The Influencer Continuum™: From Influencer to Super Advocate™


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The Influencer Continuum™ is our proven methodology for engaging influencers and cultivating them into Super Advocates™ for your brand. In this free eBook, we'll teach you how to tap into the Influencer Continuum to building trust with key influencers and ultimately, convert them into brand loyalists.

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  • A Super Advocate is not just someone who just says “hey, I like this brand” – they are going a step further by giving an opinion or creating content about the brand, amplifying brand messages, or engaging with brand promotions, events or media. They’re people who are stepping up to play a role in championing the company in paid, earned or owned media.
  • The Influencer Continuum™: From Influencer to Super Advocate™

    1. 1. F R O M I N F LU E N C E R TO S U P E R A DVO C AT E T M The roadmap for influence marketing
    2. 2. From Influencer to Super AdvocateTM An influencer causes others to take Most brand advocates are “fans” action. He/she is an opinion leader, of a brand but they may not have a has a popular blog or strong social platform, offline or online, from presence, speaks offline to press or which to influence others. to audiences, and/or has a strong network online and off. A Super AdvocateTM is the best of both: a brand fan who also has a platform from which to advocate for the brand. The Influencer ContinuumTM begins with influencers – those who cause others to take action – and moves them to deep connections and advocacy 2
    3. 3. The Influencer ContinuumTM Creating a Super AdvocateTM from an influencer takes place in stages: •  Providing education/awareness •  Building trust and credibility •  Creating an emotional connection •  Creating brand loyalty It may not be your intention to convert a newly identified influencer into a Super AdvocateTM in every case; you may only need an influencer to transition from one phase of the Influencer ContinuumTM to another in order to accomplish your goals 3
    4. 4. Mapping the Continuum We recommend an initial mapping process which will assist with influence marketing planning: 1.  To begin the mapping process, identify the influencers you wish to move through the Continuum. Influencers are most effective when they are contextually relevant 2.  Map current influencers in their place along the Influencer ContinuumTM 3.  Map current/planned brand assets to be used with influencers 4.  Determine how to move influencers across Continuum phases by utilizing company brand assets Use the Continuum matrix on the next page to help map and plan your influencer program; these are examples to spark ideas for your organization 4
    5. 5. Continuum Matrix: Creating Influence Marketing ProgramsInfluence Clusters are highly- Influence Clusterfocused groups of topical +influencers aligned to a particular Brand Assetsniche, goal or objective = Influencer ProgramBrand Assets are resourcestailored against specific phasesof the Influencer ContinuumTM 5
    7. 7. Build AwarenessPhase DeliveryThe first phase in the Continuum: generate •  Add value through transfer of unique content and information that’s easily shareableawareness and educate topicalinfluencers about your brand, product or •  Deliver relevant messaging that makes the influencer more knowledgeable about the space and issuesissue •  Allow them to be more knowledgeable amongst their peersDefinitionThe education of key influencers on your Considerationsbrand attributes, features, issues, products •  Content is a powerful tool; creating content gives audiences anand/or services opportunity to engage with your business, interact with it, and give feedback.Objective •  Education/awareness is the catalyst for conversations andBuild awareness and/or shift perceptions of dialogues, leading to further progression along the Continuum.who you and your brand are. •  In this phase, strive to understand the other things, beyond your topic, influencers are talking about. This helps craft future programs. 7
    8. 8. Influencer Program:Moving Influencer to Awareness Naffa International •  B2B engineering resource company founder used Twitter and other social channels to build his business relationships •  Established him as thought leader in the space and brought recognition to and awareness of the company •  Social activity included sharing of influencer’s content, engaging with them across multiple platforms •  Awareness led to followers plus led to increases in traffic to company website as well as significant sales TAKEAWAY Creation of social channels, such as a company blog or Twitter account, can help to generate awareness for companies large and small 8
    9. 9. Build CredibilityPhase DeliveryOnce in the Awareness phase, it is •  Quality vs. quantity in communication strategiesessential to build trust with your •  Take a consistent approach without oversellinginfluencers in order to progress into the •  Strive for two-way communications vs. message broadcastingcredibility phase ConsiderationsDefinition •  Focus should be on building a working relationship with peopleDevelop trust with influencers and help based on mutual respect; begin by developing understanding ofthem to identify value in your brand, your influencers’ interests and preferences.product or service •  Interact with influencers on a friendly basis, comment on their posts, share their content, and join their online conversations.Objective •  Show that you’re not just pitching, rather, youre listening andBuild goodwill and brand resonance have something interesting to contribute. 9
    10. 10. Influencer Program:Moving Influencers from Awareness to Credibility Cabot Cheese •  Mid-sized consumer brand uses Pinterest to highlight their own cheese recipes and those from around the web –  Their  own  recipes  are  repinned  frequently,  as  they’re  adding  credible   content  to  the  conversa;on   –  Cabot  also  searches  out,  pins  and  repins  cheese  recipes  from   prominent  food  bloggers,  as  well  as  others,  to  gain  awareness  and   a>en;on  from  them  and  their  communi;es   TAKEAWAY Establishing credibility with influencers can have carryover effect to non- influencers as well 10
    11. 11. Create Emotional ConnectionPhase DeliveryForge an emotional connection: this •  High touch experiences with the brandcan be done by creating programs •  Establish a common value system; speak the same language asthat show that the brand is human, your influencershas a face, a voice and a personality ConsiderationsDefinition •  Acknowledge influencers, solicit feedback on company initiativesHumanize the brand and directly and industry trends, aim to learn which approaches, topics, andengage influencers in brand activities activities would most inspire them to speak and share on yourand content brand’s behalf. •  Networking and social media connections become personal, notObjective just avatars and usernames.Humanize your brand and further •  Offline relationships can be extremely powerful in this phase:differentiate it from others in events, meetings and in-person activities will cement influencer-influencers’ minds brand relationships. 11
    12. 12. Influencer Program:Moving Influencer from Credibility to Emotional Connection Lucky Community •  Appinions client Lucky Magazine created a user-generated section of their website, Lucky Community, to showcase blogs and content from up-and- coming fashion voices •  Lucky provides a platform for these influencers to reach a broader audience while making them a part of the Lucky family •  Interaction and engagement amongst community members helps Community content bubble up to the homepage, further cementing the relationship between Community members and the brand TAKEAWAY Showcasing influencers and elevating their content is a natural way to create strong relationships 12
    13. 13. Create LoyaltyPhase DeliveryDevelop deep brand loyalty by •  Reward positive behaviortranslating personal capital into brand •  Trust and emotional connectioncapital through referrals and believers •  Provide predictable brand experiencesDefinitionCreate Super AdvocatesTM for the brand Considerationsby involving them in longer-term, regular •  Leverage influencers’ loyalty by regularly seeking their expertiseactions and programs or advice. •  Ingraining them in the company’s strategy and allowing them toObjective not only be an influencer but a change maker, will be the catalystEnsure long standing loyalty by for conversion to a Super AdvocateTM.providing a reward for positive •  Recognize influencers when they impact the company’s directionbehaviour, displaying trust, maintainingan emotional connection and providing •  Loyalty – and Super Advocacy – is a long-term commitment anda consistent predictable experience relationship, not campaign-based. 13
    14. 14. Influencer Program:Moving Influencer from Emotional Connection to Loyalty Ubisoft Brand Champions •  Ubisoft, a multi-platform (Wii, Xbox, etc.) family game developer, created a “brand champion” program populated by influential parenting bloggers •  Engages Champions in events (online and off), promotions, and content creation for the brand •  Champions receive review copies of games for their families, represent the brand at events, and host events on behalf of the brand TAKEAWAY A great match between brand and influencer will yield/create Super AdvocatesTM with long term loyalty 14
    15. 15. The Influencer ContinuumTM•  To effectively engage with influencers and convert them to Super AdvocatesTM, the Influencer ContinuumTM is your road map to success•  It takes time to move influencers through the Continuum•  The relationships being developed between your brand representatives and your influencers need to be nurtured and maintained on an ongoing basis 15
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