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The Benefits Of Dental Implants Vs. Dentures


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The Benefits Of Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

  1. 1. The Benefits of Dental Implantsvs Dentures
  2. 2. IntroductionMost people who lost teeth and look for ways to replacethem will arrive at the same final choice: dentures vs dentalimplants.Too often, because they offer a cheaper alternative,dentures will win the battle, but are they really the bestsolution?In this presentation, we will see the differences betweendentures and implants, and determine whats the mostappropriate choice for your specific needs.
  3. 3. What Are They?Before we start our comparison, lets see exactly whatdentures and dental implants represent.Dentures consist, basically, inremovable false teeth that will stay in placeby using a fixative paste or somewafers.Contrary to dentures, implants willmimick the natural position of teeth bybeing anchored into the bone withtitanium roots.
  4. 4. ComfortOne of the most important factors when dealing with newteeth is the level of comfort youll be able to achieve withthem. The problem with dentures is that, even thoughthey can be glued with paste, they often slip and cantremain in place. This can lead to heavy discomfort andeven cause irritation and bleeding of the gum.With dental implants, as theyre fixed right into the jawbone,they will never budge and make you feel as if they wereyour real teeth.
  5. 5. MaintenanceWhen dealing with maintenance, as this can quicklybecome a chore, we want to keep it at a minimum. Sohow do our 2 options fare in this area?Dentures require a lot of upkeep. Youhave to take them out regularly toclean them up and remove any foodthat might have gotten stuck.Implants, on the other hand, do notnecessitate any particular care. Justbrush them and floss like you wouldnatural teeth.
  6. 6. CostOf all the criteria we analyzed here, this could very well bethe only factor in favor of dentures: their price.Compared to expensive implants, dentures might seem likethe only option for people without much means. If youreally cant afford the better alternative, though, thereexists a middle ground: denture implants.With denture implants, you will be able toattach your dentures to titanium implants.Thus, you will pay less, while also benefitingfrom the firmness of implants.
  7. 7. DurabilityIf weve already established that implants represent themore reliable of our two options, what about theirdurability?The problem with dentures is that we willhave to take them off daily to clean them.All this manipulating, as well as leavingthe dentures out for some time, will causewear and tear that will eventually lead totheir replacement.Implants stay in place, firmly attached.So, they generally last a lifetime.
  8. 8. More BenefitsWant to learn even more pros in favor of implants?Contrary to dentures, dental implants will:• Improve your speech by eliminating the ability ofyour teeth to slip• Make it easier for you to eat• Preserve the jawbone and avoid gum shrinkage• Cause no allergy as implants are made of titanium(and not acrylic like dentures)
  9. 9. ConclusionApart from their price, dentures do not present any realbenefit to the patient over implants. Not only do theycreate discomfort and can lead to embarassingsituations, theyre just a poor option to replace yourmissing teeth.
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