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Google for Work vs. Office 365: Which is right for your company?


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Which subscription-based suite of cloud tools is right for your workforce? Here we’ll examine a few key differences and compare basic features. Appirio's Guide to Going Google:

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Google for Work vs. Office 365: Which is right for your company?

  1. 1. Google for Work vs. Office 365: Which is right for your company?
  2. 2. When it comes to cloud-based productivity tools and software, you have options.
  3. 3. Google for Work has just two plans to choose from: One is $5 a month The other is $10 a month.
  4. 4. Office 365 has ranging from $5 to $20 a month. 6 plans to choose from:
  5. 5. That’s 4 plans too many.
  6. 6. Office 365 requires a year-long commitment.
  7. 7. Google for Work allows you to go month -to- month.
  8. 8. But if commitment is your thingGoogle’s got you covered. Just pay for a year...
  9. 9. . . . and get a discount.
  10. 10. That’s a good deal.
  11. 11. Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, and Docs. Google for Work has the innovative:
  12. 12. Office 365 has the tried-and-true: Outlook, Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.
  13. 13. But tried-and-truedoesn’t get you anywhere new.
  14. 14. Office 365 is Microsoft’s first deep dive into the cloud.
  15. 15. Google for Work was born and bred in the cloud.
  16. 16. Sure, Office 365 has real-time co-authoring to compete with Google Drive...
  17. 17. language and functionality. But Word has the same old “track changes”
  18. 18. It’s out of touch with the way people work today.
  19. 19. Google Docs allows users to make changes or propose them in “suggesting” mode.
  20. 20. might fall somewhere between Your comfort level Google and Microsoft.
  21. 21. With Google, step out of that comfort zone...
  22. 22. ... and into something better.
  23. 23. Microsoft has Office 365, Office 2016,and Office Online...
  24. 24. Which is confusing.
  25. 25. Google keeps it simple.
  26. 26. They have a history of aligning their work productivity tools with their consumer tools.
  27. 27. That’s why they have 900M+ users around the world.
  28. 28. For reference, just over 400M users. has
  29. 29. Since 2012, it’s allowed Microsoft users to access their email from the web...
  30. 30. Something Google’s been doing with Gmail for over 10 years.
  31. 31. Learn more about the why and how of moving your company to Google for Work by clicking here
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