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Disaster Relief Project[3]


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Disaster Relief Project[3]

  1. 1. Spring Break 2009 Hurric ane Katrina Re lie f Trip W eland, M av ississippi N O ew rleans, L ouisiana P C ian, M ass hrist ississippi Poplarv M ille, ississippi
  2. 2. Hurricane Katrina Facts • $89.6 billion in damages; costliest hurricane in the history of the United States. • 20% of the local marshes were permanently overrun by water. • Damage from Katrina alone has been estimated to include 850,791 homes. • An estimated 600,000 pets were killed or left without shelter as a result of Hurricane Katrina.
  3. 3. Ms. Nancy Ms. Nancy is an active member of the Southern Baptist Pass Christian Church. She helped the Church regain it’s stability after the storm. Here she speaks of the current state of affairs in Mississippi.
  4. 4. Mr.Yansen Yansen, a Katrina survivor, is a resident of the Lower Ninth Ward who evacuated with his siblings the day the storm hit. In the next clip, he tells us of his experiences as a victim of the deadliest storm our nation has seen.
  5. 5. QuickTime™ and a YUV420 codec decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  6. 6. Brandon Prince Brandon, a sophomore, speaks of what service and this trip meant to him.
  7. 7. Christina Anderson Christina, a sophomore, speaks of her experiences as a participant and how the trip has affected her.
  8. 8. Participants Colin Burkitt Kashmira Kale Cameran Hebb Christina Anderson Brandon Prince Cindy Jacobson Shivani Patel Ishita Das Carrie Michael Catherine Ittner Allison Ashley Suzette Walker