Coding HTML5 Games for DirectCanvas


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This deck was presented by appMobi's CTO Sam Abadir at the New Game Conference on November 2, 2010 and covers best practices on developing native-speed games with appMobi's DirectCanvas technology.

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  • Coding HTML5 Games for DirectCanvas

    1. 1. HTML5 | CLOUD SERVICESExtreme Mobile HTML5 CanvasRendering Using DirectCanvas 11/23/2011 1
    2. 2. Browsers weren‟t build for games• HTML5 was built for desktop, but is more important on mobile.• DirectCanvas is an HTML5 stop-gap. Nothing will make us happier than when it‟s not needed anymore.• The DOM is your enemy o The DOM is inherently constructed around a “reflow” concept – bad for game rendering.• The DOM was developed to address the presentation of a readable/interactive page. 11/23/2011 2
    3. 3. Demo of Game Using DirectCanvas HTML5 Canvas is slow – especially on “old” devices like iPhone 3GS 11/23/2011 3
    4. 4. Separate into two contexts• DOM Context: Menuing and touch controls• DirectCanvas Context: canvas rendering • PUT ALL RENDERING CODE INTO index.js • Add AppMobi.canvas.load("index.js"); to DeviceReady• 11/23/2011 4
    5. 5. Communicate between contexts• DOM speaks to DirectCanvas context via “AppMobi.canvas.execute()” o Touch event listeners get hooked up to “AppMobi.canvas.execute(„xxxx()‟)” in order to invoke functions in the DirectCanvas Context• DirectCanvas speaks to DOM via AppMobi.webview.execute("AppMobi.devi ce.hideSplashScreen();"); 11/23/2011 5
    6. 6. Use the DirectCanvas• Var mycontext = Appmobi.canvas.getContext(„2d‟)• Make sure the render loop is explicitly told to render via: mycontext.present(); 11/23/2011 6
    7. 7. All Rendering in the DirectCanvas Context• All rendering code (using standard canvas syntax) must be in the DirectCanvas Context o Move rendering and game logic into index.js o All sub-included js files must be referenced in index.js via: o AppMobi.context.include( ‟XXXX.js ); 11/23/2011 7
    8. 8. Make the DirectCanvas Visible• DirectCanvas renders UNDER the DOM context. Therefore, the DOM context must be transparent.• Remove body/canvas styling like body color/background color. 11/23/2011 8
    9. 9. Box2D Available via b2 namespaceA large subset of Box2D is available viaDirectBox2D• rectBox2D.html 11/23/2011 9
    10. 10. Multi-Channel Sound• Appmobi.player.playSound(„xxx.w av‟); 11/23/2011 10
    11. 11. Do it 11/23/2011 11