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Learn J

  1. 1. This is the application’s icon. The app is called LEARN. LEARN.By: Jenny ChenDigital ConnectorsRainier Vista NeighborhoodHouseSeattle, WA
  2. 2. Learning When theExperience app is first tapped on, & this is the screen it will go to. TheAcademic loading screen.Resource The app stands for LearningNavigator Experience & Academic Resources navigator. (LEARN) Loading…
  3. 3. This is the home LEARN.page of theapplication.Here you canchoose from 7differentoptionsincluding voice My Things Homework Helpcommand.Voice commandrequires amicrophone.The other 6options are Mythings, Planner & Reference BooksHomework HomeworkHelp,Planner&Homework, ReferenceBooks,Homeworktools and usefulinformation.You will learn Homework Usefulwhat each Tools Informationoption does in Voice Commandsthe next fewpages.
  4. 4. Here is the MY Thingsscreen when Select an area to add or view your items.you first selectthe firstoption in the Textbooks (3)home page(My things).This option Essays (2)allows you tostore all yourschool works E-Books (2)into yourphone’smemory. You Projects (1)can evendownloadyour text Presentations (0)books into theapp so nomore heavy Assignments (4)books to careto school! Thisis very similarto a USB drive. Other (2)
  5. 5. This is thepage whereyou select thePlanner Planneroption. Thisallows you put Monday, March 21, 2011any Tap a subject to edit.homework orassignment in English: Vocabulary Packet Due onthe app so Friday, Picasso Essay Due tomorrow,that your Read Doll’s House through page 135 byphone willremind you Thursdaywhenever adeadline is Physics: Finish lab report by tomorrow,near. Read chapters 3 and 4 by WednesdayAssignmentsthat are done Spanish: Nonewill becrossed out Mathematics: Pages 457-458 #1-35 dueand you can Wednesdayadd anassignment Social Studies: 19th century essay duewhen you tap Friday, finish reading response questionson a subjector scroll down by tomorrowto add Sculpture: Brainstorm ideas for projectassignment.More pages on Wednesdaywill be shown.
  6. 6. This is thereference Referencebooks Bookspage. Theapp helpsyou findmanyreferencebooks onthe weband allowsyou explorethem viayourbrowser.
  7. 7. HomeworkThis is coolest Toolspart of the app Tap on a subject or topic to select.(to me). It has allsorts of tools Calculatorthat will makeyour education  Scientific  Graphinglife much easier!Here you canaccess any kindof calculator. TranslatorThere is also atranslator that  Spanishcan translate tomore than 50  Japaneselanguages if youtap on  French“Translator”.There is also a Scannerscanner whereyou use your  Find bookcamera to scan abarcode to find a  Search the webbook or search iton the web. Citation GeneratorAlso, there is ahandy citation  MLAgenerator thatwill help you site  APAyour sources.
  8. 8. This is theusefulinformation USEFULpage. The app INFORMATIONhas many ofthe useful Tap on a subject or topic to select.information for Math Equationsevery subject.It includes all  Trigonometrymath theories  Algebraand equations,  Vectorsperiodic tables  tap for moreincluding all Periodic Tableinformationregarding each  Electro negativityelement, maps  Molar Massof countries,  tap for morestates, Mapsterritories, etcand grammar  United Statesrules for  EuropeEnglish. This  Asiapage is like a  tap for morecheat sheet for Grammardoing  Sentence structureshomework!  Punctuation  tap for more
  9. 9. This is thehomeworkhelp page.You can Homeworkreach this Helppage after Grade: 10thyou selectthe option Subject: Chemistryfor askingquestions Topic: Naming organicon the page compoundsbeforewhich is Question: What is theshown difference between alkeneslater. Thisallows you and alkynes? And what is theto send suffix for each of them?questionsregardingeducationto voluntarytutors andthey will SEND UNDO RESTARThave ananswer foryou ASAP.
  10. 10. This is the Most Common Usedpage where Mathematics Equationsyou select Binomial theoremmathequationsfrom theusefulinformation Expansion of a sumpage. Youcan see themathequationsthat are Quadratic Formulaused veryoften. Youcan accesstrigonometr Fourier seriesy oralgebraicequationsfrom thepage before.
  11. 11. AP Calculus I Math Textbook Here we went into depth with the MyChapter 2 – Vectors Things option. This is one ofA scalar is a quantity like mass or temperature that only has the textbooksa magnitude. On the other had, a vector is a mathematical that are storedobject that has magnitude and direction. A line of givenlength and pointing along a given direction, such as an in the app andarrow, is the typical representation of a vector. Typical you can opennotation to designate a vector is a boldfaced character, a it anytime tocharacter with and arrow on it, or a character with a line do yourunder it (i.e., ). The magnitude of a vector is its homework in.length and is normally denoted by or A. You can navigate through theAddition of two vectors is accomplished by laying the book in thevectors head to tail in sequence to create a triangle such as is page beforeshown in the figure. where the table of contents is located at. Hooray no more back pain from carrying heavy math books!The following rules apply in vector algebra.
  12. 12. his iThis is one Translatorof the Scanneroptions youcan choosefrom thetranslatortool. Youcan choosefrom ascanner totext or textto textoption forthetranslator.This is thescanneroption andyou can useyour camerato scan aword orphrase andtranslate it.
  13. 13. This is one Citation of the tools Generator from the homework Written Book Source toolsAuthor’s First Name Last Name option, the Citation Generator. It allows youTitle of Book Edition to put the information in the app and itYear published City published generates the site formatting for you. YouVolume Pages can choose from many types of format. MLA APA other.. (MLA, APA, etc) Great for essays and projects.
  14. 14. This is thepage you will Homeworksee when Helpyou tap thehomework What would you like to do?help option.You canchoose fromtwo options.You can usethe app to Find local tutorshelp you find Free homework help near yoututors orhomeworkhelp sessionsnear you oryou can useyour phoneto ask one of Ask a questionthe tutors aquestion. Please wait for our tutors to replyThis optionis shownearlier.
  15. 15. This is the Translator otherManually input option you can choose for the translator tool. You can manually input your desired text to be translated.
  16. 16. This is part Newof the Assignmentplaneroption of Subject: Englishthe app. You Due Date: APR 12 2011can addassignments Reminder:here. Itallows you Assignment: Madame Bovary Essayadd notesfor theassignment.The app can Notes:also remindyou once Need at least one theme withthe deadline supporting evidence that is related to myis near. aspect. DONE UNDO RESTART
  17. 17. Here you canshare your My Thingswork to a Sharefriend orclassmate. SHARE YOUR PROJECTYou will needwi-fi or BluetoothBluetooth touse this Upload to internetoption. Email Please select your project: o US Revolution PowerPoint o How to make Tacos  Latin America Video Tap for more… SHARE *Bluetooth is off. Turn on?
  18. 18. HomeworkThis is theother option Helpfor the Your Location: Seattle, WA, USAhomework Change Locationhelp section.The app helps Tap on the address to locate it on Google Maps.you find Homework Help near You:places thatwill help you Central Librarywith 1000 4th Avenuehomework Seattle, WA 98144and you willneed your Monday – Friday 3-8PM (206) 673-0110GPS to be onso the app canlocate your Nela Centerlocation. Once 9128 S Jackson St.locations are Seattle, WA 98104found you cantext or call Monday- Friday 3-7PM (206) 445-5612them formore Beacon Hill Libraryinformation ormap it for 3486 Beacon Ave S.directions. Seattle, WA 98108 Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 5-8PM
  19. 19. This is thescanner toolfrom thehomework Scannertools Toolsection. Itallows youto scan abarcode tofind a bookor store itinto MyThings.