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SunShot Catalyst is an open innovation program that aims to catalyze the rapid creation and development of products and solutions that address near-term challenges in the U.S. solar marketplace. Learn more:

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  1. 1. Crowdsourcing Solar Apps for the U. S. Department of Energy APPIRIO ta MvPs (niiriirriurri viable proclucti that showcase how intuitive applications could help increase the number of Americans using and benefiting from solar energy. ’l' l lllii iir (rill ii- iiiirii ii. i llll 10 Ui'll(]tlE—' Cllrlll(‘li(](‘ . rm i Ill US. Department of Energy & National Renevi/ able DU Energy Laboratory: SunShot Catalyst Challenge Series 0 1 6 6 Sponsored by the US. Department of Energy Surishot Initiative, the Sunshot U UH K U9 cataiyst lS an open innovation prize competition that sought to rapicliy create g S t 1 M l _ a iarge variety of business model ioeas along with digital appiication prototypes ]> W“ ‘)H'““'H f '5 U i7 Winning Business ideas Through an open call for ideas that generated hundreds or stioniissions, the DOE and NREL curated lhe top ideas for business models into a grouping 0117 finalists These i7 teams were each given access to the Aooirio crowdsourcing piatiorni and a budgel ol$ per team stinshot catalyst has 4 steps: ldeatlon, Business j 1 O 8 innovation, Prolotype, and Incubation. This graphic depicts stop 3 — Prototype. Ciowtlsolll cod Cii£1l| k‘li(_]l—"_~. iii . iiiii iii iiiiiy iiiii ii. .'-l ililll> ‘ll SEEISWEIW Sprinting to Prototype & Minimu m Viable Product U"“l““ Wiiiiit-is Sllnshot Catalyst tapped into the competitive drive ofAppirio's 6 1 H» H H-‘lViiiiii‘< ii tapcoder communityto deliver: 1 V‘ ‘M W m M — 17 Prototypes or MvPs Couiitr ie-s — An on—demarid, global workforce ofdeslgners and developers — 61 countries represented Rt~prosontt(l — A huge volume of creative, digital solutions, in only 9 weeks time ; N""““; "_“‘; “""; “§§; ,‘]j_; Hj‘; ;“j[m S&lE| NN| N iiiii i1U«‘. ‘ H‘iI(lllll. Il'i‘l‘i Z)i%§‘gistIEliitS 0 Powered by / Ill SunShot U S. Department of Energy EENREL irn. » iiiii. iiri . l lV ii ti rrwiiii iiiiii ii ti iiiiliiii . iii. ilil/ it itiiiiiii. i i-iiii xii isiiiiit it ill lL7- iiinui, 17 Digital Prototypes & MVPS Total Spend r>ri/ i» llllllilu” W ir. i.». i