Executive Influence: Transforming Your Top Team into Powerful Influencers {eBook}


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Executive influence and visibility is increasingly important. Our eBook provides structure and process to help transform executives into influencers.

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Executive Influence: Transforming Your Top Team into Powerful Influencers {eBook}

  1. 1. Executive InfluenceTransforming Your Top Team intoPowerful Influencers
  2. 2. • Influence marketing is the practice of marketing to individualswho, in turn, have influence on a larger audience – repeatingand amplifying your message to dozens, hundreds, thousandsor millions of others.• Many different types of people or entities can be influencers:The role of executives in influence marketingYour company’s executives can and should be amongstyour most potent influencersAnalysts &academicsEmployees &executivesTraditional &digital media(journalists, bloggers)Consumer influencers& tastemakers(bloggers, top customers)Politicians & governmentagency personnel2
  3. 3. • As companies become more transparent (due to the ubiquity ofinformation on the web), the C-suite is more exposed to thepublic and expected, more than ever to become the physicalembodiment of a company’s brand• As executives grow their own influence, the influence of thatcompany grows as well• Our own research1 shows that there may be a correlationbetween executive influence and market capitalizationExecutive influence can have far-reachingeffects on a company’s success31Appinions First Annual CMO Influence Study, October 2012
  4. 4. When should you apply executive influence?4To change attitudestowards a brandTo change perception ofa particular executiveTo help shift themarketplace conversation
  5. 5. • Executives are a class of influencers who intrinsically havecontextual influence for your brand, industry or area of interest• They are a conduit to express a point of view that is meaningfulenough to potentially elicit action from others• It certainly helps that your executives already have skin inthe gameWhat is an Executive Influencer, anyway?5
  6. 6. We consider thought leadershipto be one of three pillars ofExecutive Influence6Thought leadership is: Becoming an authority onrelevant topics• It allows you to put faces on your business• It may provide your customers or audience witha level of trust for your companyThought leadership alone is not executive influence
  7. 7. The three pillars of executive influencecould each stand alone, but togetherprovide a stronger foundation7Executiveopinions intraditionalmediaExecutive InfluenceExecutivesocialmediapresenceExecutivethoughtleadership
  8. 8. There’s the old way of marketing…and the new wayTraditional Executive Marketing Executive Influence MarketingDetermine key topics for executiveengagement by understanding influentialconversationsExecutives use social media and thoughtleadership to demonstrate corporateinvolvement in causesExecutive bylines on corporate blog,or create content for other publicationsExecutives build relationships with keyjournalists via social mediaExecutive social engagementExecutive engagement in online eventsand video; long-tail amplification of executiveevent contentStory-mining sessions & buildingstorylines for journalists“Buying” board memberships onnon-profit boardsExecutive bylines in publicationsExecutive desk sides with journalistsCorporate social engagementSpeaking engagements at conferences8
  9. 9. • Influence should not be limited to your CEO• Build credible influencers from within your management andemployee ranks– Executives and employees score higher than CEOs as trustedsources (50% vs. 43%) according to Edelman’s Trust Barometer,giving them more clout as credible influencers• The potential benefits of creating credible executive influencersare worth your time (and resources)Give your internal influencers the skillsto be influentialSource: http://www.scribd.com/doc/121501475/Executive-Summary-2013-Edelman-Trust-Barometer9
  10. 10. Our recommended process for developingExecutive Influence encompasses three phases10● Discovery/defineobjectives● Audit influencelandscape● Develop strategicframework● Benchmark initialfindings● Develop tacticalplans & content● Execute content &influencer outreach● Quantitative changesto KPIs● Qualitative learnings& opportunitiesPrepare Implement Analyze
  11. 11. Scenario One:Change Perception of an Executive• Scenario: An executive comes under fire in the media foran internal decision she made• Recommendations for Leveraging Executive Influence:– Use other executives to tell the inside story in the media of howand why the decision was made, publically supporting the mainexecutive– Executives use company social media and content platformsto explain the rationale behind the decision, and topublicly support that person– For the next major decision, get ahead of thestory by having the main executive prepare avideo or online event elaborating on the prosand cons of the decision and invitingfeedback from employees and media11
  12. 12. • Scenario: A brand wishes to attract new customers within theirproduct category• Recommendations for Leveraging Executive Influence:– Engage the most influential media using executives asspokespeople– Build momentum on existing and growing opinion trends aboutthe brand/products by leveraging executive social media andrelationships with brand influencers– Create differentiated messaging for executivethought leadership based on opinion researchfor competitive brandsScenario Two:Raise Visibility of a Brand12
  13. 13. • Scenario: A brand wishes to shift into a new product categoryand needs customer/media support to do so• Recommendations for Leveraging Executive Influence:– Executives provide interviews to vertical/niche media on how andwhy the decision was made to enter the new product category– Executives network via social media with influencers in the newproduct category– Executives appear with influencers fromthe new category in online events andvideo explaining the new product– Place executive thought leadershipcontent on blogs/sites of influencersin the new categoryScenario Three:Shift The Marketplace Conversation13
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