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  • Traditional message Job applicant may be given relatively little concrete or accurate info. Unlimited growth opportunities Realistic recruitment message RJP - Job applicants are given a “vaccination” by being told what the actual job is really like Tells it like it is Great deal of research has been conducted on effectiveness of RJPs
  • Recruitment online

    1. 1. External Recruitment&Internal RecruitmentStaffing Activities:Staffing Activities:RecruitmentRecruitment
    2. 2. Staffing Activities:Staffing Activities:External RecruitmentExternal Recruitment
    3. 3. Organization StrategyOrganization Strategy HR and Staffing StrategyHR and Staffing StrategyStaffing Policies and ProgramsStaffing System and Retention ManagementSupport ActivitiesLegal compliancePlanningJob analysisCore Staffing ActivitiesRecruitment: External, internalSelection:Measurement, external, internalEmployment:Decision making, final matchOrganizationVision and MissionGoals and ObjectivesStaffing Organizations ModelStaffing Organizations Model
    4. 4. OutlineOutline Recruitment Planning Organizational Issues Administrative Issues Recruiters Strategy Development Open vs. TargetedRecruitment Recruitment Sources Choice of Sources When to Look Searching Communication Message Communication Medium Applicant Reactions Transition to Selection Legal Issues Definition of Job Applicant Targeted Recruitment Electronic Recruitment Job Advertisements Fraud andMisrepresentations
    5. 5. Recruitment PlanningRecruitment Planning Organizational issues Administrative issues
    6. 6. Recruitment Planning: Organizational IssuesRecruitment Planning: Organizational Issues In-house vs. external recruitment agencyMany companies do recruiting in-house Recommended approach for large companiesSmaller companies may relyon external recruitment agencies Individual vs. cooperative recruitment alliancesCooperative alliances involve arrangements to sharerecruitment resources Centralized vs. decentralized recruitment
    7. 7. Recruitment Planning: Administrative IssuesRecruitment Planning: Administrative Issues RequisitionsPersonnel Requisition Number of contactsYield ratio - Relationship of applicant inputs tooutputs at various decision points Types of contactsQualifications to perform job must be clearlyestablishedConsideration must be given to job search and choiceprocess used by applicants
    8. 8. Recruitment Planning: Administrative IssuesRecruitment Planning: Administrative Issues(continued)(continued) Recruitment budgetExample of a Recruitment Budget for 500 New Hires Development of a recruitment guideRecruitment Guide for Director of Claims Process flow and record keeping Selecting recruiters Training recruiters Rewarding recruiters
    9. 9. Considerations Related to Recruiters:Considerations Related to Recruiters:SelectionSelection Desirable characteristics of recruitersStrong interpersonal skillsKnowledge about company, jobs,and career-related issuesTechnology skillsEnthusiasm Various sources of recruitersHR professionalsLine managersEmployees
    10. 10. Considerations Related to Recruiters:Considerations Related to Recruiters:Training and RewardsTraining and Rewards TrainingTraditional areas of training Interviewing skills, job analysis, interpersonal skills, laws,forms and reports, company and job characteristics, andrecruitment targetsNontraditional areas of training Technology skills, marketing skills, working with otherdepartments, and ethics RewardsPerformance must be monitored and rewarded Effective recruiter behaviors End results
    11. 11. Recruitment SourcesRecruitment Sources Unsolicited Employee referrals andnetworks Advertisements Recruiting online Colleges and placementoffices Employment agencies Executive search firms Professional associationsand meetings State Employmentservices Outplacement services Community agencies Job fairs Co-ops and internships
    12. 12. Approaches to Recruiting OnlineApproaches to Recruiting Online Job postings on Internet job boards Searching Web-based databasesList of Recruiting Web Sites Job postings on organization’s Web site Mining databases
    13. 13. Innovative Recruitment SourcesInnovative Recruitment Sources Religious organizations Interest groups Realtors Senior networks
    14. 14. Strategy Development:Strategy Development:Criteria Affecting Choice of SourcesCriteria Affecting Choice of Sources Sufficient quantity and quality Cost Past experience with source Impact on HR outcomesSatisfactionPerformanceRetention
    15. 15. Effectiveness of Recruitment SourcesEffectiveness of Recruitment Sources EffectivenessInvolves assessing impact of sources on increasedemployee satisfaction, performance, and retention Research resultsMost effective Referrals, job postings, rehiring offormer employeesLeast effective Newspaper ads, employment agencies
    16. 16. Strategy Development:Strategy Development:When to LookWhen to Look Lead time concernsGoal -- Minimize delay in filling vacanciesEffective planning requirements Establishment of priorities for job openings Prepared recruiters Time sequence concernsStaffing flowchartTime-lapse statistics
    17. 17. Searching: Communication MessageSearching: Communication Message Job requirements and rewards matrices Type of messagesRealistic recruitment message -- RJPRJP for Elementary School TeachersBrandingTargeted messages Choice of messagesNature of labor marketVacancy characteristicsApplicant characteristics
    18. 18. Searching: Communication MediumSearching: Communication Medium Recruitment brochures Videos andvideoconferencing Advertisements Types of ads Classified ad Classified display ad Display ad Online ad Telephone messages Organizational Web sites Radio E-mail
    19. 19. Applicant ReactionsApplicant Reactions Reactions to recruiters Influence of recruiter vs. job characteristics Influence of recruiter on attitudes and behaviors Demographics of recruiters Influential recruiter behaviors Reactions to recruitment process Relationship of screening devices to job Delay times in recruitment process Funding of recruitment process Credibility of recruiter during recruitment process
    20. 20. Transition to SelectionTransition to Selection Involves making applicants aware ofNext steps in hiring process Selection methods used and instructionsExpectations and requirements