Best hiring practices


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Best hiring practices

  1. 1. BEST HIRING PRACTICES Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  2. 2. • Network, even when you do not have an open position – Talk or assess anyone who is being sent by someone you know or respect even if there is no open position. It is very important to build rapport with people you are likely to hire. May be when you have the funding or when your client signs on the dotted line. That way, you’re not starting at square one when it’s time to hire, and the candidate feels valued right off the bat. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  3. 3. • Replicate the Traits that Make Employees Efficacious – Once you start analyzing candidates and find out the best fits for the company and successful in given role. Try to inculcate the key traits that makes the employees successful in their given role. Ex.- For our team, we’ve learnt that the most important traits are a basic knowledge of the market research industry, a client-services orientation, a sense of urgency and a propensity to be cost-cognizant. For our sales team, in addition to the traits above, we look for candidates with not only sales experience, but also robust account management experience. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  4. 4. • Take Memo of Email Communication- Observe how well candidates express themselves in mails and their timeliness in responding. This not only shows the level of interests in the position but it also gives understanding on overall communication style of an individual. Communication style should also be fitting to your business. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  5. 5. • Get the Team Involved- It is critical to involve several people in the decision process starting from screening candidates, leading interviews to being involved in post interview dialogues. It is good to collect all perspectives. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  6. 6. • Be Upfront with Leap of Trust Candidates- There may not be some candidates who are not the best fit but you decide to take a leap of faith anyway – may be they need a little more experience or need to develop certain skill set. Be frank about areas in which you would like to see them develop. It gives candidates the opportunity to step up to the challenge. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
  7. 7. • Building a team with the right blend of talent and proficiency takes significant time and energy, but it is all worth it when you find the right person for the job—not to mention the fulfilment in seeing how each individual helps the team move forward in a new way. Appliview-Innovating Recruitment
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