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Intro to appcelerator


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Slides from iOS Meet Up Newcastle - An Introduction to Titanium Appcelerator.

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Intro to appcelerator

  1. 1. mobile first ©Copyright. All designs, ideas, layout and content are copyright of Applification Ltd. All rights reserved. 
  2. 2. DAVE HUDSON about me 2 yrs mobile exp. (Applification) Titanium Appcelerator Certified Mobile App Developer Out of the Park (Attendi) 15 yrs web exp. (Densen) User Experience Design User Interface Design HTML5 / CSS3 / .NET MVC @applificationhq
  3. 3. MOBILE SOLUTIONS my mobile requirements Thinking ahead to post Apple dominated mobile landscape. - Cross Platform (iOS / Android +) - Focus on User Experience (feel) - Deliver great User Interface (use)
  4. 4. MOBILE SOLUTIONS native development Tried native cross platform mobile apps - iOS (Objective C) - Android (Java) - Windows Mobile (.Net) - Blackberry (Every Language!)
  5. 5. MOBILE SOLUTIONS webview apps HTML 5 PhoneGap “write once, suck everywhere” Parked the idea of creating mobile apps
  6. 6. CROSS PLATFORM MOBILE the sweet spot Found Titanium: - Cross-platform mobile development framework with native UI & performance - Use existing web skills (Javascript) - Met all my requirements - Sold on day 1 of using the platform - Since matured & leads the way in mobile app dev
  7. 7. CROSS PLATFORM MOBILE titanium appcelerator 116m (10%) smartphones have a titanium app 50k appcelerator apps in app stores
  8. 8. CROSS PLATFORM MOBILE titanium appcelerator Code app in Javascript against APIs Javascript bridge compiled to native code Apple iOS, Google Android & Mobile Web Blackberry 10 & Windows Mobile 8 (beta)
  9. 9. WHY APPCELERATOR? one language Single Trunk Codebase Branches for each mobile platform Sub Branches for each UI / UX form factor Faster Development Develop native applications 20% faster than writing in the native language Code Reuse Reuse 60%-90% of developed code when supporting multiple platforms Reduce Cost Reduce cost of development cross- platform by using a JavaScript based SDK
  10. 10. WHY APPCELERATOR? ecosystem Open source & constantly evolving: - Cross Platform SDK (5,000+ APIs) - Modules (Testflight, Bluetooth) - Community Projects - Increased Platform Support - MVC Framework (Alloy) - MBaaS (ACS) - ACS.Node Ti Shadow
  11. 11. JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK alloy mvc Free to architect Javascript how you like but... Less Code Write 50%-60% less code than traditional development toolkits More Maintainable Easy to read and maintain codebase Function and Widget Reuse Easily reuse function and application widgets across one or more apps
  12. 12. CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE cloud services (acs) Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) - Instant backend for your app - User authentication - Social integrations - Push notifications - Checkins - Twitter style chat - Upload photos - Places - Custom objects & much more...
  13. 13. NODE.JS IN CLOUD node.acs Deploy Javascript Node.js apps in cloud & call same ACS API. - Mobile Website / Webapp - Web Apps - CMS / CRM Systems Mobile Solutions not just apps!
  14. 14. MOBILE FIRST architecture You can write an app entirely in Javascript Free to structure Javascript code however you like
  15. 15. TO BE AN APPCELERATOR MOBILE DEVELOPER you need Mac or PC (need a mac for iOS Apps) A mobile phone Some web skills (Javascript, CSS, XML) Titanium Studio (Free)
  16. 16. HELLO WORLD + titanium studio
  17. 17. HELLO WORLD + titanium studio
  18. 18. HELLO WORLD + cross platform apps
  19. 19. HELLO WORLD + live code demo ....
  20. 20. LIMITATIONS, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS limitations It’s not a perfect system... - Limited ability to optimise app performance - Reliance on Appcelerator integrating APIs = Modules - Titanium Studio Clunky = CLI - Limited in terms of game development = Platino
  21. 21. FUTURE OF MOBILE fragmentation - Mobile landscape is changing fast! - Now four major mobile platform Titanium Appcelerator best solution to create native performant apps with great user experience across all platforms at reasonable price point.
  22. 22. THAT’S IT! questions & resources