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While writing resume


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Key areas to make an effective resume

Published in: Business
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While writing resume

  1. 1. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  2. 2.  In reading the list of the most common mistakes people (and especiallysoftware engineers) make on their resume, it’s important to remember howresumes are reviewed. Resumes are not read; they are skimmed forabout 15 seconds. Let me say it again: resume screeners do not read yourentire resume.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  3. 3.  Long Resumes: In either an effort to pad their experience or just aninability to be concise, Recruiters routinely see resumes that are 3, 4, 5, …even 11 pages long. Keep your resume to one page, or a max of two pages ifyou have 10+ years of experience.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  4. 4.  Paragraphs / Lengthy Bullets: When you only get 15 seconds to readsomeone’s resume, you are not going to read any paragraphs. Recruiters donot have the time. If you want your resume reviewer to read something onyour resume, keep it short. Each bullet should be 1 – 2 lines.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  5. 5.  Team Focused: The accomplishments of your team are not thatinteresting. Because hiring will happen for a candidate not his entire team.Tell what you specifically built, created, implemented, designed,architected, programmed, etc.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  6. 6.  Listing Responsibilities instead of Accomplishments: Listing outone’s responsibilities don’t show off anything that youactually accomplished. Your bullets should tell what your biggest 3 – 5accomplishments per role were. Focus on accomplishments, notresponsibilities. All these points should be avoided and this way the resume database andcareer will be managed in much better way.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  7. 7. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment