Characteristics of Human Resource Planning


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Characteristics of Human Resource Planning

  1. 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF HUMAN-RESOURCE PLANNING Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Over a period of time, the department that was called Personnel Administration has now become human resource department. Human Capital is another term used to describe the value of your company. • Employees drives the business success and are therefore considered resources / capital. Human resource planning takes on the challenge of structuring a department and presence through strategic planning for work force planning, training, compensation etc. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  3. 3. STRATEGIC PLANNING • Human Resource Lead is the person with whom leadership team has the most communication. • Goal of HR department is to reinforce the company reputation through hiring, training and promoting employees who represent the company’s highest level of service and product delivery. • HR leader plays an integral role in development of organization wide roles and objectives. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  4. 4. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT • Learning and Development activities with motivational activities at work place in which human resource professionals engage to prepare the current work force for serving the higher expectations, • Upgrading skills of existing employees by trainings, • Succession Planning that can ensure the company has a smooth transition in promoting the best talent for company’s future success. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
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