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Appirio applies new ideas and cloud technology to help enterprises become more efficient and agile, freeing companies from the inflexible technologies of the past and enabling them to take advantage of new ways to engage customers and employees. Our professional services are supported by our Cloud Enablement Suite, which includes our assets, experience and collective intelligence from across thousands of projects and our global CloudSpokes development community

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  • Supporting Message 1: Cloud, Mobile & Social Require New Levels of Business Agility Cloud, mobile and social have accelerated the pace of change in business and have opened up access to state-of-the-art technology & top global talent for every organization, creating a level playing field for all. In the past, winners were those who could outspend their competitors in technology and talent.  Today, winning business are those who understand how to achieve business agility by integrating their business strategy with what’s possible with technology and fundamentally changing the way people work.   Agility is the currency of the new economy.
  • This is evident in nearly every area of business - examples include media, education, recruiting and collaboration.  These functions are being transformed and old-guard businesses are being reimagined (and replaced) by agile, cloud-powered companies.
  • Supporting Message 2: To Be Agile You Must Get From Strategy to Execution Much Faster The traditional approach to get from strategy to execution is no longer viable.  It takes too long and is often comprised of disjointed steps that create distance between the time the strategy is set and executed.  These steps include defining the strategy, identifying and mapping out processes, acquiring/developing the right talent, and identifying and implementing the appropriate technology (often known as a “waterfall” approach).  
  • We also take a different approach to delivering these services to ensure our projects bring a level of innovation, quality, consistency, efficiency and user adoption that others can’t offer We not only hire smart cloud experts but we enable them with a unique suite of technology to ensure that customers always get the benefit of our collective experience and creativity. We then address the “people change” issues with a holistic process to ensure adoption of technology and extend value of investment. By combining smart people with technology and a global crowdsourcing developer community, customers get more value.
  • We have 500+ cloud experts across the world who are 100% focused on cloud solutions, supplemented by a community of 50,000 cloud developers from more than 60 countries Our Appirio experts have been rigorously screened – each of our employees goes through 10+ interviews and our acceptance rate is <2% Once onboard, our consultants are certified on cloud technologies within 90 days and are 100% focused on helping enterprise do more with cloud solutions Our CloudSpokes crowdsourcing community gives us and our customers a way to tap into a broader, specialized community of developers on-demand who can bring their creativity and expertise to relevant projects
  • Appirio Cloud Enablement Suite - Integrated Platform to Define, Deploy, and Extend Enterprise Transformation All our employees are armed with our Cloud Enablement Suite, an integrated platform of tools, assets, analytics and community that help us and our customers implement, manage and measure cloud initiatives Our Cloud Enablement Suite allows us to bring the best of Appirio to every employee. The suite has 4 components. The first is the Cloud Management Center that serves as the control panel to the suite. It provides a full set of tools to manage agile development and ensure we consistently deliver high-quality innovative solutions. CMC provides templates that capture the collective knowledge of our cloud projects, tools to break down any problem in optimal ways and parse work out to internal or external communities, as well as easy ways to find assets from past projects and metrics to evaluate quality. The second element of the suite is our Cloud Asset Library, which ensures we’re starting with proven building blocks to deliver faster results. It incorporates a set of 100s of connections (between cloud apps), components, tools and best practices from past projects. The third element of the suite is Cloud Intelligence which provides consultants and customers with access to metrics across our projects and our community, trends and answers to difficult questions. This ensures we’re always producing high-quality solutions for our customers and making the best decisions for their cloud initiatives. Finally, the CloudSpokes crowdsourcing platform gives us a way to tap into a global community of developers and bring their creativity and expertise to any project. Since the suite is integrated, all of these elements are accessed through CMC. For example, a consultant can create a development task, see the optimal way to execute it, find assets related to the task, better understand trends/benchmarks or answers related to the task, and decide whether it makes sense to complete the task with the core team, our offshore team, or the CloudSpokes community.
  • Cloud Management Center (CMC) -- the control panel for the Cloud Enablement Suite, CMC enables agile development, program management and project analytics.  Key Areas: Project templates - templates for common types of cloud projects based on Appirio best practices Work manager - sprint management system that enables optimal resourcing to execute each user story (onshore, offshore or CloudSpokes community development) in addition to providing sprint planning and execution tools Release manager - go from development to production, with automated packaging and environment integrity checks, all using IT-friendly auditable and repeatable processes Asset matcher - identify relevant assets from the Cloud Asset Library for a project or task Metrics - monitor development and production applications to provide early warnings and indicators of test coverage, code and object model complexity and potential configuration issues
  • Our asset library is growing fast and we now have 100s of assets for typical project situations. A few examples of popular assets. Applications CloudFactor surfaces information from Salesforce in Gmail and calendar. For any customer who has Google and Salesforce, this is an immediate win because they can drive adoption and stickiness of Salesforce. Components Mobile paperless insurance – mobile insurance application and workflow to collect all necessary information to provide insurance quotes including all necessary disclosures. Salesforce/Doubleclick integration – enables automated account creation from Salesforce in Doubleclick. Replaces a manual process for most media companies by connecting CRM and ad serving platforms. Smart account search – prevents creation of duplicate accounts in Salesforce by suggesting similar accounts before letting users create new accounts Utilities Our Exchange migration utility connects to existing Google and Appirio migration utilities to automate data migration from exchange. With this utility, you can setup, schedule and test migrations. Includes a migration report with drill-downs to specific types of migration errors.
  • CloudSpokes -- a crowdsourcing community and management platform for cloud development that delivers worldwide talent, innovation, and expertise on-demand Challenge Management - expertise and tools to develop, review and host contests to the CloudSpokes community Developer Community - profiles and expertise of hundreds of leading cloud developers across all major cloud platforms Collaborative Evaluation - proven processes and tools to review submissions and a panel to choose the winner Transaction Management
  • Extend a core system - New additions, and app extensions are great opportunities for innovation. CloudSpokes allows core-teams to focus on their specialty, while bringing in thousands of experts as needed, when needed, for expertise beyond the four walls of an organization. Creative challenges - Certain problems, by their very nature, can be solved in a number of ways, but itʼs the creativity of that solution that will separate success from failure. Choosing from multiple approaches ensures the best fit is chosen at the start. Loosely-coupled apps - By breaking down a large application into its individual elements, CloudSpokes can drive agile innovation on each individual element, all at the same time. Faster, better, and at a fraction of the cost of other approaches. Welcome to truly agile development.
  • THEME: Appirio is a different kind of partner.  Working with Appirio is a different kind of experience for our customers.  Our culture of disruption and collaboration sets us apart from others. The Appirio Culture Drives Business Agility At Appirio, we put: Teams over Individuals Architecting Solutions over Building Software Deploying Strategy over Implementing Technology Changing Behaviors over Changing Process These difference are the DNA that create a unique experience for our customers.
  • We Architect Solutions Differently Agile focused, rapid collaboration and an emphasis on results over process. Customer experience: You see results every 4-6 weeks, and can react and refine requirements as you go.  You are a part of the team - not an afterthought.
  • We Transform Work Differently We change employee behaviors not just processes. Our teams don’t just put you on a new platform. We fundamentally transform the way employees work with cloud, mobile and social technology. Customer experience:  Your people begin working in new ways to take advantage of what is possible with cloud, mobile and social tech and users become eager to adopt new solutions.
  • We Deploy Differently Our enablement suite brings the best of Appirio to every team in the context of their work. Customer experience: You get the best of Appirio and a global community not just the team assigned to you.
  • Our Teams Work Differently Every team integrates strategy, technology, and work transformation. Experts working together. Customer experience: No disconnect between strategy & technology. You work with one team from strategy to execution which dramatically improves time to business outcomes.
  • THEME: Credibility, trust.  Appirio delivers for clients. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises have partnered with Appirio to move their sales, service, HR, finance, IT and collaboration processes to the cloud Companies like Google, NetApp and Yahoo for Sales, Black & Decker, Plantronics and Home Depot for Customer Service, VMware, Merkle and Thomson for HR/Finance, NYU, Genentech and Brown for Collaboration and Facebook, Japan Post and many more for IT
  • THEME: Credibility, trust.  Appirio delivers for clients. That’s why many of the world’s largest enterprises have partnered with Appirio to move their sales, service, HR, finance, IT and collaboration processes to the cloud Companies like Google, NetApp and Yahoo for Sales, Black & Decker, Plantronics and Home Depot for Customer Service, VMware, Merkle and Thomson for HR/Finance, NYU, Genentech and Brown for Collaboration and Facebook, Japan Post and many more for IT
  • Cloud Leaders Choose Appirio as their Strategic Partner Our success with customers is enabled by our close partnerships with Salesforce, Google and Workday Our close relationships with these cloud leaders means we bring a deep knowledge of their solutions and roadmaps. Our consultants have played a key role in many of their beta programs – from Google’s Chromebook introduction to’s evolving platform innovation. In addition to being our strategic partners, they are all our customers as well.
  • Our leadership with enterprises and our unique approach have been recognized by industry analysts including Gartner, Fast Company, Forbes and others We’re especially honored to be recognized as Technology Pioneer for 2012 by the World Economic Forum.
  • OPENING THEME: Introduce Appirio.   What we stand for?  Customers, Team & Fun. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Appirio.  Later I’m going to be talking about some of the things that make us a different kind of company to work with, but wanted to introduce you to what we are all about.  As an organization, we stand for customers, team, and fun. We put our customers first in everything that we do.  We thrive on collaborating and learning from one another, and we definitely like to have fun.  We are an organization top to bottom that truly believes we can change the lives of those we work with, and that’s a powerful culture. I think one of the best ways to illustrate the kind of people you’ll be working with is to show you this short video.
  • Thank you and there are a lot of ways to find out more Please visit our website Be sure to follow our blog and our Twitter handle – our cloud experts are always posting interesting and useful information
  • Appirio: Reimagine Your Business With the Cloud

    1. 1. Reimagine Your Business with theCloudSpring 20130© 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential
    2. 2. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialAppirio Helps You Reimagine Your Business with the Cloud1=+Your Business Reimagined6 years, 500 enterprises, 2.5M users moved to the cloudThe World’s Largest CloudExpert CommunityServices Powered by ReusableTechnology and 75kCrowdsourced Developers
    3. 3. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialCLOUD, MOBILE & SOCIALhave accelerated the pace of business change2OldWinning = OutspendNEWWinning = OutmaneuverAgility is the currency of the new economyEveryone has access to transformative technology and global talent
    4. 4. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential3Media RecruitingNow is a Time of Unprecedented Opportunity for BusinessEducation Customer ServiceSource: 2012 Internet Trends by Mary Meeker and Liang Wu
    5. 5. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialLow adoption and satisfactionPoor measurable business resultsRisk: A competitor could reimagine your businessIMPACT46 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 MonthsBut, the Traditional Linear Process to Get from Strategy toExecution Inhibits AgilitySTRATEGYPEOPLETECHNOLOGY
    6. 6. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialAppirio: We Deliver Agility by Rapidly Aligning Strategywith Technology and Transforming the Way People Work5Average time to results = 4 months Workers transformed = 2.5M
    7. 7. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialThe Results: Rapid Business Value Across Functions6Paper brochurecollateralScalable, mobilesales applicationSales4 MonthsServiceStandard callCenterSocial customerservice2 MonthsITExpensive, inflexible ITinfrastructureCloud IT for superiormember experience7 MonthsCollaborationPoint-to-pointcommunicationCompany-widesocial collaboration2 MonthsHRPaper-basedformsWeb-based HRexperience9 Months
    8. 8. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialThe Appirio Path to Results: Agile Strategy to Execution7…StrategyInfuse strategy withwhat’s possible• Innovation workshop• Business agility strategy• Vendor selection andbusiness case• Transformation readinessDeployTransform the waypeople work• Transformation blueprint• Cloud migration• Custom cloud and mobiledevelopment• Change enablementExtendIterate as strategy andtechnology change• Strategy on-demand• Program management• Cloud management• Cloud intelligence• CloudSpokes
    9. 9. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialHow We Deliver Agility: Experts with Unique Technology toRapidly and Consistently Deliver Results9ExpertsExpertise to alignstrategy with what’spossible+Cloud Enablement SuiteIntegrated platform todefine, deploy, andextend enterprisetransformationAgility• Time to results =4 months• Workerstransformed = 2.5M
    10. 10. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialThe Right Experts Supported by the Right Community10Global CommunityCloud, Mobile, Social• Consultants with 10-15years experience• New hires cloudcertified within 90 days• All consultants focusedon cloud, mobile andsocialWork Transformation• Team of human capital,talent managementand adoption experts• Recognized as thought-leaders on the futureof work• Highly collaborativeglobal team, vibrantinternal community• 75,000+ strongCloudSpokes developercommunity
    11. 11. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialThe People Behind the Community1170,000+ Developers in 65 countriesKenji776Sr. Engineer, Food Co# of wins: 39Member since: 4/12/11Specialities:, JavascriptSgurumurthySolution Architect, Media Co# of wins: 18Member since: 4/28/11Specialties: Java, SalesforceRominOwner, SW Co (India)# of wins: 35Member since: 2/14/11Specialties: Java, Python, MobileMbleighFounder, UX Co (US)# of wins: 14Member since: 3/2/11Specialties: Ruby on Rails, HTML5WcheungPrincipal Engineer, SW Co (Canada)# of wins: 40Member since: 8/18/11Specialties: Google App EnginePaulKolbovichFreelancer (Belarus)# of wins: 14Member since: 11/6/11Specialties: Javascript, Node.js
    12. 12. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialEvery Expert is Armed with a Unique Enablement Suite12“The company continuously builds intellectual property from each project and its ownCloudSpokes cloud developer community, which it leverages into future projects. This ishow a cloud specialist like Appirio can compete with more-traditional integrators whileexpanding its relative value.”GartnerAppirio CloudEnablementSuiteCloudSpokesInstant access to globalexpertise and creativityCloud IntelligenceBetter decisions aboutcloud initiativesCloud AssetsFaster, better resultsHigh quality, agile delivery ofinnovative solutionsCloud Management Center
    13. 13. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential20Appirio: How We Deliver Business AgilityPyramid-style Teams Elastic TeamsProcess Reengineering Changing Behaviors“Big Bang” Implementation Agile Strategy DeploymentBuilding and Rebuilding Never Starting from Scratch
    14. 14. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialAgile Strategy Deployment: Fast-moving Teams, RapidCollaboration and an Emphasis on Outcomes over ProcessOld Way21CUSTOMEREXPERIENCEHierarchical, Rigid, Process-driven– Focused on Reducing RiskCollaborative, Iterative, Results-driven –Focused on Rapidly Delivering OutcomesYou see results every 4-6 weeks and can adjust as neededYour team absorbs change gradually
    15. 15. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialChanging Behaviors: Our Focus is on Engaging PeopleThroughout the Process to Drive Lasting ChangeProcess-focused, ChangeManagement After the Fact,Disconnected from Strategy22CUSTOMEREXPERIENCEPeople-focused, Lifecycle Approach toChange, Aligned with Key BusinessOutcomesOld WayYour team is engaged throughout, not after the factUsers are eager to embrace new ways of working
    16. 16. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialNever Starting from Scratch: Our Enablement SuiteBrings the Best of Appirio to Every Team as they Work23You get faster, better results by starting with all ofAppirio’s experience and assetsCUSTOMEREXPERIENCEStart from Scratch Every TimeEnablement Suite – One OperatingPlatform Across CompanyCommon Templates, Assets and MetricsOld Way
    17. 17. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential24Elastic Teams: Appirio’s Cross-functional Teams AreSupported by the World’s Largest Cloud Expert CommunityPyramid Style, Inflexible TeamsNo disconnect between strategy and executionYou get the benefit of 10s of thousands of expertsCUSTOMEREXPERIENCEFlexible, Cross-functional Teams,Supported by 70k+ Strong CommunityOld WayWorkTransformationStrategy CloudSocial Mobile Crowd
    18. 18. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialCloud-poweredITResults: Appirio Has Helped 500+ Enterprises ReimagineTheir Businesses with the Cloud25Cloud-poweredServiceCloud-poweredSales &MarketingCloud-poweredHR & FinanceCloud-poweredCollaboration
    19. 19. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - Confidential27Cloud Leaders Choose Appirio as their Strategic Partner“What I like mostabout Appirio istheir global scale,their innovativedelivery models andtheir ability todevelop solutionson various cloudplatforms.”Adam MasseyHead ofPartnershipsGoogle Enterprise“Were excited aboutwhat Appirio isdoing in thecloud.... Like anyrevolution, itstarts with playerswho have a cleansheet of paper.”Aneel Bhusrico-CEOWorkday“Appirio has beenone of our mostinnovative partnersin creatingsolutionsto drive customervalue.”Marc“Appirio’sexperience inhelping more than500 enterprisesapply cloudtechnology ininnovative ways,makes teamingwith them great forboth Cornerstoneand our clients”Adam MillerCEOCornerstoneOnDemand
    20. 20. © 2013 Appirio, Inc. - ConfidentialAppirio is Recognized as a LeaderJan2011Dec2012
    21. 21. Learn more about Appirio – Thank You!