first chars Infomation about you or your other apps 27
  29. 29. Suggestion App Ratings & Review – Xếp hạng & đánh giá75 % of users download apps from the top charts without having heard about thembefore.63% Vietnam consumers trust in online consumer opinions  Let users know how to reach you directly.  Use Third party SDK  Listen, reply quickly and fix problems  Think different. Review your app in as many as possible ways  Focusing on your target audience 28
  30. 30. Deliver Mobile Content Fastest & Most effectiveFor more information, please contact us at:Contact: biz@appota.comLike us on Facebook: 29