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Expertslive NL 2019 Unified Labeling


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During this session I talked about and showed the new Unified Labeling options in Office 365. Including the short-term roadmap.

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Expertslive NL 2019 Unified Labeling

  1. 1. COLLABORATION Unified labelling in Office 365 Does it fulfil its promises? Albert Hoitingh
  2. 2. COLLABORATION Albert Hoitingh Solution Architect Office 365 @Motion10 Den Haag
  3. 3. COLLABORATION Our three take-aways 1. Information Protection 2. Sensitivity labels 3. Roadmap 3© 2018
  4. 4. COLLABORATION What about the promise? • Unified labeling!! • One label to rule them all? • Protection and classification rolled into one? • Finally, working site-classifications? • Work with protected content in Office 365 online?
  5. 5. COLLABORATION Microsoft Information Protection Courtesy of Microsoft
  6. 6. COLLABORATION Azure Information Protection • Detect, classify and protect sensitive data • Works in Office, Windows and Mac • Native and online support is coming • Forms the basis for Office 365 message encryption, SharePoint IRM and sensitivity labels • Nearly all filetypes supported
  7. 7. COLLABORATION Encryption • Any label can provide encryption of content • Encryption is used to provide permissions for the document • Permissions are based on user, group or specific domain • The owner always stays in control and a “Super-user” is there for emergencies • Protection stays with the document, regardless of location
  9. 9. COLLABORATION Office 365 sensitivity labels • Bridges the gap between AIP and Office 365 • Ready to go or migrate your exisiting labels • There’s no “One label to rule them all” • Managed from the security & compliance center or new protection dashboard 9© 2018
  10. 10. COLLABORATION Office 365 sensitivity labels • Requires the new (2.x) client • Labels are synched both ways • A new column is added to SharePoint Online: Sensitivity • Additional functionality includes Windows Information Protection and SharePoint Online settings 10© 2018
  11. 11. COLLABORATIONCOLLABORATION Demo Working with labels
  15. 15. COLLABORATION Work with Office 365 groups and users Integrates with Windows Information Protection Does not offer “hold your own key” or Office App specific visual markings Labels are managed from the security & compliance center of new protection dashboard Labels and activity can be accessed from the Azure Information Protection portal Comparing labels 15© 2018 26/sensitivity-labeling-and-aip/
  16. 16. COLLABORATION And look, the same issues  Comparing labels 16© 2018 26/sensitivity-labeling-and-aip/
  17. 17. COLLABORATIONCOLLABORATION Demo Managing labels
  18. 18. COLLABORATION Wouldn’t it be nice . . .
  19. 19. COLLABORATION Wouldn’t it be nice . . .
  20. 20. COLLABORATION News from Las Vegas… 20© 2018
  21. 21. COLLABORATION News from Las Vegas… • Sensitive labels for SharePoint sites - Label manages the site- classification, conditional access, external access and privacy setting of the site • Apply labels in SharePoint document libraries • Protection based on labels • Documents can be opened in Office Online • Private preview program…. 21© 2018
  22. 22. COLLABORATION “Unified” explained 22© 2018
  23. 23. COLLABORATION Roadmap 2019 Sensitivity labels general available Enhanced dashboards and improved analytics SharePoint Online – AzureIP integration Native labeling client in Office Windows Information Protection Azure Sentinel (SIEM)
  24. 24. COLLABORATION What about the promise? Yes, there is unification  Yes, some features still need to be rolled-out From an Office 365 perspective: information protection is now part of the package But we still need tighter integration (coming) and native clients (coming as-well)
  25. 25. COLLABORATION Some links…. V2 client (AzInfoProtection_ul.exe) Information Protection deployment guide Information-Protection-Deployment-Acceleration-Guide/ba-p/334423 Information from Las Vegas (must read!) SharePoint-security-administration-and-migration/ba-p/549585
  26. 26. Thank you so-much! Please review my session in the Yellenge App! @alberthoitingh
  27. 27. COLLABORATION 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Sponsored by Computerplan