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Case Study - Appirio as the Serverless Enterprise


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Glenn Weinstein, Appirio's Chief Technology Officer, describes how the midsize company runs its entire IT without any infrastructure. No servers, no networks, no hardware - just 100% reliance on public cloud computing.

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  • Very interesting case study. Serverless Enterprise is the way to go for every company large or small.
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Case Study - Appirio as the Serverless Enterprise

  1. 1. Appirio Case Study: Serverless Enterprise A ii C St d S l E t i
  2. 2. Appirio’s IT Infrastructure User  Web, Portal,  , , Interfaces Employees E l Customers C t Partners P t Gadgets, Mobile Web‐ Web‐2‐SFDC Google Sites Business  Knowledge Base Sites Services Customer Portal Email Recruiting Calendar Tech Support Wiki/Sites SFA Chat HRIS Blogger Surveys HCM Cloud Storage Applications AdWords PS Automation Financials Txn Processing Platforms Contact Sync Subscriptions Cal Sync Invoicing Docs Expenses Sync products Cloud Storage Hire to  Scope to  Business Retire Delivery Processes Order to  Lead to  Cash Reorder
  3. 3. IT Impact: Appirio IT Spend is About Half of Benchmark IT Spend as % of Revenue 8% 6.8% 7% 6.0% 6% Appirio’s All Cloud IT: 5% 4.4% 3% of Revenue 3.9% 4% 3.5% 3% 2.4% 2% 1% 0% <$50M $50‐250M $250‐500M $500‐1B $1‐10B $10B+ Gartner Benchmark: IT Staffing and Spend Report, 2009
  4. 4. Business Impact:  Delivery Excellence  Headcount growth in 2 years with minimal IT  involvement involvement.  Revenue growth in 2 years with minimal IT  involvement. Services Operations staff manage 2,500  Services Operations staff manage 2 500 resource assignments and 658 projects. Repeat business driven by satisfied  customers