CMCRM Version 2.0 at a glance


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Contains a brief overview of the features and pricing options for CMCRM Version 2. CMCRM Seamlessly integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Campaign Monitor

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CMCRM Version 2.0 at a glance

  1. 1. Seamless integration between<br />Campaign Monitor and Microsoft Dynamics CRM<br />
  2. 2. What it does<br />No need to login to, or even know about Campaign Monitor<br />Use the power of Advanced Search to created segmented lists, and CMCRM will automatically synchronize the list with your subscriber lists in Campaign Monitor – and keep them in sync!<br />Get all the insights from your e-mail campaigns delivered directly in Microsoft CRM, and connect those insights with the rest of your CRM data to create a 360-view of your prospects and customers.<br />Links your Marketing Lists with subscriber lists in Campaign Monitor<br />Connects your Campaigns in Microsoft CRM with your e-mail campaigns in Campain monitor<br />Automatically downloads the campaign summaries directly to Microsoft CRM:<br />Recipients, Clicks, Unsubscribes, etc.<br />Keeps your lists synchronized - Automatically:<br />Add new list members as subscribers in Campaign Monitor<br />Remove unsubscribes from from Marketing Lists<br />Add new subscribers coming from Campaign Monitor to your Account, Contact or Lead database and marketing lists<br />Detailed tracking automatically appears in Microsoft CRM as Campaign Responses:<br />Opens, Bounces, Unsubscribes, Click-Throughs (Links Clicked)<br />Campaign Responses are automatically linked to the Contact/Lead and the campaign<br />
  3. 3. How it works<br />CMCRM Extends your CRM Solution:<br />Campaign, is extended with a new ”Link to Campaign Manager” button and attributes for Campaign summary from Campaign Monitor<br />Marketing List, is extended with a new ”Link to Campaign Manager” button and attributes for list details from Campaign Monitor<br />Campaign Response, is extended with Campaign Monitor specific information for Open tracking, Link tracking, etc.<br />A new entity called Field map is created, enabling you to map custom fields in subscriber lists to contact and lead attributes in Microsoft CRM<br />The Engine: CMCRM Synchonization Service <br />This high-performace multi-threaded Windows service is installed directly on the CRM Server and performs all the synchronization directly on your CRM Server<br />The CMCRM Service Controller application lets you control all aspects of the synchronization<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. CMCRM Service Controller<br />Add integration between one or more CRM Organizations<br />Supports both On-Premise and IFD Deployments of CRM<br />Runs securely as a Windows Service<br />Runs synchronizations in parallel<br />
  6. 6. The campaign list shows the new attributesadded to yourcampaigns. All thesestatisticswillbesynchonized at the specified intervals, by the CMCRM Service<br />Detailsabouthowyoursubscriber lists areconfigured in Campaign Monitor, is availabledirectlyonyour Marketing Lists<br />
  7. 7. 1<br />Clickon the new ”Link with Campaign Monitor” button<br />2<br />Select the campaign from Campaign Monitor and Click ”Connect”<br />3<br />Yourcampaign is nowconnected, and willautomaticallybekept in sync. with Campaign Monitor<br />
  8. 8. All events from Campaign Monitor is automaticallycreated as Campaign Responsenses<br />
  9. 9. Events areregistrered as new ResponseCodes<br />Both the Click Count and the actual URL is synchronized from Campaign Monitor<br />
  10. 10. Do you have Customfields in your Campaign Monitor lists?<br />No problem. Just create the Custom Fields in your Marketing Lists, and mapthosefields to ContactorLeadattributes in your CRM database.<br />This is also a greatway to enrichexisting CRM data automatically<br />
  11. 11. Select recipient from thiscampaign…<br />…Who has unsubscribed…<br />…And wherewe have an openopportunity<br />Use the Power of advancedsearch to createsubscriber lists directly from Microsoft CRM!<br />In the exampleabove, wearecreated a segmented list of the recipients from the ”New Yeargreetings” campaign, so wecantargetthosespecificcontactsdirectly, basedon marketing behaviourcombinedwithour CRM data.<br />
  12. 12. Furthercustomization<br />Use the Reporting tools, to create custom reports accessible from within Microsoft CRM<br />Use the built-in CRM workflow engine, to automate events and notifications based on the behaviour tracked in your campaigns<br />Use the built-in Customization tools, to further customize the solution<br />
  13. 13. Version 2.0 RTM is out now!<br />CMCRM is available in three editions:<br />Agency: Youpay a one time flat-fee of 1.450€excl. VAT, which covers all features of CMCRM for one server installation, and allows you to connect to any Campaign Monitor account.<br />Free: You get all features of CMCRM for free! This editions requires a client account for Campaign Monitor, setup in our Campaign Monitor agency account.<br />Organization: If you have multiple CRM organizations in your CRM Deployment (multi-tenancy), you can add new organizations for a one-time flat fee of €520, excl. VAT.<br />With all the editions, there are NO LIMITS onhowmany CRM or CM usersmayuse the integration orhowmuch data youmaysynchronize<br />Areyou a Campaign Monitoror Dynamics CRM re-seller?<br />Contactus, and find out howyoucan offer CMCRM to yourcustomers<br />Email us: Send us a Tweet: us on facebook:<br />
  14. 14. Free Edition or Agency Edition?<br />If youarealreadyusing Campaign Monitor, or have an account with a Campaign Monitor agency, youshoulduse the Agency Edition, whichallowsyou to setup CMCRM for any type of Campaign Monitor account<br />If youwant to use the Free Edition, youcancreate a free Campaign Monitor account withus. Youwillthenaccessyour Campaign Monitor from . Send an email to, to getyourfree Campaign Monitor account.<br />Areyou a Campaign Monitoror Dynamics CRM re-seller?<br />Contactus, and find out howyoucan offer CMCRM to yourcustomers<br />Email: – Twitter: (Danish)<br />
  15. 15. Want to try before you buy?<br />Do not just take our word for it – Try CMCRM for yourself for 30 days<br />Visit to get your free 30 day trial license<br />Areyou a Campaign Monitoror Dynamics CRM re-seller?<br />Contactus, and find out howyoucan offer CMCRM to yourcustomers<br />Email: – Twitter: (Danish)<br />