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MAI ARAY Desking


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MAI's ARAY is a new desking / benching system that looks modern and light in scale but is incredibly robust and durable. Since it was designed by MAI, power and data distribution were not simple afterthoughts but key features.

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MAI ARAY Desking

  1. 1. Collaborative Workspaces MAI introduces ARAY, the industry’s first crossover system combining the simplicity of desking and systems furniture. Desktop glass screens in various colors elegantly divide space without affecting communication or light transfer. Translucent floor privacy screens in subtle shades provide additional privacy and define boundaries in large open spaces. ARAY features a full range of storage options, including user adaptable drawers, multi-function towers and personal storage lockers ideal for the telecommuter. And for technology intensive environments, ARAY offers the optional MAI Multi-User Telecommunication Outlet Assembly (MUTOA), a patented technology that eliminates work area outlets and cable patch cords, effectively reducing cable clutter and overall cabling cost. MAI >> 02 03 << MAI
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  4. 4. THE OTHER SIDE MAI >> 08 09 << MAI
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  6. 6. DESIGN FEATURES Beam Mounted Bin AccessoryRailMonitor Arm(Double) Power/Data Center Personal Ped withCPU Personal Ped withShelf4-Circuit Power MUTOA Connection MAI >> 12 13 << MAI
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  8. 8. Reserved. Ri gh ts Al l M AI . 20 11 330 Waterloo Valley Road, Mount Olive, N J 07828 p 973 446 2300 f 973 446 2399 Please make an appointment to visit us at: 7366 North Lincoln Avenue, Suite 403 Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Call us Tel: (847)679-5148 Fax: (847)933-0018 Email the President directly