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Habits of Highly Effective Team Member


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Habits of highly effective team member

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Habits of Highly Effective Team Member

  1. 1. Habits of Highly Effective Team Members AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
  2. 2. Introduction • The best managers are those who lead their team by personal example. It is one of the hardest skills to master - but get it right and the results will be well worth all the effort. • A good manager will have a fully committed team who understand the importance of working together as a unit towards a shared goal. • • • • T= Together, E=Everyone, A=Achieves, M=More. AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
  3. 3. Introduction • In any walk of life or in any sector, one of the first things a good leader does is to demonstrate that they fully understand the skills and expertise needed to carry out the key responsibilities. • Good communication should also be at the heart of everything a good leader does. The very best leaders are the ones who can describe clearly to their team members exactly what is expected from them. AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
  4. 4. Habit 1 Be Proactive• Take the initiative. Do not need to wait for things to happen. Make them happen. • As applicant write their major accomplishments, Make them share, where they took the initiative, went the extra mile, exceeded expectations, and did more than required. Patterns emerge revealing the types of work the person finds innately satisfying and motivating. AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
  5. 5. Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind• Know and define the outcomes before you create the process. • When I have a candidate describe a major accomplishment, I always ask how the person developed the plan, how they managed against the plan and if they were successful. The best people always begin any major activity with a thorough plan giving full consideration to all of the alternatives. AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
  6. 6. Habit 3 Synergize • These are the team skills: working with, influencing, coaching and developing people. • Rather than focusing on personality traits to assess team skills, it’s better to find out the types of teams the candidate has been assigned to. Those who can “synergize” are typically assigned to important cross-functional project teams far more often than their less “synergistic” peers. AppliView-Innovating Recruitment
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