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Future of Marketing Influence Study (Sept. 2013)


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What’s on the horizon for marketers? What strategy elements will propel companies ahead of others in the ever-changing media landscape? What strengths and skills will CMOs need to thrive? These are just a few of the questions we explore in our latest study.

In conjunction with The Future of Marketing Summit presented by Financial Times Live taking place today, this influence study explores the companies and executives who are shaping influential conversations in some of the most pressing issues driving the future of marketing. Based on the conference discussion topics, we’ve chosen to analyze the influencers and key themes in big data, mobile strategy, social media and the changing role of the CMO.

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Future of Marketing Influence Study (Sept. 2013)

  1. 1. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 1 Future of Marketing Influence Study September 2013
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Introduction This report explores the companies and executives who are shaping influential conversations in some of the most pressing issues driving the future of marketing. Methodology This report is based on 60 days of data taken between July 12 and September 9, 2013. The scope of this study centers on topics addressed at the The Future of Marketing Summit presented by Financial Times Live taking place on September 12, 2013. Based on the conference agenda, we’ve chosen to analyze the influencers and key themes in big data, mobile strategy, social media (all in conjunction with marketing) and the changing role of the CMO. In an effort to focus on influence beyond a single moment in time, this report takes into account influential companies and individuals who have expressed two or more unique influential opinions. About Appinions Appinions is the only opinion-powered influence marketing platform designed to give companies the unmatched ability to identify, analyze, engage, monitor and measure influencers. Built on more than a decade of Cornell University research, Appinions extracts and aggregates opinions from more than six million sources including blogs, social networks, forums, newspapers and magazine articles, thus providing a more complete picture of influence. Appinions helps today’s businesses insert trust into the purchase journey by converting faceless touchpoints into influential trust points™ to optimize marketing efforts. For more information on the science of influence marketing, visit 2
  3. 3. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. How Appinions Analyzes Influence Who is an Influencer? Appinions defines an influencer as a person, brand or company that expresses a contextually relevant opinion that is meaningful enough to elicit action from others. How is Influence calculated? Appinions calculates individual influence scores based on three reaction types: •  Entity – the people or entities who reacted to an influencer’s opinion, weighted by their respective influence on that topic. •  Publishing source – the credibility of where the reaction was published or consumed. •  Frequency – the volume of opinions attributed to that influencer over the past last 60 days. Appinions calculates influence at the topic level to understand the relative influence of different topics. What is the Net Influence Score (NIS)? Appinions calculates topic influence scores, or the Net Influence Scores, based on the following criteria: •  Influence scores of each individual within the topic; and •  Number of trust impressions created by each influencer on that topic. Trust impressions are driven and derived by what influencers are saying and the subsequent reactions from the audience. What is the most “Actioned” opinion? The most “actioned” opinions are the influential opinions that resonate the most and thus travel the furthest. Influence rankings in this report are based on the highest scores attained in a 60-day window of data taken between July 12 and September 9, 2013 3
  4. 4. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influential Tech-Savvy Marketers: Chief Digital Officers out-pace CMO influence Our internal measures tell us that these various digital initiatives have added demonstrable impact to our U.S. business in the third quarter, with the promise of even greater growth in the months and years to come. Influencer: Adam Brotman, Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks Source: Wall Street Journal CPG marketers are increasingly expanding their use of digital formats, which are continuing to grow although on a smaller scale than free-standing inserts. Influencer: Suzie Brown, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Valassis Source: The New York Times We think of iHeartRadio Talk as a middle ground between WordPress and YouTube. Influencer: Brian Lakamp, President of Digital, Clear Channel Source: TechCrunch Over time, we believe that this could be an incredible hyper-local value-add to SingTel Group’s half a billion mobile customers. Influencer: Loo Cheng Chuan, Head of Digital Life, SingTel Source: Most “Actioned” Opinions by Top Marketers As CMOs face a rapidly changing technological land scape, Chief Digital Officers emerge as thought leaders. Will the changing digital landscape create a new seat in the C-Suite or will CDOs replace CMOs? Digital Marketers * Analysis focuses on industry marketers and excludes agency executives Influence Rank Top 20 Senior Marketers* 1 Adam Brotman - Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks 2 Suzie Brown - EVP, Sales and Marketing, Valassis 3 Brian Lakamp - President of Digital, Clear Channel Media 4 Loo Cheng Chuan - Head of Digital Life, SingTel 5 John Koller - VP, Marketing, Sony 6 Johnathan Davis - Chief Content Officer, IBT Media 7 Brad Rencher - SVP, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe 8 Jennifer Powell - CMO, U.S. Bank 9 Vivian Schiller - Chief Digital Officer, NBC News 10 Wendy Brown - Manager, Consumer Digital and Social Media, GE Appliances 11 Vala Afshar - CMO, Enterasys 12 Donald Buckley - EVP, Program Marketing and Digital Services, Showtime 13 Jim Mainard - Head of Digital Strategy, DreamWorks 14 Stephen Laster - Chief Digital Officer, McGraw Hill 15 Steven Smith - Chief Digital Officer, AccuWeather 16 Denise Warren - Head of Digital, Times Co. 17 Clay Cowan - VP, Global Digital, Starwood 18 Kevin Petersen - President, Digital Life, AT&T 19 Alison Corcoran - SVP, Marketing, Staples 20 Carl Pinto - VP, Marketing, Toshiba America Information Systems 4
  5. 5. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. 5 Social Media 57% Big Data 32% Mobile 11% Share of Influence Share of Influence: Despite the hype around big data, social media still dominates
  6. 6. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influence Rank Top 10 Companies 1 Google 2 Facebook 3 WPP 4 Teradata 5 Gartner 6 Business Insider 7 Microsoft 8 Strategic Planner 9 Omnicom 10 Twitter Influence Rank Top 15 Executives 1 Maurice Levy - CEO, Publicis 2 Martin Sorrell - CEO, WPP 3 Isabelle Helms - Director, Research, AutoTrader 4 Brian Whipple - CEO, Accenture Interactive 5 Eric Bradlow - Marketing Professor, Wharton 6 Josh Dreller - Director, Marketing Research, Kenshoo 7 Jim Davis - CMO, SAS 8 Claudio Marcus - EVP, Marketing and Research, Visible World 9 Wes Moore - VP, Teradata Applications 10 Cory Treffiletti - SVP, Marketing, BlueKai 11 Sascha Schubert - Director, Global Marketing, SAS 12 Mike Baker - CEO, DataXu 13 Jennifer Zeszut - CEO, Beckon 14 Kumar Mehta - CEO, Blueocean Market Intelligence 15 Matt Spiegel - SVP, GM, MediaMath Our goal is to make cross-channel marketing simple, smart and effective to empower companies to leverage big data and analytics to rapidly drive ROI. Influencer: Mike Baker, CEO, DataXu Source: MarketWach Initially, they started out with challenges – a collection of business verticals specific data marts for various customer transactions – which required users to generate, with some difficulty, an integrated analytical view of customer demographics, usage patterns, and social behavior – without the most effective IT tools to do so, Influencer: Scott Sobers, Director, Teradata Source: The Wall Street Journal With today’s multichannel consumer seeking highly relevant experiences and with digital and analytics platforms emerging to help companies respond, marketing and IT executives must work more closely together. Influencer: Brian Whipple, CEO, Accenture Interactive Source: Accenture Research Moore notes that most marketers rely on a number of common and easily accessible forms of data to drive their marketing initiatives. Influencer: Wes Moore, VP, Teradata Applications Source: He said WPP… had no plans for any large deals but would pick up the pace of its strategy, and spend 300-400 million pounds a year on small and medium acquisitions with a focus on new markets, new media and data investment management. Influencer: Martin Sorrel, CEO, WPP Source: Reuters Most “Actioned” Opinions Big Data & Marketing: Agencies as influential as leading tech companies Tech Companies 6
  7. 7. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influence Rank Top 10 Companies 1 Facebook 2 eMarketer 3 Google 4 Twitter 5 Apple Inc 6 Gartner 7 Renren Games 8 Gap 9 Microsoft 10 Global Strategic Management Institute Influence Rank Top 15 Executives 1 Colin Gillis - Analyst, BGC Partners 2 Sheryl Sandberg - COO, Facebook 3 Anna Bager - VP, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB 4 Marissa Mayer - CEO, Yahoo 5 Sheryl Daija - Chief Strategy Officer, Mobile Marketing Association 6 Nick Brown - SVP, Mobile Strategy, SAP 7 Jim Cramer - Host, Mad Money 8 Jim Squires - Director, Product Marketing, Facebook 9 Christina Carstensen - Director, Mobile Strategy, IDG Global Solutions 10 Gregg Colvin - COO, Universal McCann 11 Mark Zuckerberg - CEO, Facebook 12 Jack Philbin - CEO, Vibes Media 13 Rohit Dadwal - MD, APAC, Mobile Marketing Association 14 Paul Berney - CMO, EMEA, Mobile Marketing Association 15 Chris Yao - Managing Director, Experian Greater China Expanding our mobile activity and driving effective mobile strategies for clients is certainly one of the core foundations for UM, so the Mobile Media Summit offers the perfect opportunity to share ideas with thought leaders and decision-makers who move the mobile industry forward. Influencer: Gregg Colvin, COO, Universal McCann Source: Mobile Media Summit Mobile and tablet are becoming the preferred media consumption devices and are relied upon as users move from research to purchase. Influencer: Christina Carstensen, Director, IDG Global Solutions Source: MarketWatch Advertisers used to think of a "mobile strategy" separate from their primary marketing campaigns. Influencer: Jim Squires, Director, Product Marketing, Facebook Source: Mercury News Jack Philbin of Vibes will outline mobile strategies and best practices that brands can execute quickly to build deeper relationships with their customers that drive loyalty and sales. Influencer: Jack Philbin, CEO, Vibes Media Source: Vibes Blog On Wednesday, Facebook said mobile ads accounted for a whopping 41 percent of its total advertising revenue. Influencer: Facebook Source: Associated Press Most “Actioned” Opinions Mobile Marketing: Social media players bet on mobile for growth 7
  8. 8. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Influence Rank Top 10 Companies 1 Facebook 2 Twitter 3 LinkedIn 4 Google 5 Morgan Stanley 6 PointRoll (Gannett company) 7 Teradata 8 Bloomberg 9 Yahoo 10 American Express Influence Rank Top 15 Executives 1 Erin Egan - Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook 2 Carolyn Everson - VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook 3 Graeme Boyd - Manager, Social Marketing, Xbox live 4 Mark Zuckerberg - CEO, Facebook 5 Robb Lee - CMO, ASAE 6 Jeff Weiner - CEO, LinkedIn 7 Johan Svanstrom - Managing Director, Asia Pacific 8 Robert Theleen - Chair, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai 9 Gene Munster - Managing Director, Piper Jaffray 10 Nate Elliott - Principal Analyst, Forrester Research 12 David Ebersman - CFO, Facebook 13 Cooper Smith - Research Analyst, Business Insider Intelligence 14 Fidji Simo - Product Manager, Facebook 15 Clark Fredricksen - VP, Communications, eMarketer 15 Scott Monty - Global Head of Social Media, Ford Motor Facebook Exchange, or FBX, accounted for 45% of clicks on retargeted Web ads globally at the end of December 2012, according to data released by L2 Think Tank this month. Influencer: Cooper Smith, Research Analyst, Business Insider Source: Business Insider Starting as early as this fall, Facebook plans to charge between $1 million and $2.5 million a day for video ads depending on the size of the audience an advertiser is trying to reach, according to a person familiar with the new ads who is not authorized to publicly discuss them. Influencer: Facebook Source: Los Angeles Times Despite the risk that more ads could annoy some users, one rosy estimate from Morgan Stanley analysts says Facebook could capture $1 billion in video ad spending next year. Influencer: Morgan Stanley Source: Mercury News MoPub offers a hosted service that app publishers use to manage inventory from multiple sources -- direct ads, house ads, ad networks and real-time bidding -- all through a single product. Influencer: Twitter Source: Twitter Blog Most “Actioned” Opinions Social Media Marketing: Video ads and real-time bidding emerge as key themes Social Media Company Executives Social Media Companies/Capability 8 Yahoo announced stream ads in April as a way to inject what the company calls "complementary" and "unobtrusive" advertising into the content stream -- similar to the way sites like Facebook, Twitter and now Tumblr drop promotional content into users' feeds. Influencer: Yahoo! Source:
  9. 9. Copyright © 2013 Appinions. All rights reserved. Contact Us! To learn more about Appinions and our modular approach to influence marketing, contact us at or +1 646-532-3062. Web: Twitter: @appinions LinkedIn: 9