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Feature writing report


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Feature writing report

  1. 1. 1.Spiraling Each paragraph elaborates an item from the preceding paragraphs.
  2. 2. 2. Block paraphrasing  material is presented in separate, complete blocks of material. If the paragraph becomes too long, break it into several smaller paragraphs.
  3. 3. 3.Theming Each paragraph underlines or restates the lead.
  4. 4. Use short paragraph
  5. 5. A long paragraph scares readers away because the story appears to be hard to read.
  6. 6. Two rules of thumb are: * break off when you approach four type written lines ;
  7. 7. or write only one sentence to a paragraph.
  8. 8. One of the tools that which makes feature story runs more smoothly and readable are the transitions
  9. 9. Transitions may be single words, phrases, senten ces or even paragraphs. They accomplish two vital jobs:
  10. 10. 1. They inform the readers that the writer is shifting to new material.
  11. 11. 2. They put the new material in proper perspective.
  12. 12. Common examples are:  Later Nearby A few miles away However  But An opposition spokesman denied the charge  In other developments
  13. 13. In hard news stories, transitions are easy to find. The writer compresses facts into a crisp, logical rendition of facts that utilizes little stylish writing.
  14. 14. Example of straight news where the writer skillfully uses the transitions: Shotgun waving suspected bandits robbed the Land Bank of the Philippines of P5 million yesterday morning. The suspects burst through the front door of the bank at 9:30 a.m., ordered the customers and employees to lay face-down on the floor, and then cleared out cash drawers and safe deposit boxes.
  15. 15. During the robbery, a shot was fired but no one was injured. According to witnesses, the robbers fled in a dirty white corolla with no licensed plate number. Later, a pursuing police team found the getaway car abandoned several blocks away from the place of robbery.
  16. 16. Near, the abandoned car, police found the empty money bags with the bank’s trademark imprinted on them. Before the robbery, the police were alerted by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agents that three suspicious looking young men were sighted in busy commercial centers of QC.
  17. 17. However, an NBI spokesman said the three men they sighted were in their mid 20s and did not match with the suspects who struck the Land Bank branch in Quezon City.
  18. 18. A feature story is linked to have its lead as the skull, its structure is its backbone, the ending its feet and the transitions its ligaments that hold it all together.
  19. 19. Personality Profile. A personality profile is written to give the readers an insight into a person’s character and traits. This is usually done through the research and actual interview with the person. Another term for this kind of writing is personality sketch.
  20. 20. Human Interest Stories. A Human interest story is written to show the subject’s oddity, or its practical, emotional or entertainment value.
  21. 21. Trend Stories. A trend story examines people, things or organizations that are having an impact on society. Trend stories are popular because people are interested in reading about the latest fads.
  22. 22. In-depth Stories. These are the stories written from extensive research and interviews. These give detailed accounts of basic news stories or other features.
  23. 23. Backgrounders. A backgrounder is also called an analysis piece since this adds meaning to current issues in the news by explaining hem further. These articles bring an audience up- to-date, explaining why the tragedy happened, who are to be blamed, and what are the repercussions or the after effects.
  24. 24. News Feature. This is usually based on the recent event but written in a most relaxed style, using literary devices.
  25. 25. Humorous Feature. If one of the more important functions of a feature story is to entertain, then nothing entertains more than story with wit and humor.
  26. 26. Personal Experience. This is an unusual experience, usually written in the first person.
  27. 27. How-to-feature Article. The purpose of his kind of feature is to explain a process or a method. This is usually accompanied with illustrations or photos.
  28. 28. Analytical Essay. An essay is a distinct genre in literature. Today, however, there are a lot of essays written in the journalistic style. These are witty, sometimes funny, account of anything, from the mundane to the serious.
  29. 29. 1. Pick your subject. 2. Limit your subject to a specific area. 3.Spotlight the main things you aim to do in the feature.
  30. 30. 4.Write a tentative title. 5. Pinpoint the highlights with specific details. 6. Use devices and situations which will hold the reader’s interest.
  31. 31. 7. Rewrite. 8. Decide on your title. 9. Prepare copy.