Frictionless customer experience


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Frictionless customer experience

  1. 1. Attributes of FrictionlessCustomer ExperienceAppliview-Innovating Recruitment
  2. 2. What is customer experience "excellence”? Customer’s perspective for ones product is very important. And from the customer’s pointof view an excellent customer experience is one that is simply frictionless. No customerwants to be required to go to any extra trouble, or to fix problems, or to repeat thingsalready communicated. The best kind of experience a customer can have is one in which he can meet his need orsolve his problem completely effortlessly, without having to jump through hoops orovercome obstacles. Obstacles are friction. No one has time for obstacles.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  3. 3. Reliability Your product or service should perform as advertised, without failing or breaking down. You should answer your phone, your web site should work, service should be performedon time, and so forth. Reliability in a customer experience comes from what we would call “productcompetence” in a company.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  4. 4. Relevance If reliability is about product competence then Relevance is about “customercompetence,” and the overwhelming majority of companies operating today are justnot very customer competent. Many companies still operate on “Goldfish Principle,” because they fail to remembertheir customer territory, requiring the customer to re-enter information that thecompany ought to know about them already. Every time you have to tell a call centre agent your account number again, having justpunched it in on your phone, you are face to face with a company’s customerincompetence.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  5. 5. Value No one likes to be ripped off, which is what happens when you find out you’ve paidmore for a product or service than it’s worth. So a frictionless customer experience isone in which the value-for-money relationship isn’t out of kilter. As a customer, when you go to Costco you don’t expect a Bergdorf experience. Butwhen you buy a Lexus, you expect more than a Ford experience. Whatever productor service you’re buying must be good value-for-money. It will be economical forcustomers who are interested in price, and it will provide “fair value” for customersmore interested in quality, status, or other attributes.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  6. 6. Trustability In today’s hyper-interactive world, mere trustworthiness is no longer sufficient torender a frictionless customer experience, that is, doing what you say you’re going todo and not violating the law. A trustable customer experience is one in which the customer knows the companyprovides complete, accurate and objective information, and will help the customeravoid mistakes or oversights.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  7. 7. As marketers, we all want to ensure that our products and services arepositioned and delivered in such a way that customers receive an excellentcustomer experience. And from the customer’s perspective, the less friction isgenerated, the better their experience will be. Its that simple.Appliview-Innovating Recruitment www.appliview.comConclusion
  8. 8. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment