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SharePoint Saturday London 2019 - PowerApps/Flow dev vs. the admin


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This presentation was used at SPS London 2019. Daniel Laskewitz and myself went into how admins can be in control with the PowerPlatform without frustrating the citizen developer (to much).

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SharePoint Saturday London 2019 - PowerApps/Flow dev vs. the admin

  1. 1. Our Sponsors
  2. 2. Citizen development Admin & compliance
  3. 3. Daniel Laskewitz (citizen dev) Business productivity consultant Sogeti Netherlands Microsoft MVP Business Solutions International speaker Blog: Twitter: @Laskewitz Mail:
  4. 4. Albert Hoitingh (admin) Solution Architect Motion10 Microsoft MVP Enterprise Mobility Microsoft Certified Security Administrator Associate International speaker Blog: Twitter: @Alberthoitingh Mail:
  5. 5. Today’s agenda Three real-life scenario’s • From the citizen dev.’s perspective • From the admin’s perspective • The theory behind the scenario Additional information
  6. 6. Scenario one – He creates a (relatively) simple Flow… Let’s go…
  7. 7. Environments in Flow Data region & security • System administrator (aka. Environment Admin) • Users • P2 license required for multiple environments • Watch out with Default Data loss prevention (DLP) • Works “on save” – for now • Suspends Flow until restriction is lifted • Can be worked-around (connect using different accounts) • Call Microsoft!
  8. 8. DLP roadmap But also: real-time DLP! notes/April19/microsoft-flow/data-loss-prevention-enhancements
  9. 9. Scenario two – He’s still on it… Let’s go…
  10. 10. Admin-connectors • Specific management connectors • Powerplatform, Security Graph, Microsoft Cloud App Security • Used for reporting and actions • During the demo we used a Flic to trigger the Flow
  11. 11. PowerPlatform connector Used for: Automating administrative tasks on the PowerPlatform Possible triggers: Possible actions: • Create an environment • Create a DLP rule • Delete an environment
  12. 12. Flow admin connector Used for: Managing Flows using Flow  Possible triggers: Any (for example a button) Possible actions: • List Flows • Stop a Flow (as shown) • Create a Flow Similar connector: PowerApps for Admins
  13. 13. Microsoft Graph Security connector Used for: Using signals from the Microsoft Graph Security. Possible triggers: Any alert available in the graph Possible actions: • Get alerts • Update alerts • Get subscriptions
  14. 14. Microsoft Cloud App Security Works both ways: • Create a Flow based on an alert in MCAS Or • Trigger a Flow from an MCAS policy For example:
  15. 15. Scenario three – Will he never stop? Let’s go…
  16. 16. Bug or working as designed? • Going around the tenant has been a “work-around” • For quite some time now…. • Only option at this moment: “Call Microsoft”
  17. 17. What if I need more options? • Powerplatform admin-center • Office 365 audit-log and alerts • PowerShell • Multifactor authentication
  18. 18. PowerPlatform admincenter Now in preview Custom (3rd party) also available
  19. 19. Office 365 • Auditlog • Requires the correct permissions • Info retained for 90 (E3) or 365 (E5) days • Custom admin-dashboard
  20. 20. us/blog/powerapps-enterprise-deployment- whitepaper/ References
  21. 21. References Environments: Connectors: PowerShell: Connector Browser App: Custom admin dashboard: Sample Flow for reports: Auditlog: GDPR:
  22. 22. Thank you so much! Albert Blog: Twitter: @Alberthoitingh Daniel Blog: Twitter: @Laskewitz
  23. 23. Back-up - licenses Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions $false
  24. 24. Back-up - licenses