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Apply UMPI EAOP Bachelor of Education Online Program


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Get your Bachelor of Education in 12 months through a combination of online courses and a practicum.

This program is open to all applicants- Korean Nationals as well as Foreigners- with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in any discipline. UMPI's bachelor in education programs are particularly suitable for teachers that are currently in teaching positions in Asia or are about to start a teaching job in Asia. This program will allow them to stay in their current country of residence as well as keep their current job.

Typically, a person working on their courses regularly at a reasonable speed can complete UMPI's Bachelor in Education in 12 months (including the practicum).

UMPI's bachelor's program will be open for enrolment from January 2012.
Our first cohort of 25 students* will begin the EAOP in August 2012 and our second cohort will start in January 2013.

What are the benefits of UMPI's bachelor programs?
-Cost and Time: One of the most important benefits from UMPI's bachelor programs is that you will save both time and money. You can remain in their current job throughout the course, which means no loss of income and no need to relocate. If you are studying in Asia, this means that you will still benefit from the reasonably low cost of living as well as earning your full salary and bonuses. As you can carry out the course work online, you will be able to combine a full-time teaching job with your studies. UMPI's program can be completed in 12 months for a diligent student, which is fast compared to most Bachelor of Education programs available.

-Prestigious Degree: The University of Maine at Presque Isle has been operating for 100 years. Its degrees are recognized around the world. Joining UMPI will guarantee your success in your teaching career.

-Teaching License: Upon completion of UMPI's bachelor's degree you will be entitled to apply for certification for the State of Maine (USA), New Brunswick (CA), and Nova Scotia (CA). UMPI's degree is fully accredited.

-Teachable Requirements: UMPI's bachelor's degree is unique as the only requirement for applicants is to hold a bachelor's degree in any field.

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Apply UMPI EAOP Bachelor of Education Online Program

  1. 1. Bachelor of Arts in Education East AsiaBachelor of Science Online in Education Program Visit us at
  2. 2. UMPI-EAOP+ + UMPI is an American university founded over 100 years ago + UMPI’s East Asia Online Program is open to candidates of all nationalities (American, British, Canadian, Australian, European, Korean, etc…) + UMPI’s Bachelor degrees can be taken online from anywhere in the world + Candidates keep their current teaching positions in Asia during the time of their studies and mandatory practicum + Teachers will obtain a widely-accepted degree from an established American university while earning full salaries Visit us at
  3. 3. + UMPI’s Bachelor of Science in Education & Bachelor of Arts in Education + The bachelor degrees require a combination of online course work and a mandatory practicum (your current teaching position in Asia) + UMPI has a wide variety of online course offerings taught by UMPI instructors + Applicants will be required to take a minimum of 45 credits to successfully graduate + Applicants are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in any field in order to be eligible for UMPI’s EAOP program + Applicants are required be proficient in English
  4. 4. + Who is the EAOP for? + Minimum requirements include: holding a bachelor degree in any field + UMPI’s bachelor degrees are particularly suitable for teachers currently teaching in Asia+ How long will it take to complete my Bachelor in Education? + Typically, a person working on their courses regularly at a reasonable pace can complete the EAOP Bachelor in Education in 12 months (including the practicum) + There is no expiration date or time limit. Should your circumstances change, you can resume your studies at any time.
  5. 5. + How does it all work? + To apply, fill in the application form and attach the required documents + Successful applicants will then select their courses online + Students will keep their teaching position as this will be used as their mandatory practicum. *Evaluations will be carried out several times over that period.+ When do I start? + Enrollment opens January 2012 and the first cohort of 25 students will begin the EAOP in August 2012. The second cohort will begin in January 2013.
  6. 6. + How can I get my teacher license after the EAOP program ? + Upon completion, you will be qualified to apply for certification for the State of Maine (USA) and the Canadian provinces. + UMPI’s bachelor degrees are fully accredited by all US states and all Canadian provinces + This means that once you have obtained your teaching license in the USA and/or Canada, you will be qualified to work anywhere in the world.
  7. 7. + Why choose UMPI? 1) UMPI is now offering their Bachelor of Science in Education and their Bachelor of Arts in Education to teachers in Asia currently in teaching positions or planning to start in a teaching position by the time the course starts. 2) With the UMPI Bachelor Program: you can STAY in ASIA 3) You can teach full-time and earn your full salary 4) You can complete your coursework for ALL education credits except internship (or practicum) credits online 5) Your internship credits will be earned while you are teaching in your regular teaching position
  8. 8. + Why choose UMPI? 6) Your internship evaluator will come to your classroom where you teach to complete internship evaluations 7) If you are diligent, you can complete your Bachelor of Arts (or of Science) in Education in 12 months 8) Upon completion of the program, you will receive your education degree from UMPI, recognized worldwide 9) If you are Canadian or American, you can apply for government student loans for this program 10) Alternatively, UMPI can provide interest-free financing for this program
  9. 9. + Why choose UMPI? So, if you want a North American Bachelor of Education degree, fully recognized in the world, here are your options: A) Return to America and attend a university full-time Pay full tuition Dont earn a salary Pay all living costs at North American prices Pay for your apartment Pay full return airfare Complete your degree in 12 months OR
  10. 10. + Why choose UMPI? B) Register with UMPI Pay full tuition Earn full salary and bonuses teaching full-time Pay all living costs at Asian living prices Receive a housing allowance from your employer No need to fly anywhere Complete your degree in 12 months, if you are diligent
  11. 11. + Tuition Fee & Financial Aid + EAOP TUITION TUITION RATES: $567.00 USD per credit $25,515.00 USD for 45 credits Total FEE: $25,515 USD for EAOP Program There are many financial aid programs offered by UMPI and/or the US + government. You may also be eligible for a Canadian government loan. For more information please visit or contact us at